Sunday, July 3, 2011

My First Visit To St. Mike

With my humble breakfast of just oats and biscuits, my stomach was "growling ferociously" by the time it was noon..... I love it when my stomach is hungry... it means I can eat all I want... large portions and getting justified because of the light breakfast....

Thinking of where to eat is another problem but when Elin suggested St Mike's, I said "Great Idea!" Both of us have never been there yet, in fact, St Mike's is quite new and I heard one of my ex-classmate is the manager there.... sounds great, eh....

upon entering, a nice quiet cosy area greeted us...
I like the counter, the warm lightings...

just like in the movies where we can sit at the bar here..
and have a sip or two ... hehee...

look who I found!
the manager of St Mike..
She is Madam Siow Bee Har!

must sit down and have a good chat first..
she is super friendly and nice!

chatting aside... we must also order and eat...
Elin ordered this chicken chop...
such a Big Portion...
(RM15.90 with free drink and desserts!)

I asked her whether was it Us that she made it specially big?
She replied.. No, no.. the portions here are same for all...
regardless who you are... hehehe....

then came my Fish N Chips... RM16.90
Gosh.. two big crisphy pieces..
Crispy on the outside and fresh fish on the inside...
Not dory fish but Halibut...
heard that it is not locally sold here..


after the main course, my forever-longing desserts came...

chocolate moist cake...

drooling yet??

oh, you can opt for a scoop of ice cream
if you want to "reject" the cake.... (make your choice!)

Ok, I ask one more time...
cake or ice cream? or both? hehehehee...

While you decide, let me take you further into St Mike's Bistro Restaurant...
The courtyard....

Happy hours after work... you can linger here....

or if you have other bigger functions to hold...
like engagement parties, anniversaries, reunion gatherings etc..
you can have the whole of upstairs which can manned 50 people or so..

you can have the whole hall to yourself and your friends..
a very good environment.. very colonial like....
wonderful and nice ambience...

Well, you know what I'm thinking?
This is a perfect place for a Big Bloggers' Gathering!!
What do you say?
Perfect food, perfect place for perfect bloggers like us!!

This is not a sponsored post nor Madam Bee har's request for me to write... I recommended this place because it is truly a very nice place and yet the prices are very reasonable...
St Mike's Bistro Restaurant
5, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah
30000 Ipoh
Restaurant: 605-2252850
Mobile : 016-5933068


  1. i like the ambiance, cozy and elegant. loved the unfinished bricks. it adds homey feel to the place...and,oh, loved that cake...MUCH!

  2. Wow! I really love the PORTION of the food served. And the price is astoundingly cheap relative to that in KL. Yes, I am drooling.. =)

  3. RM15.90 for the chicken chop including drinks and desserts?? WOW!! That is frikkin cheap!! Can't even get that price in Kuching! Fish and chips looks yums too! :)

  4. Ooooo....the cake looks like to die for. Food looks good. At first, I thought you were going to visit SMI in Ipoh - your sons studied there, no? Long ago in the 70s, there was a St Mike in Kuching - St Michael's Canteen...favourite haunt of teenagers at the time. But it was demolished - no more there...

  5. I would definitely love the moist cake!

  6. this! i must mark down first...hehhehe

  7. wow..the place is awesome and the foods drooling here:) Must had a really nice time Claire:) good day.

  8. Hey... didn't know that there is such a fairyland in the middle of Ipoh town. And it looks so British.Thanks for sharing it with us. St. Mike will be my next eating spot when I go back to Ipoh again.

  9. imriz: i also like it too..

    helmi: yes, i think KL more expensive..

    lindy: cheap plus good is the best! :)

    stp: yes, my sons studied in SMI.. st mike is just opposite the school! the owner is an ex Michaelian too!

    wenn: wanna go there one day?

    yeeling: when coming again.. bloggers' meet up there!

    janeth: thanks for coming by!

    pam: oh, she said lamb shank during weekend is worth waiting for!!

    Bf: come to IPOH!

  10. Looks like a wonderful place! The food looked so yummy. Great pictures!! So glad to see you back at VoiceBoks!~Lisa

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    Find me on Twitter!

  11. Very nice place to eat or entertain for a party. I'll have both thank you, the cake and the ice-cream.

  12. So this must a be a great place to makan right? :D

  13. You look like a datin in your baju kurung. LOL :D

  14. lisa: yes, i m happy to be back!

    patty: u r welcome!

    tekkaus: get together too!

  15. its really cheap and nice! And the portions are so big oh! Good thing you have your friend as the manager, then can get to really know the place inside out.

  16. tekkaus: serious? then i must go find a datuk first! hahaha..

  17. Looks so yummy! This post makes me hungry!!!

    P.S. Visiting from voiceBoks!

  18. St. Mike's sounds like a church or something, does she really have a title like that?? I really like the looks of the place and the food!! What are those decorations on the building, like circles? Your fish and chips looks SO good, and I would take BOTH the cake and ice-cream!!! I wish we lived closer and could meet up somewhere!

  19. The bar looks good, the food a bit heavy.

  20. Great pictures! I'm glad a good time was had by all! Great to see you back on VoiceBoks!!

  21. Good ambience ,comfy and spacious. I have tried the chocolate moist cake here but nothing beats the chocolate moist cake at The Brownies at De Garden.

  22. spilledmilkshake: hey, great to catch up!

    ginny: i also would like both.. anything sweet, i am in..

    filip: go with a hungry stomach! hahaha..

    kathy: great to see u here too!

    paulin: oh gosh, tempting me to go back! sure I will go back for more brownies.. hahaha.. i will, in fact, last night I thought of going too but ended up in JJ instead..

  23. oohh..the fish n chips looks yummyyyy...i love fish n chips..hehe..
    p/s: if not a blogger..can join or not? haha..

  24. Are you wearing a baju kurung? Nice!

    The restaurant looks nice~

  25. By the 1st picture I thought you are somewhere in Europe...

    Weh its really look nice weh :D

  26. oh, this is such a nice place to dine in.. and the chicken chop looks absolutely mouth-watering.. :)

  27. angelin: sure can join!! if there is ever one organized.. hahaha..

    ken: how did u find it?

    hayley: yes, i was.. :)

    daniel: yeah, it had some colonial style..

    sk: it was actually very nicely done..

  28. Wow! It must be great to meet up with an ex-classmate after all those years.

    and the food does look yummy and big serving!

  29. That cake...looks...sooooogoooood!! Nice blog, found you at the Monday blog hop and am a new follower! Oh and now I have to run out to get some cake :).

  30. I'm craving now Claire, that chocolate surely looks delicious. Thanks for dropping by my blog today. It seems like you are having a great time, even going to spa, how lucky.

  31. Ahh... big portion of food with reasonable price, that's what I'm looking forward. Btw, do you get extra discount since the manager is your ex-classmate? Hihi...

  32. Drooling at the fish and chips and the choc cake..... luckily I came after finish my lunch. LOL!

  33. rose: yes, it was lovely..

    marlee: thanks for following!

    momdaughter: just a 30 min massage..

    yvonne: no la.. paiseh.. business is business.. not necessary discount :)

    cheeyee: go eat again.. u r slim ma..

  34. is called Halibut fish

  35. Nice plc, good food, great company.

  36. I like the fish and chips, delicious with the tartar sauce.

  37. such a cozy place for gathering...

  38. elin: hey thanks! Halibut fish, everyone!!

    kathy: bila what? hehee..

    slavemom: couldnt agreed more!

    nava: and sprinkle of lemon juice..

    mery: yes, it was..

  39. OK must go this place if I go Ipoh - nice environment and reasonably priced food! Drooling at the choc moist cake!


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