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We Miss You, Till We Meet Again...

After our lunch in Penang Road, we went in search for the "famous" biscuits.... I sms-ed Eugene to find out the whereabouts of these tambun biscuits, the ones he bought for us the last time, they were very nice, fresh.... With his instructions, we managed to find the the shop opposite Bukit Jambul Plaza but unfortunately, they were all sold out.

But mind not, we went to the Jelutong side where they manufactured the biscuits! Aaron bought a few boxes for himself... his all-time favourite!

"the three musketeers"

compatible to the Him Heang biscuits...

Soon it was time to leave Penang.... we dropped Aaron in Queensbay Mall to meet up a friend.... with heavy hearts, we bade him goodbye.... I wonder how he was feeling the moment we drove away.... As for me, I was feeling kind of "empty" when we said our goodbyes... wishing he could go home with us too....

My two cute babies...

crossing the Penang Bridge... it was cloudy then...
just like our hearts.... moody too...

concentrating on his driving....
while yours truly dozed off... exhausted...

Today, I heard he is down with fever... sigh......
maybe too much durians and not enough water...
or maybe too exhausted??
Flying up and there within 24 hours!
Do take care, B and God Bless you...
Till we meet again in October....


  1. haven't been to Penang for a long time, and i guess after reading so many posts about the nice food there, maybe i shall make a plan.. :p

  2. Your words reminded me of the time when I was posted to Johor, my car and my parents' went on separate ways on the last day of our gathering in KL. Filled with emptiness, we didn't want to leave for our respective destinations but we simply had to... It was indeed painful.

  3. sk: i think u wont regret going!

    pam: yes, i m sure you understand how it feels like.. saying goodbye is the hardest..

  4. Saying goodbye always come with a weird emotion...empty is not the word for me but probably the longing to catch a glimpse of that someone, the desire to want to just be around a little longer...
    I always remember how it feels to say goodbye to my family when I first went to UM for my studies...

  5. Kianhin, i also dont know .. empty or heavyhearted.. yes, i guess it happens to most of us.. when we say bye bye to our love ones..

  6. I don't know about this brand! I only know the Him Heang brand which I like a lot!

  7. why not do skype with your son?

  8. mmmm, Guess I would get the same feeling too when my kids are ready to leave the nest....

  9. Hi Reana, my wife adores those biscuits. Not me.
    I have always loved Penang, and just before leaving the country, took one last trip there to eat all those Penang well known dishes.

    But I always prefer go on the ferry....hardly on the bridge.
    I guess Penang has changed a lot today.
    Best regards, Lee.

  10. but be glad penang to ipoh is only a couple of hours drive away. You could drive to Penang every other weekend! :)

  11. The biscuits look very good! They look like what we call dinner rolls. Oh no, I hope he is not coming down with something, please let us know how he is doing, will you be talking on the phone much?

  12. Hi Claire, Yes----saying goodbye to the ones we love is never easy.. I still miss my sons so much --and they are grown and have been gone from home for many years. You do get to see them again --but you still are sad when you have to leave them each time.

    Those biscuits sound YUMMY.

  13. hm... have to rememeber where penanng is... iwas able to go to petaling jaya, kl, port dickson and melaka... more places to discover in the near future...missing asia too.

  14. Sob! Sob! So sad... Next time, married...all gone lor! People say, a daughter marries,you gain a son... A son marries,bye-bye...follow the wife, gone to the in-laws liao! Muahahahaha!!!!

  15. foong: that shop selling them like hot cakes! dotn want to Q!

    lena: we normally gmail talk only..

    pete: remember to take tissues.. hahaha..

    isaac: yes, that is a consolation..

    u.lee: maybe you have not been back for a number of years?

    ginny: yeah, he is much better now, told him to drink more!

    betsy: i guess parents will have to go through this..

    filipina" : u must come visiting again...

    stp: someone here is so happy!!! untong, right?

  16. Sigh. Now I think my mom's heart is feeling really sad cos my sister and brother is so farrrrrrrrr away. at least yrs in singapore. mine is north n south.....

  17. so much cherish n treasure my mom even more..hehehehe

  18. Bless him & you!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  19. Claire, I know how you feel. Same thing goes to me when my son left for further studies. Feel sad and heavy heart each time they left. What to do?....SOBS!!!.SOBS!!!...

  20. auwww.. dnt worry time fly very fast one. :))

  21. I can imagine the heavy hearts! I feel the same every time I leave my hometown too :( Till you guys meet again! Btw, you must try Him Heang tambun biscuits! They're the BEST! :)

  22. Saying goodbye is never easy but for your case is easy lah only 2 hours drive away. Was juz kidding with suituapui some time back that all the tambun biscuits in Penang got the 'heang' viz Him Heang, Ghee Heang & Chuan Peng Heang etc etc and would be nice to set up 'tuapui heang' in Sibu but our STP not interested woh. Next time try this one 'Eugene Heang' not bad leh! hehe. Those without the 'Heang' cant be popular in Penang meh? Cant recall the exact name of the shop in Kuantan Road got something 'Dragon'...not sure got 'heang' or not?

  23. so fast fly? Hmm...nevermind...october comes very fast especially a lot of holidays this coming months

  24. rachel: mine is also almost north/south.. sigh..

    cloudia: thanks!

    irene: sob..sob...too!

    carol: flies fast also scared.. getting old ma..

    sweetwitch: tried many times till fed up.. hahaa..

    bananaz: wah..u r so observant.. i also never notice leh.. but Eaton also got these type of biscuits, never see Eaten heang?? hahaha.. must ask eugene what the meaning of heang!! in cantonese we call it Hum Heong...hahaha...

    kathy: thanks for consolation..

  25. tambun biscuits!! they are my favorite...!!!!

  26. Children grow up and will leave us one day right. So how? :D


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