Tuesday, June 7, 2011

East Meets West = Embarrasssed...

Today was my off day... the night before, my girl and I planned to wake up early to go for dim sum ... but our "early" was 11am by the time we got ready. Instead of going for dim sum, I suggested something simple such as this....

both of us ordered a set each....

protein breakfast....er..brunch, I mean...

After that we walked along the street acting like a "tourist",
taking pictures here and there..

Cowan Street/Jalan Raja Ekram

the junction near Excelsior Hotel..

the five foot way...

Stopped at a pet shop around here to buy
a Flea Collar for Labbie...

Then we adjourned to Parkson Grand for window shopping...serious!
Window shopping only.. never bought anything expensive... lol...

An hour walk, we landed in Starbucks to rest...

ordered a chicken pie...
not fluffy looking but tasted nice...

the cashier recommended this Jazzy Lemon Cheese Cake
Yes, she was right.. very nice...

My girl and I were very "blurred"...
immediately after ordering, we sat down.. and waited...
A moment later the waitress came with our cheese cake and chicken pie...
saying..."Excuse me, madam, can you please pay at the counter?"
OH GOSH.. HOW EMBARRASSED.... I forgot to pay!
Okay..this is what I must remember...
East = Pay AFTER served...
West = Pay BEFORE served...


  1. Claire:

    Is that Kapitan Chicken Curry Pie? It's the latest addition of Starbucks and one of the best after their signature Shepherd's Pie...

  2. Ooh the egg looks big.... egg with bread, yum yum!

    And I think I will be also very embarrassed if I forgot to pay. >.<

  3. loved the cheesecake:) wdrooling here:)

    window shopping? i do that, too. i lost count on how many window's did i shop, lol

  4. yummmy! ohh I feel sooooo motivated right now to prepare breakfast. Easy over eggs and toasted bread for bearkast! thanks for sharing!

  5. the difference is with eastern, you order once you sit down and they serve you and you pay once food come. As for Western, you have to queue up at the counter and order and pay, then sit and wait for the food to come! :p And Western mostly cost more!

  6. oklah, not that bad. it wld be more embarassed if you forgot to bring your wallet!

  7. Starbucks? Nice meh? Expensive some more... I would prefer the eggs on toast anytime. Hmmmmm...I think Sibu looks nicer than Ipoh - this part of it, atleast! LOL!!

  8. Pam: didnt see any kapitan curry chicken pie wor.. a few pies i saw but not that..

    cheeyee: hahaa..i really forgot!

    imriz: yeah..just browsing and passing by...

    tess: easy and nutritious..

    rose: Esp those self service type.. hehehee.

    lena: that time must text someone!

  9. stp: everything seems to be nice in SIBU..i must go there and see for myself first!

  10. when i travel to Ipoh...I will go to that kafe at Jalan Ekram to makan....normally I will the chicken rice and my energy booster drink.."nescafe peng"--- Oh so nice!!

    P/s: Let check out the air ticket..we go together to Sibu...after all everything pao by Cikgu Arthur... LOL!!!

  11. Ooops chicken pie huh thought roti canai..still clinging on to STP's roti canai..haha.

  12. I love simple half boiled eggs with toast!

  13. oh...have not been to Starbucks for quite sometime already. I love their chicken pie actually. but have yet to try their cheese cake. maybe is time to pay Starbucks a visit.

  14. LOL.. but you're right, at chinese kopitiam, we usually pay after the food served..

  15. mandy: Wah Nam! about the sibu, can postpone till exam over ke? :) hope STP offers will still stand till 2012...

    bananaz: one is western canai ma.. hahha..

    pete: once awhile i like it too..

    littlekitboy: not bad.. this cheese cake..

    hayley: eat first pay later, hor..

  16. hehe.. so long i tak makan at Starbucks.. my bucks no star tak layak go there :P

  17. wow, eating at starbucks.. hehe, anyway it's a learning experience right claire? :)

  18. oooo, juz dropping by Ipoh?
    hahaha, nice town~~^^

  19. The food looks just wonderful, our Starbucks has food, but not like this! How did you survive with no water? Did you stay away from home the whole time?

  20. I just read "The Many Looks Of Claire" How could I have missed that one???? You were beautiful at every stage of life, but at your most beautiful NOW!!! Your strength shines through.

  21. Hi Reana, wow, your pics brought back memories....I have always liked Ipoh. Still remember that Foo Choo Choon wet market, and a nearby coffee shop with those polished old, granite tables, they sure served good dim sum back in the '80s.
    Good pics.

  22. merryn: u have others in place of bucks! :p

    mery: try it one day..

    isaac: yes, have to learn from experience!

    xjion: ipoh is actually quite nice!

    ginny: it turned out to be okay.. we still have water.. maybe they just want to caution us just in case.. thanks for the compliments! hahahaa..

    u.lee: yes, the shops are still there but newer... i wonder they are still operating at night or not..

  23. Oh. My. Goodness. All of that food looks soooo delicious. My mouth is watering.

    Thanks for coming by my blog. Email me at rashelleworkman(at)gmail(dot)com.

  24. chris: yes, banyak busy.. hahaa..

    rashelle: thanks for responding..

  25. Understandable coz sometimes memang will lupa one

  26. aiyo, dnt worry la.. sometime is like dat one. hehe :D

  27. you should try their Shepherd's Pie. tastes really good! hehe... dun worry la. sometimes we may forget to pay. btw, is the flea collar effective for doggies? is it expensive? i might wanna get one for my Conan too :)

  28. Well if am tagging along the kids, i tend to forget also...

    If i am in the supermarket....i will make sure n double confirm i pay before leaving...lol...else...arhhhh!!

  29. *blush* I oso sometimes lupa bayar, and the people at the cafe will tegur me. Malu ahh...sometimes so many things distracting us.... especially if anak tagging along, like Ling say.

  30. kathy: cos mind distracted

    carol: not worried but malu only..

    yingying: yes, so far that is the most effective! i used for one year no fleas..

    yeeling: if not, got sound in supermarket..beep beeep!!

    cleff: they think we eatlifting! hahaha...

  31. I like the eggie with bread =D

    no worries, you're just too tired hehe

  32. Oh so funny! hehe.. but they're kind enough to actually serve you the food even though you haven't paid right? :)

  33. kianfai: me too..once awhile is nice..

    sweetwitch: yes yes.. i guess they have to..otherwise who is going to eat the warm chicken pie? :)

  34. hahaha. yalor kinda maloo lor. :P

    but the pictures u show hor, i only recognize one street where u said u buy pet stuff. is that the one with a lot of clinics one? hahahahha i call that clinic street.

  35. The toast and the half boiled eggs look nice and much healhty, but after an hour walk, eat again. Salute you.

  36. medie: there are a few clinics there, yes!!

    yan: burnt off calories by then.. :)

  37. Okay the pay before or after never come to my mind that its a east or west thing, haha I just go by places or by what I need.

    I know which place you need to pay first and some where you pay after, but if I already ordered and it was already all i needed I will opt to pay first, haha.

  38. Wow! I like eggs on toast! So yummy!!!

    And that lemon cakes from Starbucks look delicious!!

    Forgot to pay? It's OK. Happens to me a few times already : )

    No need to remember East = Pay AFTER served...West = Pay BEFORE served.... just remember the Customer is always right!!! LOL!!


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