Friday, July 29, 2011

Old Rose Among The Young Thorns In Kok Thai Restaurant

Andy's college mates came to Ipoh for a visit two days ago, they are having their semester break and it is sort of a "digressing" trip for them after their exams. I hope Andy has done a wonderful job taking them around Ipoh.... but what I heard from him are normally "food" places except for the Sunway Lagoon, most of the time, he takes them out for food and more food... hahahaa...

Well, I guess Ipoh has nothing much to offer except for the capital "F" ..... and I hope they will bring back good memories of IPOH to the northern region...

Tomorrow they will be leaving and this evening I took them out to our regular restaurant, Kok Thai....

one for the album before the food....

this is the first dish that arrived after 15 minutes...

I like to eat the thinly sliced pork.. it is sort of a cold dish..
with the sea fungus embedded below...

Andy asked why the dish has no taste...
until I told him that it has to go with this sauce...
onions, garlic, chillies soaked in sweet vinegar...

then followed by this dish.. a variety of nuts and vegetables..

WK with his precious "baby"...
Just look at the way he holds it.. style-l0... hahhaa...

sweet sour pork...
Yes, another dish of pork! gosh...

shrimp omelet

fried chicken with crackets...

and bean curd with black fungus plus petula..
"singkwa" is petular, right?

Well, hope you guys enjoyed the meal...
It is not too expensive, only RM131.00
with 13 bowls of rice plus drinks.. hahhaaa...
Nice to see young people eat..
they give me the appetite too!

Aaron, we come here again in October, shall we?


  1. My gosh...I want all the food. That tofu dish looks really good....mmmm.....drooling :D I'm sure I will also enjoy looking at all the young people eat. Will increase my appetite :D

  2. kathy: heheheh... come again!

    mary: chinese saying.. can eat means prosperous.. hahaha..

  3. Waiyor...if I see people with a camera like that, I will not take mine out. Shy lah! Muahahahaha!!!

  4. Wah! Food looks nice...and so cheap. Hmmm...they all come to Sibu, I will also belanja makan like that. Hehehehehe!

  5. Pork is in the air... but only the first one has managed to win my heart.

  6. stp: no need to be shy when it comes to food and blogging about it.. hahaha..

    pam: cos its neatly done?

  7. Hey, I have been to this restaurant... in Taman Ipoh Garden East right?

  8. I love the lotus root vege.. :D

  9. my favourite, anywhere and everywhere, sweet and sour pork :)

  10. pete, you are very right.. yes!!

    cath: me too.. but eaten too many times already..

    isaac: you are still youthful then.. hahaha..

  11. hmm, must try that cold dish one day. you remember that lim kopitiam you wrote earlier? why is it always close? they only open in the morning , is it?

  12. You are surrounded by so many handsome young men!! I never know what you will be up to next! Andy is a very popular guy!!

  13. Wow!...the foods look heavenly. Drooooooling!.Sure they have a satisfying dinner. Notice someone is missing. Ahem... where is your princess? Didn't tag along?

  14. I wonder did they all know that Andy's mom was a celebrity blogger, famous one too,, ha hahahah, now i guess you have added another 6,7,8,9 followers to your blog already,,,,,,,,fatt ta lol.

    have a great weekend and remember to continue to do what you do best, that's to jalan jalan cari makan ya......jom

  15. LOL @ the entry title. Not old rose, la. Fully blossom already and is very pretty one.

    You guys just had a scrumptious meal and the price was reasonable.Love the sweet sour pork!

  16. Where's Andy's girlfriend? LOL :D

  17. Most of it looks delicious. Hope you all enjoyed the food and company.

  18. young people sure hv great appetite.


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