Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sweet Temptations

Most of my friends know that I am ON for anything sweet...

A day before I left for Penang, someone sent me an email on the best desserts you can find in Penang. It is called Sweet Temptations...perfect name cos they were really tempting!!

When I browsed through the email, I said to myself.. yes.. yes... YES! I must go and try as many as I can when I'm there....

picture extracted from my email..
captured by a well known food blogger here
hope he will not sue me!!

this was taken by me when I went there
due to my super full dinner earlier,
I couldn't manage to try
as many as I said I would...

just look at the many pots displayed..
how to try all of them.. hahaha...
thank goodness, I often drop by Penang..
in time to come, hopefully I can try all..

And for that evening, I only managed
to try this fabulous bubur cha-cha
Really creamy and santan-ic
with lots of sweet potatoes, yam and sago..

727-F, Jalan Sungai Dua
11700 Gelugor,


  1. The bubur cha-cha certainly looks good. After that, you cha-cha-cha or not? LOL!!!

  2. wa...long time havent eat bubur caca jor...droool

  3. stp: i dont know cha cha one.. u gonna teach me? :)

    kathy: me too.. long time didnt eat so that night must order!

  4. i've not had bubur cha cha for such a long time! lol at STP! i've not cha-cha-cha for a very long long time too! :P

  5. Wonderful choice! I would have attacked the bubur cha cha too ;)

  6. merryn: come to Pg..stp will teach us!! hahaa...

    gratitude: same taste!

  7. I remember the last dessert stall near USM. Always had a bowl or two before going for lecture.

  8. Nice...must try if i ever drop by there..:)

  9. give me 5!! i also have a sweet tooth and likes desserts very much.. wow, that bubur cha cha really looks good leh..

  10. Ohhh... I'm one of these Tong Sui(sweet dessert) lover too! Thanks for sharing ya, sure drop by on our next visit!^-^

  11. mingna: this one newly opened in one of the residential houses in sg dua..

    nightwing: u from penang?

    sk: high 5 to u too!! Plak!

    alice: it is in a residential house just opposite tesco sg dua..

  12. The bubur cha-cha is similar to our Guinataan dish in the Philippines. It is cooked with coconut milk with plenty of yam, sweet potatoes, sago, banana, and sometimes even ripe jackfruit.

    Happy Monday!

  13. wow, really that much 'tong sui' , i guess you will have to come here very often to able to try out all of them and the bubur cha2 certainly looks very good!

  14. kero: yes, minus the jackfruit.. wow... i guess with that added too, it would be very nice too!

    lena: yes, very santan-nic.. hahaa..

  15. wow, plenty of choices, the bubur chacha look yummy but am not really a with sweet taste.

  16. That is so yummy!!!! My fav too..

  17. Drooling at the bubur cha cha!! I think I will love this shop since I have sweet tooth! : )

  18. So is this a place that has sweet soups for dessert?? So good to be able to try just a little of everything till you find your favorite! Is it very far from you? Will you return when hungrier?

  19. that ...fei lor...!

  20. Thanks again for visiting my food blog:

    Wow, those desserts in Penad look wonderful. Your post remind me of an Anthony Bourdain show. I hope you have a great time. Be sure to let us know what food your enjoyed.

  21. Indeed. A very sweet temptation. :)

  22. Come, Claire... I know how to cha cha... I teach u. Come, come.

    Hmm...the bubur cha cha looks very nice...but I prefer pulut hitam and the red bean tong sui more than bubur cha cha.

  23. penang, wif all its yummy food. Even desserts!

  24. the colour of those a4 papers are tempting enough lol

    those 13 inch doors are the classrooms' doors as you can see along the leftside of the corridor

    have a nice day! =)

  25. i wanna those bubur cha cha :)

  26. geez! craving for bubur cha cha at this time ord. :(

    My Stories

  27. wah...bubur chacha!!! my favorite! *drools*

  28. Ya... i think i'm gonna sue you, wakaka....but sue you is bcos you go for the Tong Sui and not inviting me....
    Anyway, I really dont know the review email from my blog already been until so far away...=.=lll
    And actually the Bu Bu Cha Cha can request put some crushed-ice(like ice kacang ice) so that it will be more different with the Bu Bu Cha Cha outside...i will upload the Icy Bu Bu Cha Cha photo soon.
    Hope that you can always visit my blog and click a LIKE on my Fans Page.

    P/S:I'm not a well-known food blogger actually, jz a tiny potato food blogger =P

  29. "Tim pan" is my favourite too. I would not know what to order when I get to that shop...So many choices...but the bubur cha cha...sure looks fab!

  30.'re just like me, sweeeeeeettttt!!! Better be careful, sugar is bad for you. Bad-bad-bad! Everything in moderation, ya? Or a trick I learned for diabetes is whenever you want to eat sugar, make sure you eat triple dose of leafy vegetables (before or after you eat the sugar) and it will neutralise the sugars immediately.

  31. wah wah wah ....really a lot of desserts.... and that bowl of bubur char char makes me felt like eating them!!

  32. Bubur cha looks yummy.

  33. oh my goodness yum!

    I am your newest follower. Follow back at

  34. hi, thanks for all the comments, sorry cannot answer individually..

    jazz, i m surprised that u came by.. how did u know about me blogging about u?

    mamapumpkin: now i m worried!!

    cleff: u better come up to penang to cha cha then later go for bubur cha cha..

  35. Hey....anyone blogging bout me sure i will know one, so dont try to talk bad bout me lo...ngek ngek....

  36. jazz, u macam got 6th sense.. hehee.. anyway, good to know u.. cos i go penang quite frequently, can know where to find nice food!

  37. no la...cos got some of ur visitors click thru the link to my blog and i saw it connect from ur link, thats y i know lo....
    nice to meet u too, u can find me n i can take u go somewhere to makan makan....and when i go KL, u bring me makan makan pulak, ok?
    u always can add my fb at


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