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5S On Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.... yes, it is a working day for me... no public holiday on a Good Friday in Malaysia...(correction, only no holiday in Penisular)

Anyway, it was a Fun day for us in the office cos on this day, we officiate the 5 S - er.... something to do with the Japanese slogan... don't ask me what the 5 "S" stands for... try googling it, okay?

To achieve this 5S, all the staff had to lend a helping hand... sort of contributing our "manpower" and labour to the office ... after the official launching, we were given some tasks to do... some prefer to be gardeners, sweepers and I... I opted to become a Pavement Painter.... heheee....

believe it or not....
me painting the slabs.. no joke, huh!

serious one, no play-play....

ok, one picture to remember us as Painters!

after an hour sweat..we waited for free food.. hehee..

while waiting, Elin went posing... hahaha..

ahhh... what was served?

a plate of nasi lemak!!

After a heavy breakfast, we went back to rest in the office...
During lunch break, Elin and I wanted to go to the market...
On the way to the parking lot....
in the midst of our conversation...
we forgot about the wet paint... sigh...

Guess whose footwear that was????

Gosh!! Another one here...
Both of us didn't realise it until we felt something wet
when we stepped on them!!
shhhhh.... hope the boss won't find out!!! LOL....


  1. Cute post, Claire... I would do all of the 'pavement painting' for a delicious meal like that. YUM...

    Happy Good Friday to you --and Happy Easter.

  2. Happy Good Friday Claire! Looks like a meaningful day to you..

  3. It's a public holiday for us here in Sabah on Good Friday, make it easier for us to go to church as the masses are at 3pm for most churches. We suppose to have light meals for the day, but it's entirely up to the individuals.

    It's good to leave some foot marks for what you have done, for rememberance :D

  4. Happy Easter! Well, contributing socially..that's great!

  5. like cinderalla leaving her shoes behind...

  6. can i send this permalink to ur boss? hahahhaha.. then i can get a plate of nasi lemak too :P

  7. wow.. you did your 5S on a Good Friday. We also need to 5S our office cubicle every Friday. dun worry about the marks, sometimes it's good to leave our footprints behind also mar ^^ HAVE A BLESSED EASTER WEEKEND ;)

  8. This is hilarious!! My Claire painting on Good Friday! And then going and stepping in it!!! I did that once when I was a kid, my mom had warned me, and I got footprints all over the back porch. Now, how much would you charge to come and paint my house??

  9. Correction: Good Friday is a public holiday in Sarawak. Yeah!!!!! Some schools here even take Easter Monday off.

  10. P.S. The nasi lemak looks good!

  11. Claire, how could you do that? You steped on your own hard work. Oh My!

  12. are too funny. you better make sure your boss doesn't read your blog :D

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Enhancing 1Malaysia?

    Try asking our students to do community service in school.
    Below are the responses:

    "Teacher, that's the duty of the gardener..."
    "My mother also never asks me paint the house leh..."
    "Hah??? Why the school so like that one, teacher?"

  15. Betsy: thanks! Happy Easter to you too!

    hayley: no work is quite meaningful.. hahaha..

    agnes: unintentionally left there..

    wenn: u can say that.. i take it as a compliment.. hahaha..

    tuti: guilty as charged!

    lena: will they take my size? :p

    merryn: oh oh.. there goes my job!

    yingying: I like your comment, makes me less guilty.. hahaha..

    ginny: if only i could!! i would only need a place and more food, that is my charge!! hahaha...

    stp: i corrected it already.. didnt know that it was a holiday there la.. over here, certain schools take the day off... Easter? nope, no hols! nasi lemak looks good? come, next time remind me! hehehe..

    kathy: she might "murder" me when she sees this.. hahahaa...

    sheoh: *covering face*

    barb: by monday i know! hahaha...

  16. pam: serious? those days, i remember picking up rubbish in the school.. during recess time especially.. ice cream sticks from drain, under the trees... and so on.. nowadays? gosh, we get a slap if we say that.. hahaha...

  17. excerpt from *Footprints in the Sand*...

    The Lord replied,
    “The years when you have seen only one set of footprints,
    my child, is when I carried you.”

    Happy Easter!

  18. You've been really hardworking haven't you. :)

    Since you already left footprints, should have added some handprints on it as well!. Haha

  19. Leaving some naughty footprints behind, eh?

    Happy Easter to you!

  20. bananaz: yes, from four footprints to two.. cos that is the time God carries us....

    isaac: for show only.. hahaha..

  21. Wow so you found the person who stepped on it? Must be a guy I think, very careless!

    Easter soon? Have a good 1

    haha ok that is my new blog

  22. You are devoted. That food looks great. I am following you through the Makobi Scribe Hop. Please return the follow at
    I am a children's author and book reviewer.

  23. thanks for coming by Renee..

    Rachel : sigh...


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