Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Elin Sweet Delights

Just because she has more gray hair than me, she thinks she is old enough to be my mum.

Just because she never dyes her hair like I do, she thinks I am young enough to be her daughter..

Just because I said I love to eat, she keeps on stuffing me with her baking, her cooking...
cos when I want it, she will want to do it! So.....

What do you call this kind of lady??

This lady "forces" me to take salad in the morning..
consisting of fruits, eggs and peanuts as toppings!
drowned by a hot mug of oats... healthy eh?

these days she is into making dough and
turning them into buns... cranberry buns..

the next day,
I 2, 4, 6......10 Tea Muffin Buns...
(did I get the name correct, lady?)

another day she will bring some ...
Bannock-Scottish Flatbread!

and now...the latest I was fed with...
is called... er... ah... ohh...
gosh, Elin, this one, u didn't post up yet
so I don't know the name of this yummy steamed cake..
OK, let me call it ...
Cranberry, Wolfberry, Pumpkin Seeds Steamed Cake!
phew... such a long name....

So what should I call this lady who made me eat all these goodies?
Elin Sweet Delights!
ELIN is Indeed Sweet And Delight!


  1. Oh God... what you call this kind of lady? She's the epitome of graciousness... Gosh, Claire, you're so lucky to have someone like Elin to stuff you. Those food looks heavenly, and I bet they taste heavenly too!

  2. Yum! Yum! Too bad she did not make any for me... Sobs! Has she cooked the Sarawak laksa yet?

  3. cleff: yes, i always say i m blessed with a "cook" each day .. hahaa..

    stp: she hasnt yet lar..she is so busy with her other baking stuff.. but she said she will do it one saturday and will invite me over to try!! just wait.. now i m drooling.. hahaha..

  4. How nice if I could get a share of all those delightful makans...

  5. elin is precious.
    you must be too, for her to feed you like this. :)

  6. will pick the flatbread, very appetizing.

  7. the muffin and the steamed cake look delicious..haha

  8. you dont want ah? come gimme la...drooling jor

  9. pam: come, lets meet up one day!

    tuti: wonder what i supply her...

    nava: good choice!

    stella: yes, i like the steamed cake too!

    kathy: who said i no want??? :)

    jfook: what u say?

  10. Yeah...what kind of lady is she? She should send all of us some. :p

  11. tsk tsk... Elin Elin.. Claire you are so blessed to have her as a friend! lol.. but how come ur size sama ajer? tak grow side ways pun! :P

  12. i used to bake but now i m too occupied..lazy to bake anymore..i really envy Elin.

  13. hwaaaa u r so lucky...can throw some here kah? hehehheh

  14. You're very lucky Claire to have Elin as such a good friend. I also wish to stay near Elin, so I can have hot buns every morning...hahaa..

  15. Well, I would call her an angel!!! I would love to have a friend who keeps giving me so many wonderful sweets!! You are very blessed to have her as a friend!

  16. Wow, Claire.... Call her your BEST FRIEND EVER..... IF you don't want her, send her here... She obviously is a great cook..... YUM..... Those muffins look so good..... YUM....


  17. Wow! Such a nice lady!! I also want someone to 'force' me to eat all these food!! Haha!

  18. I would like to call this lady my next door neighbor, or perhaps my cook. All of these look absolutely delicious.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  19. What a great friend to have. All homemade? wow, I'm impressed.

  20. Wah, good lah, got nice food to eat everyday!

  21. I would say all the sweet treats are very healthy and nutritious food. I would skip my lunch and dinner for them. Wallop all of them, if Elin was to give them to me.

  22. did you finish it all? haha She is . . . . nah dunno what to say, but you . . . big eater =P

  23. you always have "hao fook" la. good for you :-)

  24. elin enjoys baking and you enjoy eating..perfect!

  25. Where is "Elin sweet delights" bakery? The woofberry-pumpkin-cranberry cake is very eye-catching. So unique. A very healthy combo indeed.

  26. Claire is my taster...a freelance taster for all my cooking and baking :) Thanks Claire for being there to eat even the hardest to eat or swallow food :p I am actually the blessed one to have you , supporting all my bakes :p

  27. tekkaus: come to Ipoh if u want to know what type of lady she is.. hahaha...

    merryn: u should see how little i eat for dinner!! :p

    wenn: i m like u..those days I used to bake too.. believe me!

    vava: OK..thrown.. did u catch them? :p

    anncoo: when r u coming to Ipoh again?

    ginny: i know i m blessed in terms of food..Yes!

  28. betsy: yes, she is a good one.. ready to learn and do.. unlike me!

    foongpc: hahaha..what a nice word force is..

    george: thanks for coming by too..

    isaac: yes, all home made la..

    pete: not every day la..but often la.. hahaha..

    sheohyan: yes, i eat less too.. for dinner..

    boeyjoey: yes, mouth prosper!

    kianfai: aiyah.. u know i know enough la..

    lena: if u stay on my right, she on my left, wwowowowo!!

    olive: just click on her url..

    elin: taster only not tester.. hehehe.. everything to me is good, delicious, yummy, droollllling!

  29. i only can said, we all are very jeolous!!

  30. What delightful looking food you have. I can not wait till I can sit and make something of yours. I am following you ... thank you.

    Kirsten --


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