Thursday, June 30, 2011

Simple And Satisfying...

It is not everyday or often that I take nice and expensive food outside. During weekdays, my girl and I eat very simple and "less costly" food for our lunch and dinner...

Most times we take "nasi campur" (chap farn/mixed rice with dishes)... less than RM10 for both of us... no time to cook really...

Seeing me rushing here and there in the evening, my mum is very concerned about our lack of home cooked food and most days, she will come supplying food with tiffin carrier.... (MUM is the Bestest of the Best!)

Very simple meals... and yet satisfying....

she made some dry wan ton mee...

supplied saltish pork porridge...

and even the "yau chau kwai" (fried ghost) as well!!!
Simple, right?
Mum is a Gem!


  1. the wan tan mee looks like STP kampua mee la

  2. Chap Fan = RM4.00 per serving
    Tai Chau = RM10.00 per serving
    Western food = RM20.00 per serving

    Mum's home-cooked food is...... priceless.

  3. kathy: it is wan ton mee.. but with minimum dark sauce.. the meat is hidden within..

    pam: ditto to that.. :)

    ken: i dont really like.. oily but once awhile ok lar.. hahaha...

  4. Eat cheap food at home then go outside walloped expensive meals. :p

  5. yes yes and healthy. If not, you will gained weight before you know it. When coming to Spore?

  6. The porridge looks yummy...Mum's cook is always the best.
    I definitely mis my mom's home cooked meal...

  7. tekkaus: slave during weekdays..

    medie: memang nice..

    chris: december going! hehee..

    mery: i also miss.. if one day my mum didnt cook for me..

    lena *smile*

  8. So many do not have caring moms who cook for them and bring food, you are very blessed! And her food looks so good!!! Thanks so much for telling me how to find my blog rating, it's the same as yours!

  9. i'm tired and hungry now.... the porridge looks nice and yummy~

  10. Yalor...that was the 1st thing that came to my mind - what smallkucing said.

    Aiyor...have to make time to cook lah. Weekends - cook a lot and keep in single/double-serving portions in fridge - heat up and eat bit by bit.

    Many people eat outside...or cater from shops and when they went for medical check-up - fail big time! So skinny and yet cholesterol shooting through their hypertension. Outside foor - too oily, too salty, too much msg, too...everything!

  11. ginny: congrats!!

    tz: very easy to cook only.. hehe..

    stp: looks like kampua noodles? but actually wan ton mee..
    cook and keep? no la..i seldom take overnight food, few times I took, after eating them, whole night pening, they call it wind.. my body is prone to wind and i get nausea after that.. i cook only when my kids come back.. other than that, my mum normally supplies.. hehehe.. and weekends, i take my girl out for jolly jolly.. :)

  12. Wah, porridge with yau zha kuai is always the best combination! You have a super mum~ hehehe ^^

  13. woot! your mum cooks really nice meals too! Hooray for mums everywhere, including you! XD

  14. hayley: she is to me the super duper best mum!

    isaac: hahaha...thanks!

  15. yeah, homecooked meals are always the best.. i like that noodles, it looks simple but yet very delicious..

  16. Yes, mom is always the best. I have lost my mom when I was 17. No homecook food until I got married. I have a gold medal in cooking skill MIL. I am blessed again.

  17. Wah you're so lucky! Your mom knows how to make the yau char kwai too?? I want to eat! :P

  18. Claire...i like the yar char kuey with time u cook for me need go out eat..ahahhaha

  19. Wah, all the nice homecooked food...there are the best!

  20. I can eat porridge and Yau Char Kwai everyday. They are so easy to digest for toothless tigers.

  21. porriddge looks delicious o....

    im sasa from sabah.

  22. Ooh! I like the dry wanton mee! Yummy! But I don't really like porridge - only eat porridge when I am sick : )

  23. Simple yet they look delicious. These food are perfect for rainy days and when the members of the family are just at home. Can you post the recipes here? It would be much appreciated. Thanks! More power.


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