Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's Up, Doc?

Are you 35years and above? Well, you are entitled to a free check up organized by a department in Ipoh. All you got to do is to ask me to fax you a form and you can come for a free check up, now until 31st March, 2011.

Ok, as I am over that 35 years range, I am entitled to the free thorough check up that includes urine test, blood test (five tubes and 2 smaller tubes of blood were "sucked" out from my arm!) ECG and a free BMI that includes bone density test too.

One night before, I fasted and that morning I was all ready to have myself checked up from head to toe....

after the whole BMI check up,
I was given the printout copy..
it should be 47kg..
and I was advised to put on another 0.8kg..
ahem .. ahem............
but look further down to FAT CONTROL
got to get rid of 4kg FATS??
*scratch head*

then as I read on the details..
I found that I was extremely obese,
slightly unbalanced (tiga suku?)
then lower body strength is weak
muscle also weak...
Body water ...under?
lack of water?

By the way, any doc around here??


  1. In KL /PJ got or not? i want to go check la.

  2. Eat more , that you can hit the target weight.

  3. wah so confusing... usually If I did my med check up doc will have a minute with me to go thru the report together...

  4. oh, do they have it in KL?? but only for 35 years and above ah?? if i check up, sure super obese lor :(

  5. rachel: come Ipoh.. :)

    mery: but how to lose 4kg fatS??

    cath: here, no doc ma.. just the trained staff to do the test.. yeah, i should have asked but then long queue behind.. so got to just take and go...

    sk: hey, obese never mind, as long as not unbalanced like me.. hahaha..

  6. Well, they obviously gave you the results of someone else!!! Except for the weight thing, you are very slim and could maybe stand to gain a few pounds. But that other stuff, something is wrong!!!

  7. I was told to gain more than 15 kg... how to gain that??? Makan kenot naik oso!

  8. Obese, have to lose weight and yet, told to put on a few kg. Contradictory. Maybe get rid of the fat and put on some muscles...

  9. I am your newest Follower on GFC from MBC Please return the favor and follow my blog when u get the chance.

    Thanks and May God Bless,

    Connie C

  10. wah....a bit confusing. Don't have doc there to explain when you got back the result ?

  11. maybe got to watch what you eat.
    underweight a bit so it's easy to start from there.
    less fatty food. healthy complex carbo, etc. you've got a great start already! congrats claire!

  12. Thank for the invitation,,,,, but only Ipoh kah?

  13. Claire, you are so thin and still got fat? *faint*

  14. wah... don understand what is that ler.... why like that one? got any doctor there to explain to u?

  15. Dr. visits can be so complicated...following you from MBC! Please stop by for a visit.

  16. I read your results also I ended up scratching my head! The results seem to conflict each other.

  17. This is so confusing. How come the details are contradictory to each other?

  18. Confusing result la... don't understand. Anyway can I have the form - for my in-laws?

  19. interesting but I don't think I hv the time to hv the check up.

  20. Very confused!
    Great blog!
    I'm a new follower from the blog hop!
    Hope you can follow back!

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  21. Hi from the blog hop! Come by Mommy LaDy Club when you get a chance!

  22. What crazy results, I think the most important thing is to ask yourself how do you feel? Getting in tune with your body and if it feels healthy and listening to what it needs will serve you better than trying to meet some crazy metric that is supposed to fit EVERYONE!

    Lori from MBC


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