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Sweet Jelly Gone Sour

My girl complained of sore throat ... the weather is just too hot in IPOH.. I don't know about other states... but it was really hot even at night... and to add heat, my air conditioner is not working properly... instead of cool air, it was quite warm... sigh.. it needs servicing again...

To cool down our bodies, I decided to pull up my sleeves and did some Jellying this evening.. gosh... learning by ear sounds easy.. but when I actually do them, it was a mess for me... I have to clean up the fridge tomorrow cos I "accidentally" spilled the whole bowl of jelly with the fruits inside the fridge shelve... sigh...

Chinese saying, I am like chicken hands duck legs! (kai sau ngap kwok)

Anyway, these was what I did....

Took out all the moulds and cleaned them up one by one..

cut up the fresh fruits..
cost RM12.90 here altogether...

my jelly inside one of the ice cream bowl..
this was before it spilled inside my fridge...
whole bowl gone!
not meant to be a good Cook.. sigh...


  1. I usually allow the jelly to cool and set first before putting it into the fridge. It's ok la, you can always make a new batch again.

  2. =.= Claire... u have to cool it and let it set first before put inside fridge. Kakakaka... jellies are my specialty... kekekekek... i pandai make that one and foolproof wan usually, unlike my baking, semua hitam! T_T

  3. pam: they are really cool but not set yet.. one bowl wasted.. tomorrow have to wash the fridge.. now too tired!

    cleff: cooled but not set... i wanted to go upstairs ma.. dont want to wait..

  4. The jelly look good,too bad it is spilled out....

  5. Fianlly, my darling Claire is making something luscious for the family. haha... You just tempted me to make some jelly tomorrow.
    Goodnight & sweetdream,

  6. hahaha!! so did all the cleaning up finish all your sweat quota, so that you have no more sweat while sleeping at night?? :D

  7. you getting lazy already?..can still wait till tomorrow to clean the fridge??

  8. the bowl spilled? So was there any left? How many bowls did you make Claire?

  9. The molds and jellied fruit are so pretty!!! So sorry about the accident. Do you have a repair man scheduled to fix the air conditioner?

  10. Yummy~ At least you capture the picture and tempted us... drooling

  11. No worries, Claire. It spilly rite? Dun clean it immediately. *grinz* Just wait til it cool off and then, you just can pull off the jellies from the fridge. Much cleaner than when you wipe it out immediately when it spill. Trust me on this. =D

    ps: Was that peaches or mangoes? o.O

  12. ps: Dun nid to wash the fridge lah. Just peel the jellies off. Wun have residue punya. This is konyaku jellies, rite? LOL! I kno cuz last time I got experience. Anak make it tumpah, and I just leave it off and let it set. After that, just peel. ROFLOL. Den simply wipe a lil bit, sudah! =D

    OMG, Cikgu is going to knock my head for being lazy! Hahahahahaha.

  13. Hahahahaha!!!! Elin!!! SOS!!!! Btw, Claire...I also have those plates. Darlie?

  14. The jelly looks yummy~
    Weather is hot here too! =_="

  15. Hahaha... nevermind la, first time always turns out to be like that :p

    But jelly on a hot day would be nice to quench the thirst....

  16. Practice make perfect, Claire. No sweat**try again next time. Loving the fresh fruit.

  17. The more you try, the better it becomes,, keep trying ya...

    but anything that is made wit love, will always,always tastes good one lah

  18. Practice make perfect..and I bet the jelly must be nice. Here at KK also hot lar even in a night time

  19. jen: yeah..wasted one bowl..

    mery: sigh..

    kristy: oh dear, i malu to go there.. hahaha..

    sk: nearly no time to post about it!

    lena: not lazy, tired la..

  20. isaac: 3 bowls and the rest are moulds...

    nava: yeah, i like it too..

    ginny: maybe weekend..

    tz: hahaa.. yeah otherwise ... no mood to snap..

    cleff: that is what i thought too.. today will clean up..

  21. nvm.. try again.. it cost 12++ only ma.. next time, let it settle a bit before putting in fridge.. easier.. :D

  22. You tempted me to make jelly for my kids again.

  23. that's ok! with all the advises you received will be good in making jellies next time.

  24. Jelly failed? Maggi Mee ok? If not try cup noodles! Just kidding LOL... Try again okei.

  25. Sweet Jelly Gone Sour ~ I love this title!

  26. It looks great...good for a first timer like you. Practice makes perfect...and I tasted bad I will you a pass LOL! love the mango and kiwi but not the strawberry...too sour :) and I am going to use them in the cake. Stay tuned Claire...keeping my finger cross that mine is sweeter :p

  27. Never mind Claire, make the jelly again. After all, the fruits can still be eaten. Ha ha ha

  28. Nvm, 1 bowl spilt, still got 2 more n the moulds. Hope it wasn't too much work cleaning up the fridge.

  29. Spilled already never mind. You can always do it again. :D


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