Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rush Hour 3

I always go out during lunch hour, either to fetch my girl from school or when I don't, I will be out "driving around" looking for DOUBLE S - Stomach Satisfaction! LOL...

But there are certain days that I cannot even have lunch properly... at times we ended up eating in the car itself... those times are called "Rush Hour." Sometimes I have to rush back to office before 2pm... in that one hour, we have to buy rice, take my girl home and then drive like "Formula One" back to the office...

So during these Rush Hour days, someone beside me also have to end up eating in the car, poor lady!

While I drive, she eats...
by the time I reach the office,
her packet of rice will be finished...
As for me, I cannot eat while driving, I might get choked!

But this is one thing I can eat...
The creamy durian ice cream potong!
It cost RM2.20 per stick these days!!
Crazy price!

Well... crazy or not, I am still putting it into my mouth! lol...


  1. RM2.20 per stick is so damn expensive o. :D

  2. tekkaus: durian expensive ah?

    angelbear: some more he is selling on the pavement only.. :)

  3. hmm how come the ice cream so costy? hahaha

    anyways I can eat while driving while the traffic is not moving at all LOL

  4. RM2.20? *pengsan... Hey, my lunch today, something like that also - chicken rice + roast chicken drumstick + one braised hardboiled egg... What a coincidence! LOL!!!

  5. i have a friend who can finished his packet of chap fan while he is driving from one place to another, that's really amazing!! haha..

    wah, that ice cream potong selling at RM2.20?? that's extremely expensive!! i thot the most RM1 only??

  6. kianfai: durian wor..he said expensive nowadays!

    stp: wise people eat alike?? that packet of rice belongs to the Lady one... hahaha...

    sk: KL not surprising.. ipoh cannot.. cos seldom get jam up one..
    nowadays no more 1rm ice cream except Mcdonald?

  7. I understand that kinda rush hour you meant.. And I too, driving like a rally driver when its late! LOL :P

  8. wow.. that ice cream looks sooo yummy.....

  9. I like this potong ice cream too. The square one is not so nice.

  10. sounds like my mum when i was in

  11. Wow, your life is such a rush!!!*sweats
    I still remember vividly those days it only costs 20 cents each!O_o

  12. hayley: in ipoh, cannot drive fast..

    cath: but u cannot eat yet lar.. :)

    johnnie: yes, not all are nice.. i dont mind paying more for quality..

    medie: hey, i must send something to u..

    alice:: in pasar malam, right?

    wenn: yes.. yes...

  13. Cutting our throat! These ice cream vendors are making big money now. We might as well venture into the F&B business, sure will 'fatt' one...

  14. Hi Claire, I love ice cream also. When I grew up, we used to love popsicles (on a stick) especially during the Summer. They weren't ice cream --but were frozen fruit drinks....

    OR--if we wanted 'real' ice cream on a stick, we could eat what they used to call a "Brown Mule"--which was vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate--on a stick. OR --I liked "Creamsicles'--which were Orange Ice cream on sticks. YUM..


  15. I prefer the chocolate type of ice cream, with crispy chocolate coating and creamy vanilla inside. It's RM 2+ also in KL. I wonder how come Ice cream potong is so expensive.

  16. I don't know what that price is in American money, but it must be expensive!! Looks refreshing!

  17. :( Terrible rat race... no time have to eat in the car. So kesian. Is that ur girl?

  18. Wah, drive and lick! Licking ice cream....ha ha ha!

  19. enjoy your durian!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  20. Hm...RM2.20 is very expensive loh for an ice-cream potong.

    My hubby like ice-cream potong too but we normally buy a box which consist of 5-6 batang from the supermarket to keep in the fridge.

    But you mean only a stick of ice-cream potong for your lunch? can tahan meh?

  21. Gila kah,One potong like that cost RM2....wa this inflation must be like more than 50 % loh..

    Hey Claire, Just drive carefully lol and take a light lunch will be good sometimes,,, stomach satisfaction can be done when you are totally relaxed,,,

    take care

  22. I have never even heard of potong ice cream...looks neat. You have been stumbled! Thank you for joining the hop.

  23. You sure you won't get choked by the ice-cream potong while driving. lol!

  24. aiyo poor thing.. only ice cream potong for lunch ah...

  25. Hmm the Kings brand sells durian flavoured potongs at the same price as others. But maybe yours had REAL durian inside!

  26. Ice cream potong sooooo expensive meh???? fuiyo.. da last i had was like less than a ringgit.. but then again.. i was as young as ethan then.. gosh.. inflation!!!

  27. Hi there..thanks for dropping by my blog :) and gee the price for ais potong has really gone up so high!

  28. RM2.20 is more expensive than KL ler.

    Multitasking is great, so as long as it does not involved any choking Rofl

  29. Gone were the days when ice cream potong cost only RM0.60 per stick.

    All your rush hours you hv ice cream only?

  30. Hi! Stumbled you...would love if you could stumble me back:

    Kristin :)

  31. Hi there.

    I “stumbled” the post you have at Makobi Scribes new hop, and I ask you to return the favor. I put up the following links on her “stumble hop”: - a page listing hops for every day of the week - a list of charities which are highly rated for using your charitable donations for the purpose you intended - a page for recipes – and there are some great ones here - day one of a week-long series examining the death penalty - one of my more popular posts: “Expletive deleted? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

    Thank you, and have a great week!


  32. pam: u sell your yummy pastries!

    isaac: like the Magnum ice cream!!

    betsy: actually can make ourselves..

    ginny: cost less than a dollar actually..

    cleff: my girl? that is elin!

    pete: u made is sound gross.. hahaha..

    cloudia: yes, i have!

    jennifer: thanks!

    sheohyan: so far, no choking!

  33. stumbled:

  34. You have been Stumbled. :-) Very interesting I have never heard of durian ice cream potong, very interesting. :-) Have a wonderful evening!!!


  35. Ice cream lunch...not bad. It does suck to have to rush about so though.

    Stumbled this post from Makobi Scribe hop.


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