Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scotty McCreery In Always On My Mind

When I received a phone call that Scotty has sung "Always On My Mind" last night in American Idol, I quickly clicked on youtube and searched for the song..... it took me some minutes... but it paid off, I finally found it... and ..... when I listened it to the first time, I gulped and gulped down... my emotions, my tears at the corners of my eyes....

Many years ago, I took part in a singing competition, it was held in Casuarina Hotel, Ipoh... it was a special dinner held by my company, all the staff and their families were invited, during that time, my husband was still around. I remember him coaxing me not to enter the competition, even to the last minute, he told me not to go upstage, for fear, it might be a big embarrassment... but I didn't listen to him... I stood up, bade bye to my two kids then and went backstage to wait for my turn....

Though my face didn't show it, but I remember the fear overwhelmed me, my legs turned jelly while I was waiting for my turn... my heart beat very fast.. if at this age now, sure get heart attack one... Then when the live band music started to play the introduction, I forgot what stage fright was about, I think I was crooning away the song "Always On My Mind."

Yes, I got the First Prize....

I remember my colleague telling me that I was looking at my husband's face when I sang that song... "Did he give you the motivation?"

On the way driving back home, my husband was humming this song over and over again in the car.... I know he was very proud of me then...

That is why... the tears.... when I heard Scotty sang this song, it brought back these memories... memories of jubilation ... the memories of my husband and I... a song I will always remember...

The way he sang... touched my heart... the way he sniffed right at the end...
sigh... what else can I say.... indeed "You Are Always On My Mind"


  1. he will always be in yr mind..

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog.You got a wonderful blog!!

  3. that guy can really croon. i place him with james in the final.

  4. nice of you to put this clip up here so that we can also watched it over here.. I know i wouldnt be going to youtube to search for it. Your posts have always make me laugh but this time i'm feeling touched by what you wrote.

  5. I'm sure he is still proud of you now, Claire, not just for winning first price in karaoke, but for all the things you've done when he's no longer around. God bless his soul.

  6. What a very sad memory of a happier time! How are you feeling? They should have given you three days leave, one for each bullet. Will you be scared to eat durian again?I would be!!

  7. Really sweet, the sweet memories shall always linger..

  8. Oh!!! No wonder you wanted to sing the song so much at karaoke. I only sing Willie Nelson's version - the key is just right for me. Wah!!! You singing competition hebat but pretend shy-shy only hor!

  9. I first wanted to say Thank You for joining the Blog Hop with VB

    Now on to Scotty .. I think everyone sang beautifully last night .. I had a hard time voting last night. I have not been so much into American Idol that I have been this year ... I think Steve Tyler made it what it is today .. and the performers are very good !!!


  10. This is indeed a great song, very sweet~

  11. Hey, I'm following your blog, hope you can make it to mine:

    Have a good one!

  12. the song very touching... and listen to your story make me touched even more..

  13. Songs do make a powerful impact on us. I do hope the song brought tears of joy to you; of all the wonderful times both of you shared. "dance of my father" always pricks my heart coz Luther Vandross sang the song after my Dad's passing away.

    Take care Claire. You are indeed blessed to have had such wonderful memories and your children to keep more memories churning. ^_^

  14. Claire, you are a strong and tough lady... so proud of you and bet your late husband did too!

  15. kathy: cute!

    lina: yeah..momantic!

    wenn: definitely,,

    yummy" thanks!

    doc: i agree with u...

    lena" cos this song touches me always..

    cleff" not band one.. haahah...

    ginny" i m well now! Thanks.

  16. isaac" yes, they stay stuck..

    stp: those days cannot sing much..voice also lower now..

    kirsten" thanks for voiceboks too!

    cath: this song will always be in my mind..

    gratitude" thanks for the encouragement..

    alice" hope he is!

  17. *hugs*

    btw, the video is removed... so had to youtube for another version.

  18. good memories will stay forever. wow.. i wish i can listen to you singing your winning song and get some singing tips from you. anyway, the clip you posted here is removed. i like the version sang by Michael Buble. have a good weekend and happy mother's day to you :)

  19. Clair, if that time we had Malaysia Idol, you sure would be our Malaysia Idol. Very touching story of you and your hubs.

  20. Hi there! Stopping by from the VB blog hop and am your newest follower. Looking forward to reading more!


  21. Wow....I glance over this last week, but I took the time the read the whole thing today and wow. I'm crying over here.

    Sharon from

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