Saturday, May 14, 2011 Is Back In Action!

Yesterday in the office I received sms and messages asking me whether was down or not... I could not confirm for sure that it was or not cos my office "memang" banned the staff from logging in to that website.

But after emailing to some friends locally and overseas, they told me that they could not log in too, then it was finally confirmed...'BLOGGER IS DOWN"

I thought it was only a few hours, by the time I went home, it might be in full operation... but no, was still down by the time I went to bed at 12.30am...

Someone chatted with me on MSN last night citing that she felt so relaxed and restless at the same time... I replied that I felt the same... like something was missing... I couldn't BLOG and I couldn't HOP...

In a way, relaxed... and at the same time restless......

So how about you all..... how did you feel when you could not BLOG and HOP yesterday???

(oh by the way, the comments on the previous post have all gone missing!!!)


  1. Same fate, some of my previous comments have gone missing T.T
    It was abit frustrating not able to blog/post comment... But what to do? They need to do some maintenance.... Glad that it's back in action now!

  2. Blogger shut down for a whole day to fix some problems. Then they had to delete everything everyone had posted within the last day, but they are putting it back now, you should have your post back soon. The whole Blogger site is completly changing, and they are showing people gradually, everything will be new. I found this out from CNet and also blogger posted the problem on Twitter. I may BE a twit, but I don't tweet! I Facebook because I am long winded!!

  3. hahah...nice time to read a fine book

  4. I felt like a fish out of water throughout the day...... Thank goodness it's back in action now! *heaved a sigh of relief*

  5. Wordpress was o.k. You could have lepaked at my blog to while away the time...reply to everyone's comment like Cleffairy. Hehehehehe!!!! LOL!!!

  6. Lol, i rested at home, started playing some virtual shares game. Enjoyed my bed. I realized I really missed blogging, it's like an addiction I tell you!!

  7. Claire, you just lost the comments, but I lost my entire latest post. Damn it. But I find that I was having more free time yesterday.

  8. I noticed comments missing on my post too..

    as for me sure boring giler Claire.. orang tengah confinement.. the only thing can connect to the world is bloggig... hahahaha... and it's down.. I think almost 2 days.. Fuhh...

  9. Same here. Tried whole day in the office but failed to log in...just felt like something is missing.

    And me too, missing comments. Hopefully none of our post gone missing due to this.

  10. i wonder what happened to blogger. They have never been down for so long.

  11. hayley: i dont know what new features yet, do u?

    ginny: wow.. u really took the trouble to find out.. hahaha...

    stp: i lepak in the msn and gmail.. chat chat!!

    isaac: i ditto to that!!

    sheohyan: we must back up our blogs la.!

    cath: i can understand your dilemma... haha.. jai you!!

    pam: u nearly made me giggle out! imagine u .. gasping for air!! wonder elin said no internet, no oxygen.. true hor!

  12. littlekidboy: i notice my comments have kurangkan! hahaha..

    Barb: yeah, normally few hours only..

  13. it was hard to browse/hopping around.

    it happen again just now .. for about couple of minutes where i could not load several blogspot blog.

    kinda frustrated too .....

    well this is why you need to have backup, backup and backup!

  14. yeap yeap . . . I was like cannot hold myself and it is dam addict into my blog =P

    and scolding some vulgar words or what XD

  15. I am really pissed at when my post and comments was gone. =_="

    I didnt even know what was going on. Why cant they just email to us before hand so we could saved some draft fist.

    Oh man... hopefully this will not happened again.

  16. came home late last nite, blogger still down. still managed to visit some sites on wordpress and emailed you!

  17. ismail: i back up the blog only once a month..if i can remember, ie.

    kianfai: so serious ah!! hahahaa...

    daniel: if comments gone, nv mind.. but if blog gone, i pengsan terus!

    lena: when i logged out, it was still down..12.30am..

  18. I didn't know until my friend told me that she couldn't access my most recent post.

  19. Well...sometimes even big companies will have its flaws right? :p

  20. I felt kind of relieved. I was able to edit photos and do some other blog-related things that I kept putting on the back burner, but I didn't feel guilty that there were other things I "should" have been doing. It was kind of a nice break!


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