Monday, June 27, 2011

Sealed With A .............

ahhh.... When this post is published, I know someone will comment again.. "High Cost, Low Profit!"....

Last night we went to the De Gardens for dinner... walked around and finally settled for Life Desire.. an Asian and Western outlet, written there healthy food with no MSG... we went in.....

Business was slow and quiet.. only one table occupied..
Ipoh has really low spending power...

my girl ordered vegetarian tom yam spaghetti..

I ordered salted chicken with their drumstick
and it came with a bowl of chicken essence..

and a bowl of chrysanthemum soup..

a dragon fruit drink shared by both of us..

After the "unsatisfying" meal, we walked further up the row of shops and came upon this outlet..

The Brownies...
the desserts caught my attention...

the slices of cakes for display...

quiet here too.. we had the whole place to ourselves..

the lady boss was very friendly...
asked us to take pictures here and there...

I also didn't want to lose out.. hahaha...
very nice ambience actually...

we ordered the special dessert...
a brownie with a scoop of Haagen Daz ice cream as toppings..

At last... a satisfying complete meal...

Since many of you asked about price of the ice cream on the brownie, it cost only RM7.90!!


  1. Yummm...brownie!!! With Haagen Daz ice cream..Superbbb!!

  2. you both ladies really know how to enjoy life :) how much was the dessert cost anyway?

  3. Waaaaa...sealed with a kiss... I thought you're talking about that song...'Sealed With a Kiss' by Jason Donovan. One of my fav song!

  4. ling: yeah lo.. desserts!

    yingying: slave thru the weekdays to enjoy the weekend! hahaa..

    cleff: gotcha!

    pam: what it means? :p

  5. oh.glad you have discovered the Brownies.Yeah, the brownies are delicious. So are the cakes esp Chocolate Moist, tiramisu, belgian Chocolate etc. Wll be sad if it closes due to poor business.

  6. cindy: yeah, she told me about her cakes..they are not too expensive.. i think i wanna order her choc moist.. it looks great..

    pam: hahaha.. so this is it.. hope it can last..

  7. Chrysanthemum soup? Wow, that's unique! I've never heard of that before! lol

  8. chicken rice with chicken essence lagi.. dashyat.. shiok ah finish off ur meal with ice-cream! yums! :D

  9. wow the dragon fruit looks so yummy... ^_^

  10. Your whole dinner looks really, really good to me!! The spaghetti, chicken, yum!! And the beautiful soup! What is that dragon drink and what makes it purple?

  11. To me the Brownie dessert looked the best. LOL But I love sweets.

  12. dragon fruit and all its purplish goodness! XD

  13. Haagen Daz!!! small cup over RM10. Ya, it's good to pamper oneself sometimes. No point work so hard,suffer every day...and never enjoy a bit. As long as the food is good, service is good, place is good...good lah.

  14. Haagen Daz!!! small cup over RM10. Ya, it's good to pamper oneself sometimes. No point work so hard,suffer every day...and never enjoy a bit. As long as the food is good, service is good, place is good...good lah.

  15. Oops...duplicate comment. Hey, Cleff! The song is by Brian Hyland lah... You're so young, Jason Donavan. LOL!!!

  16. Cindy: I totally agree with you. The Brownies have the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted rivaling Indulgence and Secret Recipe. Yeah, will sad if it does not survive in these circumstances.I think more promotion is needed.

  17. cindy: my girl knows it better..

    lindy: me too.. never tasted it before till that day.. couldnt finish it actually..

    merryn: after saltiness must have sweetness!

    cath: good vit C?

    ginny: it is red actually.. my hp camera is the culprit..

  18. patty: *high 5*

    isaac: i think it is my hp camera.. it was red actually..

    stp: oh, that one special offer, only RM7.90 per scoop with the brownie, cheap like mad!! hahaha...

    wendy: yes, i hope it wont close, i just discovered it!! i wanna go there once again!

  19. the lady boss must be very happy that indirectly you are promoting her shop..haha..

  20. Wah, you both always jalan jalan cari makan ho? hehe, good, as long as you enjoy!

  21. Mother and daughter rock.........sealed with a superb meal,kan?

    sometimes i really admire you lah,, can go makan nice nice place,, as for me, money is hard to come by lah, one soup, one vegi,one meat,kau tim meal for four,,,hahahahhahah

  22. that dragon fruit drink looks like something must try..!

  23. angelin: hope she can sustain longer.. i havent savour her cakes yet.. hahaha..

    hayley: only weekends.. weekdays, we eat very simple in the house..

    eugene: wait till your kids are grown up and there is only two of u.. that time u makan anything u like! :)

    lena: it is a ice blended one..

  24. Ur salted chicken rice with the chicken essence on the side...sounds yummy and interesting.
    Wondering how much they would charge for haagan daz dessert??

  25. I like the last part...brownie for dessert!

  26. Haagen Daz ice cream topping must be damn expensive o. :p

  27. the soup looks very special. How it taste like? Nice ka? me gatal wanna try making that soup pulak.

  28. Mmmmm... u made me crave for ice-cream now. :) Gonna ransack the fridge to c if got anything to eat bo.

  29. LOL!! The first restaurant not "a satisfying meal" but the second restaurant it's a "satisfying meal"? Haha! I think you prefer desserts! Start with desserts next time! : D

  30. If in KL, I see the restaurant so empty I don't even dare step inside! LOL!

  31. Haha! Of course the lady boss wanted you to take pictures - can help promote her place right? : )

  32. low spending power? really? each time i'm back, this De Garden is packed! :D of course, i won't frequent these places too. i would prefer the old coffeeshops for a bowl of curry noodle or chee cheong fun!

  33. nice DragonFruit colored blouse!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  34. leona: the dessert is only RM7.90...

    tekkaus: only RM7.90!!

    foong: but being Ipoh, it is normal to see that..

    barb: i sure opt for that.. but my girl.. sigh..

    cloudia: blouse? hahaha..

  35. Sealed with Brownie Hyland Kiss..?haha. Lovely song my fav first time hearing J Donovan's. Dare not say the color of dragon fruit though thought its purple coz I like the color until Isaac mentioned it..haha

  36. bananaz: actually it was red.. my hp is the culprit.. hahahaa..

  37. Foong: That's human nature I guess. No crowd means the food is lousy and huge crowd means the food is good. Yeah.. holds true for old businesses. But then, The Brownies is new and Lite Desire is also relatively new. So give them time.

  38. Wendy: Guess you are right. I have tasted their cakes and tarts from The Brownies and I am sure that they will survive the test of time. In fact I have spoken to the lady boss. She says she has yet to introduce more of her menu like roti babi, french chicken pie , choon piah etc if the business gets better and if there is crowd. Hope the crowd will come.

  39. Chrysanthemum soup sounds very fragrant!

  40. so much foodies for the day...but the "quiet" place looks inviting...nice place to have a quiet and romantic chats:)

  41. wendy: yes, i will give them time.. cos i love desserts!!!

    cindy: when will they be due for orders?? I wanna try .. esp new menus!

    pureglutton: chris, nice to see you here.. yes, it is something I havent tasted before, not in soups!

    imriz: i couldnt agree with you more.. hahaha...

  42. Love your girl's vegetarian tom yam spaghetti, look very good, taste ok?

    Chrysanthemum soup??? Something new to me, sweet sweet taste?

  43. annie: yes, sweet soup is not for me... desserts yes!


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