Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunway, Taylors, HELP?

Monash? Taylors? KDU? Sunway or UCSI? HELP college?

Gosh, there are so many colleges nowadays, so many that there are some which I have not heard before in my whole entire life!

During my time, when I finished my MCE, there were only a selective few college/institutes in Ipoh, Goon institute, Ungku Omar Polytechnic (that time considered very prestigious, difficult to crawl in)... only these two I can remember now.. see how few choices we had then! No wonder I end up like today... LOL... no further education to expose my "hidden talents!" (as I have! hahaha....)

Well, today is different.. there are so many universities and colleges and as I said earlier, some sound so "alien" to me...

But alien or not, I need to find out more information for my girl... thinking back, how come I din't have to crack my head for my two boys? Boys, I do not worry much... but when it comes to my girl, I feel my "white hair" has increased tremendously!

Yes, I worry for her.. being a girl... so young, so small... still a "baby" to me.. haiyah! Stop it, Ma!

OK, OK, I stop... I let you decide where to go, what you want to do... but no "over the sea, babe"... Yes, I will miss you like crazy, no doubt.. another thing is... Money Talks... so if you go overseas to study, My Money Cannot Talk.....

awww.. So bad MUM...


  1. money no talk.. you worry then come here also la. One more makan gang :p

  2. What's her aspiration? Where does she want to go? Have to ask her... I think the local universities are cheaper e.g. UNISEL...or Tunku Abdul Rahman or Universiti Petronas compared to those you mentioned.

  3. I'm currently a Taylorian , studying A level and planning to go New Zealand / Australia next year . Well , most of Taylor's students will not stay Msia anymore after they complete their Pre-U . Although Taylor is the most expensive college in Msia but for me , I think the price is resonable because the lecturers are really good , and also the study environment . We have 24 hours study zone and we enjoy staying college study until midnight . The only part that makes me complain is the HOSTEL . I paid Rm600 per month and yet the hostel is 'arrrggg' .

    Oh ya , here we have many international students and lecturers . More than 80% of CPU lecturers are Canadians .

  4. Claire, if u give me more info, perhaps i can help u. ie: what does ur gal want to do, does she want to go overseas eventually or she wants scholarship, etc..

  5. Claire:

    Do not attempt to look for a college until she has made up her mind of what she wants to be. By narrowing the scope, the chances of choosing the wrong course can be further reduced. Considering the fact that local tertiary education is going downhill, I would strongly recommend other Pre-U courses such as A-Levels and Australian Matriculation. Taking up pre-U courses in colleges does not mean that she has to pursue her first degree in a foreign university. Instead, she can apply to local colleges and study for a foreign degree without having to study abroad. With that, you need not pay through the nose and she will still be conferred a degree from foreign university by merely taking external papers.

  6. lol.. ur money kenot talk ah? my money oso wor.. if anybody's money can talk, can become million-hair dy lor!

  7. "Money Talks... so if you go overseas to study, My Money Cannot Talk....." hehe cute.. well, just follow the flow, everything will be just fine.

  8. Ahh yes.. Moms always get over "protective" with their girls.. But that's how the world works I guess.. Choose the right Coll/Uni based on the choice of field your girl wants to study.. Most coll/uni have their best "field" and the others are mediocre.. So pick the right one! :)

  9. When will she be starting college?? Can she go to any one she wants or does she have to apply and be accepted? If she goes to one close, she could stay at home, are there any that close to you? Maybe you should do another whole post about this!!

  10. I tell you, best choice - Petronas university! That's the nearest to home and with good quality education :)

  11. Your girl so lucky. During my time my parents got no money so no further education. My parents didn't even have time to worry about any of us. Some of those uni you mentioned sound alien to me too :


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