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Cititel and Straits Quay, Penang

We drove up north and Aaron flew up north, yes, we have our family reunion in Penang! We planned it more than a month ago and we were looking forward to seeing Aaron again, it has been more than two months since we last met... all of us miss him very much....

For dinner, we went for a Japanese buffet in Cititel Hotel, recommended by a friend who told us that there was a promotion... but after parking our car and checking in, the promotion was meant for Sunday... and not Saturday! awwww.... too late to "gostan" and since we were inside already, might as well, sit down and enjoy the food and the ambience....

I cannot take much in buffets... little of this and that...

we are small eaters... not worth going to buffets for us..

how colourful can an ice cream gets... gosh!!

but most important, the kids enjoyed....
they can really eat and eat... no full stop.. hahaha...

After our dinner, the night was still young...
Aaron has not been to Straits Quay before..
so naturally our next destination is here...

ahh.....this picture to prove you are here now...

and here too...
something nice in this place.. very high-end..

lets take some more pictures to remember this by...

love the lollipops background..
it is going to open soon....

Ok, let's explore the rest of the building...

the gardens and sidewalks...

and stopping to discuss something...

whether to choose this one...

or this?? hahahaa... lets dream on!!

no need to buy.. take pictures enough...

eh.... what youare looking at??
I have to ask him.. I really don't know...

By the time we left this place, it was almost 11pm... and guess what? We went for our supper along the Gurney road, I wanted to get a bowl of laksa but unfortunately, all were sold out...
Ended up taking some desserts before we called it a night....


  1. I see threads in the pictures... threads that tie the entire family together, threads that draw everyone closer to one another, threads that pull their hearts towards home, no matter where they roam... home is their ultimate destination...

  2. hey, your little girl is getting prettier and prettier :) soon you'll see lots of young men queuing up at your front door ;)

  3. suere syok leh...hahahahs...nice to jalan jalan like that

  4. pam: i love the way you describe us .. family threads! long or short, it comes back to the timble.. hahaha...

    barb: i got photoshop software ma.. .hahaha..

    kathy: cari makan too!

  5. Stayed at Cititel so many times never been to the Japanese restaurant. Expensive, tak mampu...can only eat at Red Garden across the road. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. i always enjoy having buffet, for the variety of food and the freedom of choice.. though i cannot eat as much as i could already, still i love that process of eating, haha.. :)

  7. Wah... So shiok!!! Should have ask Aaron to ask me to fly with him together! Btw, I'm commenting with my new ipad2 .... Hehehe

  8. i went to Penang so many times, but never been to this Quay before.. hehe, must make a trip there liao!

  9. No worries... ur anak can makan on ur behalf. LOL! Boys usually dun care wan, makan all... my anak baru baham 1 box of regular pizza on his own. I was so shocked!

  10. stp: once a blue moon only.. now come back and starve ourselves! hahhaa...

    sk: why cannot eat as much as before? u r still young ma..

    chris: wahhhh.. got new gadget huh.. so the old one given to your son?

    hayley: i think u will like it..

    cleff: good.. growing age ma.. let him eat as much as he wants.. hahah...

  11. sure you are a small eater? i dont believe you!

  12. penang straits quay really high end. Sometimes I wish I am one of the luxury apartment resident. :)

  13. lena: hahahaa.. take me to one buffet meal and i prove to u..

    ken: he said hi!! hahaha..

    isaac: wish first.. then you will achieve it one day!

  14. I like your buffet selection but I have my doubts on the dessert.


  15. Wah, nice reunion in Penang leh....Penang Assam Laksa voted top 10 favourite food in the world today!

  16. but I thought there's firefly from sg straight to ipoh..anyway, great reunion in pg :)

  17. Looks like everyone had a nice time, except Mom looks a little tired. LOL

  18. Hi Reana, looks like your brothers instead of sons.
    You sure got good looking sons too, have their mom's traffic stopper good looks.
    Bet they have SYTs taking numbers, huh? Ha ha.
    Wow, is this Penang?

    Thought in Monte Carlo, France.....and whose boat is that? Some rich towkay?
    Nice pics, Reana, and you sure looking good, love that lovely smile of yours....
    Have fun.

  19. I feel like I was there!
    Great pictures.
    Saying hello from voiceBoks.

  20. wow.. how was the food there? nice kah? i hvn't tried leh...It's truly nice to hang out @ Straits Quay. Currently it's the most happening plane in the island :)

  21. filip: too colorful, right?

    pete: yeah, my son told me 7th placing!

    blee: the timing was not right..

    patty: real exhausted!

    U.Lee: thanks for the compliment! hahaa...

    stella: penang is not bad if there is no jam..

    babymama: thanks!!

    yingying: go for the sightseeing only.. food also not bad there..

  22. Oh, i love buffet! Especially their dessert counter! This week i will be going with Barb and Elaine for buffet dinner at hotel, can't wait for it, but too bad it is not jap buffet, but but, we are going for the Jap buffet in month of Sept! hahahhahahahha, you know why la, now so many those deal and coupon online, a lot cheaper, so we bought a few.

  23. I think the lollipop one is my fave. Very cute post.

  24. How was the buffet Claire? good? and i like your photo wif the lollipop!

  25. This is one happy mum enjoying her reunion with her kids.

  26. Ah... very English looking sidewalk, hehehe.... Nice place to visit, eh.

    And both your sons like snoopy ;)

  27. After buffet dinner, still able to go supper, you guys really enjoy food. Normally when I have buffet, I have to skip the next meal to allow the food to get digested.

  28. I love all these sweet pictures of close knit family members. I can see you have very good children :-)

  29. when i get to visit Singapore in the near future, I hope i could also go to Penang...I believe it is just about 4 hours away right?

    by then , renovations in the airport could be finished...

    such a nice family bonding!

    dropping some love from Mom from Manila

  30. went there on my last trip too. ehehehe... went for the german beer restaurant for dinner cuz it was raining and we didn't wanna get caught in the traffic in the rain. lol

  31. annie: the groupon one?

    rachel: we moms are like that, hor..


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