Saturday, April 9, 2011

Farewell To Malacca

Before we left for Ipoh, I took a few pictures from my hotel room... I know that probably this would be the first and last time I stay in this hotel... (hopefully no more courses after this.. and surely I wouldn't want to stay in this hotel if I come on my own)

very nice sunny weather when we left our hotel...

We checked out around 2pm, just the three of us plus our driver, we left to buy some souvenirs and my colleagues wanted to try out the Taming Sari towers.....

just opposite the souvenir shop we went to...

this is the Taming Sari tower...

it is a revolving .. and it goes straight up
and up... and up.......till you can see the whole town
of Malacca...

very high!!!
Nope, I didnt go up..
Not ME!
Height phobia... not advisable.. hahaha...
That is all for Malacca..
till December... Selamat Tinggal...(goodbye)


  1. ahakzzz..

    wahhhhhh Malacca..miss Malacca so much..miss satey celup at pantai klebang so much..haha ^^

  2. I went to Malacca a long time ago. Didn't know but we booked a hotel. The hotel was next to a cemetary...hahaha..we arrived there baru know LOL

  3. zis: i didnt know it is famous for celup...

    kathy: that was when u sent me the souvenir.. i remember.. two years ago? :) wahhh..lagi scary than mine.. hahaa..

  4. Never had I taken a bird's-eye view of Malacca city and was surprised to find that this historical city looks very impressive with its skyscrapers.

  5. Went to Taming Sari but didn't go up!

  6. wow, i would love to go up there!

  7. Height phobia for me too, Claire!! Just looking at it, yikes!!! What is that place that looks like a boat? That is a really big and modern city. What souvenirs did you buy?

  8. Hi Reana, Holy Smoke! Is that Malacca? The first few pics anyone show me the pics I would have guessed Singapore or Taiwan, anywhere except Malacca.

    I guess I have been away long time, 25 years!
    Great shots, Reana....if not for you I wouldn't know Malacca is like what it is....and I was born there.

  9. Atleast the scenery from the hotel is nice. Dunno where Grand Con is in Malacca - didn't know there is one there.

  10. hahaha, what's wrong with that hotel that you don't want to stay in there again??

    oh, Taming Sari Tower?? haven't heard about this.. i thot they have also moved the Eye of Malaysia to Malacca, is it still there??

  11. mingna: i think malacca is very much a better place to visit than ipoh la..

    pete: RM10 per entry...

    wenn: go lar.. take a break!

    Ginny: i bought some key chains only as usual... hahaa..

    u.Lee: u should visit your birth place one day!

    stp: it is also near town.. half an hour walk.. hahaha..

    sk: i m not sure where the eye of malacca is.. but the hotel, i think u better stay in Bayview.. very nice..

  12. If you had not mentioned Meleka I would not have known this place as the image of Melaka in Bananaz's head is old ancient buildings with traditonal baba & nonya style houses..Oh you have shown me the other side of the modern Melaka. tQ

  13. If I am there would sure to take the Taming Sari to pump up my blood at times haha. tQ

  14. sis... we go cameron highlands during May, want anot? u drive one car, i drive one car.

  15. you are coming to Malacca again in December. :)

  16. melaka!!! next weekend! I just can't wait...weeee...... =)

  17. wanna visit Malacca soon!! gotta bising eric! haha


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