Sunday, March 13, 2011

Penang Bloggers Bonanza

I will be harping about the Bloggers Meet-Up every now and then....

Penang Bloggers Meet-Up on 2nd April 2011
Time and Place not fixed yet.
We are open to suggestions....

Tentatively the programs include food, singing and dancing... hahhaa... (wanna hear old bones creaking?)

Oh, by the way, Nuffnang is not sponsoring us... someone mentioned that we should call Nuffnang to Penang... I am not familiar with anyone in Nuffang.....


  1. Yeah! Maybe you guys should ask Nuffnang to sponsor you guys. :p

  2. Too bad i'm not in Penang. Otherwise i wanna to attend too. when are you going to organize one in KL?

  3. Never mind lah Claire, we start from scratch, then slowly we will be big big,next gathering shall be in Ipoh ok....

    But funny though, i really don't know much about Penang bloggers one , how come,, i am sure i am not the only blogger from Penang

  4. Yalor...just the few of us already enough to have a ball of a time. More personal also that way...too many people also so hard to mingle.

  5. If you know Timothy Tiah..the boss of Nuffnang sure sponsor wan... :)

  6. Too bad...I am out,as I am not in Penang.

  7. I might not be able to join.. but can help to 'publish' in my blog about the event... if you all want lah.. Just let me know the infos.. or may be.. create a banner for this event?? ^_^

  8. And it's almost time for the bloggers meeting!! What fun it will be, can't wait to see pictures! Just caught up with your post from yesterday, the charcoal thing is wild!! Hope it was not bad for the baby. My pregancy was very sick, in and out of the hospital all the time.

  9. Whoa, Claire... planning for such big gathering kah? LOL... salute you... if me... I sure shy wan see so many ppl at once. LOL!

  10. Woo, sounds nice~ Sure you're excited and looking forward to it!

  11. Woot! Great start to a night-to-remember for bloggers who can make it. Yeah contact Nuffnang for sponsorship. No need to know anyone there, wan. Just call them up. Who knows, the company may have a budget for such event sponsorships. Maybe they can at least sponsor prizes for

    1. Goodie bags
    2. Lucky draw
    3. Best k-ok singer(s) by blogger-vote
    4. Etc, the organizing committee sees fit

    Also, if there is enough people from outstation, you or the organizing committee could help with (Tune) Hotel reservation and book enbloc. Plus, you may want to indicate a deadline for attendance confirmation and payment. You do need to rent a place, have food and drinks and audio/video equipment, right? My two cents.. Good luck!

    p.s. Maybe Apr 2 is too close..?


Thank you, readers!

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