Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love These Accessories

Loved the accessories that my colleague gave me to wear.. she bought them in India, so colourful and nice. Forgot to take the pictures of the ear-rings and the necklace... Guess I am still vain at this age.. hahaha...

The saris materials are really elegant...
Wearing them can be tough task and complicated
(to me, ie.)
but once put worn, they are so beautiful..


  1. Oooo...very nice. Not heavy kah? Fall into the pool, sure drown one. LOL!!!

  2. those bangles. Are they heavy? They look like weighing 1 kg to me...haha. No, bet I am wrong :P

  3. stp: no la.. not heavy one.. very light.. cannot drown.. hahaa..

    marymoh: yeah, wrong.. they are very light..


Thank you, readers!

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