Thursday, July 7, 2011

Desire For The King Of Fruits

Our strong desire and urge for durians led us to First Garden during lunch time.... It is durian season now and we know that the durians will be at every corner of this residential area....

the durians are everywhere...
located in different parts of the shop
with different prices...

my friend was still undecided...
left side or right side durians are better??

these are the expensive ones..
RM8.00 per kilogramme ($2.50usd)

over this side, they are cheaper...
RM5-6 per durian.. ($2.00 each)

ended up buying from this side..
cheaper ones...

finally each of us got a few to take home..

Just look at them!!
Yellowish, sweet and bitter!!

They ended up as part of my dinner...
anyone care to join me?
I still have some left for tomorrow night!


  1. i'm taking a break from durians this week. wow.. bitter sweet i likey too.. esp those with thick flesh and small seed, they call it "chiu ji" in hokkien. ^^ anyway, i dun like to eat with rice and tastes funny when chewing them altogether in my mouth >.< enjoy your durian feast! :)

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  3. oh...ya..looks very heavy leh. WHy tarak bring container and tapau? start open there and if tarak cantik one can ask them to replace mah

  4. Wow, you just eat them with rice as they are? You didn't even cook the durian right? Looks delicious too.

  5. Two HAPPY people....hahahaha gosh I say it is forbidden but yet I stole a few to eat...delicious !!!!

  6. I don't like durian...:( LOL!!! :)

  7. kathy: come to IPOH!!

    yingying: i always like to mix sweet and sour together.. funny hor?

    kathy: cheap ones, they dont do that.. wasting their time.. they got customers waiting. :)

    helmi: hahaa.. of course no need to cook the durians..

    elin: eat while u can..

  8. Rice served with durian? Mum told me it was a delicacy during her childhood years.

  9. OMG, durian as one of the dishes for your rice?? i totally cannot accept that, i hate durians and anything to do with durians.. and oh, don't touch me with your fingers that smell like durians too~~ :D

  10. lindy: i think nowadays many do not like durians..

    pam: i think the older generation eats like this.. hahahaa...

    sk: ok, i promise i wont touch u with my fingers.. hahaha...

  11. wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! drooling now... sigh..

  12. **sniff sniff**, claire, i can even smell it from here!!

  13. wahhhhhhhhh... 1st time see people eat with rice... hihihi...

    ayo.. tommorrow want to eat durian lah.. lol

  14. Just had two the other day RM10 each straight from the shell no rice have not eaten that way before.

  15. woo..i love eating durian with plain rice too!

  16. I would love to join you claire! Durians are my all time favourite! XD

  17. To be honest, they don't turn me on very much. Yet I enjoy seeing and reading about them, we have none here. I may try looking in the international Grocery Store! Is that a sauce you made for it?

  18. Eating durians? My post today is on that too but in a totally different way. LOL!!!

  19. arrgghh..claire..u r torturing me with this pics...! i want durian now!! huhuuu...

  20. can eat durian with dinner? hmm.. i find it weird la.. normally would just eat it by itself :P

  21. merryn: Go SS2? buffet durian there! :p

    lena: hey, for u so easy.. so near to that place! hahaha..

    cath: sedapnya! try it!

    bananaz: if eaten with rice, can eat more.. if eat just like that, i cannot take much.. funny!

    wenn: u, me.. same era ma.. hahaa..

    isaac: food is our passion!!

    ginny: no, no sauce.. just eat the durian by itself.. :)

    stp: yea, i saw it! what a coincidence!! hahaha..

    angelin: come come!!

    ken: my sons also eat this way one! follow their mum!

  22. You know next week,i go a durin buffet with my wife's collegues, they said onely RM15 durian, manggis and rambutan,eat till you drop ,,, will put up pics to tempt you ok?

  23. i love durian very much! cant get Enuff of it!! :D

  24. I haven't all this sweet bitterish durians for al ong long time! T^T. Makes me want them now!

  25. Still some leftover at home..will wallop it when i am back home...heheh...but not with rice..kekekkeke

  26. eugene: where??? i be going on 23rd July, masih ada tak!!!

    carol: not scared of pimples? hehehe..

    LV: singapore is very expensive, yes!

    yeeling: i can still eat tonight..haha...

  27. Yellowish, sweet, bitter and thick!! That's the best durian ever!

  28. I am so JEALOUS!

    I want durians too.

    Must go look for some this weekend. ^^

  29. yvonne: the more bitter it is, the drunker we become.. hahaha..

    lina: go go.. then make me jealous later on!! hahaha...

  30. I love durian, but I never eat durian with rice before. I want to enjoy the original taste of the king of fruit.

  31. Durian with rice....nice, like it with tomyam, assam pedas and sambal belacan...he he he!

  32. walao wei I dun dare to makan with rice lo! *geli*

    not suit my taste I think XD

  33. Lots of durian!!! Makes me crave for some. LOL!!!

  34. parents and grandparents used to eat durian with rice too. But not anymore. :p

  35. I don't eat durian anymore...because...not nutritional mah. :p


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