Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lim Kopitiam Along Hugh Low

Along Hugh Low Street Street, there is a new coffee shop opened quite recently... it is called Lim Kopitiam, located just opposite the Kinta Valley Tours.

I remember keeping the receipt for the actual address.. but now I cannot find it.. how to become an established food blogger?? sigh...

Anyway, just look at the photos... for now..

the front entrance.. looks very authentic one..

just like those olden days coffeeshop

the red mug reminds me of my younger days..
remember using it to brush my teeth..
during my time, have to squat and brushed teeth one..

the counter...

there is a secret garden inside the shop...
and now the food...

I ordered this dry curry prawn special...

it cost RM5.50 ($1.75usd)

roasted pork curry... RM3.70 ($1.20usd)

barbecued pork curry RM3.70 ($1.20usd)

pork skin with long beans curry RM3.00 ($1.00usd)

chicken soup with prawns.. (forgotten the price!)

steamed wholemeal dumplings too
to eat them with curry as well... if you like!

as for me, I always go for dessert...
sweet potato with sago - RM1.50 ($0.50 usd)

If I earn in US dollars, everything seems so cheap here, right???


  1. Does the shop serve only one type of noodle? I saw only 'lai fun' in all the noodle dishes.

  2. pam: all types.. hahaha.. but my friends and I love lai fun one.. dont know why!

  3. Somehow I miss the dry curry mee... Ok, mark this place! We go when I'm back , ok ?

  4. oh i must remember to visit this place. is the food good? so cheap! hmm..i think any food in ipoh is better than kl eh? i know i know, i am biased since i'm from ipoh :)

  5. And this is a coffee shop? It looks like a full service restaurant, do all your coffee shops sell so many hot meals? Ours just sell coffee drinks and some pastries and sandwiches. Starbucks is the biggest and has the most shops.

  6. chris: come back first then only talk...

    barb: hey, i always see a lot of good food too in KL.. so many choices nowadays!

    ginny: yes, over here, we have a lot of shops that sell different types of food... endless.. hahaa..

  7. hey, i like the name of the shop.. lim kopi actually means drink coffee in hokkien right?? haha, nice name given.. and the food also seems nice and very affordable.. :)

  8. ha! yeah, the red mug looks like the type my grandparents used to's the food? you really go everywhere to cari makan! hey, not in brewster road, it's along hugh low street lah!

  9. Haha :D The way they cover the prawn with "chilly" looks a bit a blanket. :p

  10. Oh, I feel like I am at home when I look at these. Only frustrated it's put of reach!! And by the way, if you earn in pounds, it's even much cheaper! :D

  11. got secret garden behind some more. not bad :)

  12. Ooooo...nice...and cheap some more. Yum! Yum! Place also looks very interesting.

  13. One thing for sure, i would love or prefer this place than Old Town Cafe, this Lim Kopitiam menu are like original and style of its own, unlike Old Town so boring and so predictable,,,,

    in fact i went to Old Town only three times, i said to myself i was not going there anymore unless someone pays the bill,,,,,,,,,another place that i would not go the next time unless someone pays my bill si Kim Gary, same kind of foods, lousy service,

    Note : The above is my own personal experience wit Old Town and Kim Gary and it is in no way to influence your taste bug or choice for food ,ya

  14. ipoh have so many nice, good & cheap food..if i stay there..i think i will also always go out hunting for food...hahaha..

  15. the price is very affordable! :)

  16. The entrance looks authentic but the interior is very modern, hehehe ;)

  17. Very reasonable price. nice place to dine too..

  18. yea yea so cheap the price! i like delicious foods with reasonable price! :D

  19. keeping the old environemnt... looks good of a place.

    Food looks good too. reasonable price. How was the taste?

  20. Wow, certainly a nice place to dine out!

  21. Oh My! All the curry noodles are so salivating. The price is certainly reasonable. Love the ambience there too.

  22. sk: yeah.. the prices not bad..

    lena: small portion.. hey, thanks for pointing out!!

    tekkaus: curry paste that is.. hehe..

    mary: gosh, i take the next plane out!

    isaac: for secret meeting! hahaa..

    stp: yes, not bad.. like old coffeeshops..

  23. Wah wah! The curry is so tempting, with prawns, char siew and siew yok. Not very expensive some more. Got style like Old Town kopitiam, but this look better. No tax one, right?

  24. eugene: yes, old town kopithiam is for eating roti bakar .. the noodles are not to my taste..

    angelin: cannot diet in ipoh! hahaa..

    ken: but portion a bit small..

    hayley: old shop refurbished..

    pete: morning breakfast ok lar..

    carol: u talking about usd? :)

    lv: the curry actually is not bad, not spicy..but if u are a spicy lady, then not oomph enough! hahaa..

    alice: for titbits ok.. got roti bakar also..

    yan: come to ipoh and try!

    kathy: tic for tac.. hahaah..

    yvonne: so far, no tax yet!

    japanesegirl: memang!!

  25. I felt like having all.. hahahahha... how to diet.. ;-p

  26. nice food.. RM5.50 for so many big prawns leh.. ^^

  27. hehe.. how come all the food look the same to me? must be the prawn is distracting! :D yums!

  28. Oh I love the look of this place so much, and the prices are wonderful too! (I took into account the big prawns that were included)

  29. cath: dont diet!! hahaha..

    yingying: yes, 4 prawns.. justified!

    merryn: all kari ma..

    gratitude: next time try it!

  30. Yummy...

    The small pot to put the chopsticks is very traditional design...

  31. mery: yeah.. like those HK old movies.. hehehe..


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