Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers' Day Wishes

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YE LADIES, single or married... hope you have a joyous day making this day a memorable one for your mum.... As for me, sorry, I did not make this day memorable for my own mum... *need spanking*.... I will not be taking her out for dinner due to these reasons...

One: Today all outlets will be jammed up in IPOH and the prices will be expensive and not-nice!
Two: We siblings have given my mum a good, yummy, scrumptious dinner TWO weeks back! hahaha... we are a Kiasu family... we want quality food for the money paid...
Three: I am "fully Booked" for tonight... glued to my badminton idols! gosh!!

OK, for these three reasons, I will not be celebrating Mother's Day eating outside, my mum knows I am a die-hard badminton fan, she understands me very well and thanks to my other sibling, she is taking my mum out for dinner! Yes!!

And for the rest of the pictures below, I want to dedicate them to my Over The Seas Sister.. this one is for you because you are the Main sponsor! hahahaha... Thank you, cheh cheh....

Here are the dishes we ordered for ourMama!

first dish, lang poon

the scrumptious prawns...

don't know why this have to be second dish all the time..

anyone knows why this is served second?

ginger steamed kampung kai (village chicken)

mixed vegetables with macodamia nuts..

buttered prawns...

my camera no battery suddenly
used handphone instead..

steamed cod fish

the noodles were nice.... but.... it was not for us!!
the waitress apologised..and took it back...

and replaced with this hakka fried noodles
which was very saltish and dark!

followed by the lotus pancake

and ... er... red bean groundut dessert..
not so nice too... wonder what went wrong..
but then walloped it all the same!

What is more important is that...
You sponsored us...

so.... We are Happy...

The kids are happier....

our mama-s enjoying the chewing...
Cute Cute!!

and Most Important....
Our Mums are Happy too!
(right Chris Au?)



  1. Haha....thanks for brInging my mum & dad along! I owed u one dinner .. Hehehe...

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you Claire!!

  3. wa...very fung foo dinner :D

    happy mother's day to you :D

  4. So much food, and happy mothers in the restaurant! hehe.

  5. Yum! Yum! When I go Ipoh, I want to eat something like that too! Btw,how much is it? Must plan...mana tahu may have to invite ppeple for dinner in Ipoh - must plan and make sure can afford. LOL!!!

  6. chrisau: one only meh! hahhaa... never mind, contra it with your jaga-ing of Aaron..

    cheah: thanks!

    kathy: yeah, quite fung foo..thanks!

    isaac: thanks!

    stp: this one cost RM490 which I think is a bit expensive.. i think it is bec of the cod fish.. maybe can replace it with something less expensive.. btw, ipoh prices very flexible one.. if u want dishes like these, 300rm also can liow! heehe.... so .. er... when ah.. dont come alone wor.. make sure the young one also is coming!

  7. this one kat Mun Cheong ah? look familiar background.. actually 400++ is cheap liao lor.. KL price lagi gila..

  8. cyn: no, it is rainbow in menglembu...

    hayley: yeah.. mother's day ma..

  9. Wah, all the nice food! Happy Mother's day!

  10. Happy Moommy's Day to u Claire! and of course to ur dearest mom too! ;)

  11. All the pictures of the food really make me forget what is this post is all about, hahaha.

    Happy Mother's Day Claire and thank you so much for your help. All the best wishes goes to your mom too =)

  12. Great meal! Happy mum's Day!

  13. claire, i just had dinner at new hei lai ton and sharksfin came in first, followed by the 'lang poon' and i asked the smiliar question, "how come sharkfin comes first and not second??"

  14. Happy Mother's Day Claire! And also to your lovely Mom! So many delicious dishes.. let me guess, was this at East Ocean restaurant (Tung Hoi)? The lang poon just looks so familiar...

  15. Wow!! you got them a FEAST!! I have never seen so many courses!!! Happy Mother's Day, Claire, you are the best mom, and your kids are a testament to that!!! Being a single mom is hard, but you do the job of two very nicely.

  16. If you do invite Tua Pui for such good good dinner, i want also, i want....

    now, i can see Chris' mom too,,,it must have been a joyous dinner, and it really got me jelos lol, cos i don't get to makan makan with such big crowd, cos my siblings prefer to do it separately lol

  17. 'low hau sui' seeing all those food....

  18. RM490???? Pengsan.... Hahahahaha!!!

  19. Happy Belated Mother's Day!! Wow! Yummy food! Drooling...

  20. I desperately want that food oh.... hahahahha..

  21. Love the scrumptious dinner that you had for your mum, I like the mixed veggie with lotus roots and macodamia nuts the most.

  22. Love the buttered prawns....look so awesome!!! Wish you a happy belated mother's day.

  23. Now you see it now you dont..waitresses also got to join into the magic show to attract more customers haha..lucky you guy didnt wallop the earlier noodles before she took it back for replacement. Lovely dinner most important happy dinner together with old folks and families.

  24. Wah, the fooooooddd isss sooo yummylicious!!! my stomach is really grumbling. love the prawns most especially... i'm a prawny person! happy mommy day to you, claire, you are one great mommy, not easy raising up kids alone.

  25. *Drooling at all the nice food*

    And it just RM490? Consider cheap already. You can't get that price with such big portion of "lang poon" (with so many prawns) and cod fish in KL!

  26. Oh yeah, Happy Mother's Day!

  27. pete: thanks!

    veronica: thanks!

    Caroline: thanks!!

    daniel: hey, thanks..dont say that..

    amazey: thanks!

    wenn: same to you!

    lena: where is lee lai ton?

    sweetwitch: opposite east ocean..Rainbow..

    eugene: if eat separately, your mum can enjoy all sorts of food.. hehehe..

    yeeling: need a bib? hehehe...

    stp: dont pengsan la... vincent tan might sponsor u again! hahaha..

    foongpc: thanks!

    cath: when can u eat these?

  28. sheohyan: yes, i like it too!

    mnhl: thanks! same to u too..

    bananaz: actually ah.. my nephew took one bowl of that already.. hahahaa..

    littlekitboy: thanks! same to u!

    irene: not easy but not hard either.. hahaha..

    cheeyee: same to u too!

  29. LoL at the noodles part! U sempat take pics lagi.. shud have just dived in before the waitress can take it back mah! :P

  30. What a nice Mother's Day celebration. :)

    Good food and happy faces all around.

  31. Happy belated mummy day to you Claire.

    Food looks very good and yummy!! RM490 ok la. I don't think we can get this price in KL!!

  32. behind ave maria school, the old bowling alley..


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