Thursday, June 16, 2011

Koay Teow Th'ng In Sungai Nibong, Penang

It was drizzling when we arrived at the bridge toll in Penang.... it was around noon that time and we were stuck here for around 15 minutes....

Next time I must remember not to reach Penang at noon...

After picking Andy up from his apartment, he took us
to this famous koay teow th'ng in Sungai Nibong...

Andy told us that this place is always crowded...

the boss told us to wait for half hour....

meanwhile, we ordered this special burger..
the fillings were eggs and meat floss...
Very Nice! Something special...

finally the famous koay teow th'ng arrived...
indeed it was worth waiting for...

Koay teow Th'ng with everything in..

I like to come again next time....

Penang is indeed famous its Koay Teow Th'ng...
Have you ever tried this before?


  1. Lots of ingredients added into the bowl of noodles but... where are the offals?

  2. definitely looks yummy for the burger and kwe tiau soup...

  3. Hey I know this place! Lol.. really nice food ya.

    And you got to get yourself a smarttag or Touch and Go card especially for the penang bridge, coz without it, its pretty high traffic.

  4. wenn: next time lets go!!

    pam: what are offals? *scratch head*

    mery: penang is famous for this.. one of their specialities!

    isaac: oh, so u know.. u should.. penangnite! very crowded always?

  5. dont know why we cant get this in ipoh. the closest to this is only the pork noodles but still taste different.

  6. Pork innards, the internal organs e.g. intestines, liver, kidney, tongue, fallopian tube etc.

  7. wah...lucky near penang...lots of food...

  8. lena: yeah, i am also wondering why ipoh cannot make something like this.. ching ching tei..

    pam: oh.. so that is offals! no, i dont like those.. i think they dont have.. cos i told him i wan everything!

    angelbear: hahaha.. food paradise!

  9. It has been years I have not eaten Koay Teow Thng! Being a Penang kia, all hours are bad to arrive except late nights! The worst drivers also come from Penang for being inconsiderate! I am no exception lah. LOL ha ha ha.....

  10. It all looks really good! Is that an egg in the bowl? I have never heard of this dish...

  11. Wish I can visit Penang one day..

  12. I really don't know what so good about this koay teow th'ng store,, to me really nothing to shout about(i am sorry) may be it is because it is instant cooked,that's all...........

    Really,again to me, it is very normal,next time if you want real chun one,let me know,i show you,,,,,,,,,,,,

    have a great weekend ya

  13. Oh gosh!!! That looks really really good...never seen anything better. Must go there on my next trip to Penang!

  14. Yummy! or as we say here: Ono!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral




  15. twilight: cant blame penang..cos the roads are memang sempit and congested place for widening already..

    ginny: it is a chinese noodles dish!

    liz: do visit Penang..lots to eat at mamak shops too!

    eugene: OK, i will remember your suggestion!! wait for STP to come too!

    stp: eugene promised to take us, so lets remember that.. hahaha..

    cloudia: aloha to u too!

  16. Penang is always my foodie destination :) Most of the hawker food is nice and yummy :D

    Surely I won't lose any weight and gain extras if I were to stay there for 1 week, kakaka!

  17. Penang bridge always jam one... always heard it through radio traffic report. hehe.

  18. yvonne: eat to live or live to eat? :p

    hayley: yeah, i must get a touch and go..

  19. Hahaha...kuay teow soup, not into it, but i have to order it if i am tagging my kids....hahahha...they always go for soupy

  20. Your kuey teow th'ng make me want to take kuey teow th'ng for lunch later.

  21. yeah, i like that meat floss burger!! looks so yummy.. hey, the Koay Teow Th'ng looks just exactly like the pork noodles we have here..

  22. Making me craving for some koay teow th'ng. haha and that burger really look special. Meat floss is my fav.

  23. still haven get chance to try this koay teow th'ng in Penang but it really looks yummylicious from your wonder so famous.

    but then, I think I'm more interested in that special burger. Is it very famous in Penang too?

  24. This look really delicious, feel like want to visit Penang immediately!

  25. sonia: penang is really the paradise for food..

    littleboykid: burger, i m not so sure.. myself also first time eating it..

    mnhl: it is not bad.. quite nice too..

    sk: ipoh also have pork noodles but different taste...

  26. I saw an egg yolk inside the koay teow th'ng? Look good. Yummy!

    That special burger give me an idea. time can do this for my boys, cut it smaller piece and use the picks and hold it. Good! ahhahha


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