Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bittersweet Temptation In Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur

For the past three days, I didn't do much Blog Hopping because I was already "Hopping" around in Kuala Lumpur City!!

No, I didn't attend any Nuffnang or Innity events..... hahahaa... the events I attended were far more interesting than any of those... hahaha... (consoling oneself)... in fact I had a very interesting event last night around 10pm....

I met up with some bloggers who.... who... had taken so much effort to make it Possible to meet me up.... driving through the Impossible and crazy jams along the Bukit Bintang, Jalan Imbi, Jalan Alor.... Gosh!! I feel so touched by their determination to scale through the havoc roads...

So.... we had a great time... oh, at least I had... just look at these pictures below...

WK put 2 packets on the table and told me that
they were fried chicken wings...
when I opened them, I couldn't help grinning!!

"So, these are chicken wings turned durians?

How did you capture these pictures!!!

Gosh.. did I laugh like that???
I must close my mouth
otherwise I might spoil the durian flavour!!

OK, I used chopsticks and eat... funny meh?
hahahaha... first time seeing??

Really.. can see teeth cannot see eyes..
(kin ngah mmm kin ngan!)
My Happiest Moment with BitterSweet Durians!
Thank you so much to my KL friends...
for making me so Happy!!

Anyone can guess who they are??
tomorrow I will share more pictures.. stay tuned..


  1. Haha. Looks like you really HAD some bitter sweet memories didn't you?

  2. walau eh... like ang moh eating durian like that.. lol.

  3. Humph...had fun with the kucings, did you? I'm so jealous. Wah...you're not working, kah? Go Penang, go KL...only Sibu, no go!! Tsk! Tsk! Not enough friend lah like that! :(

  4. oh, you are so POSH!! eating durians with chopsticks!! hahahaha.. good, at least your fingers won't smell like durians after that~~ :D

  5. First time see people eat durian with chopstick, hahahaha. Enjoy yourself!!!....

  6. @Claire... cis.. eat durian use hand la.... baru syok. =.= why use chopsticks wan?

    @Cikgu... guess who else go kacau Claire? LOL!

    Over A Cuppa Tea

  7. Claire, hey I don't know that you are in KL. How
    Come u never call me... It is because am not a blogger ah? Sob! Sob!!

  8. @Mandy... actually she called out nobody... ahemm... those bloggers went and ambush her. *paiseh, paiseh*

  9. MG: in the end, collapse out of the full stomach!! hahaha..

    extreme: hehe.. partly ang mo..

    stp: okok.. i go book tickets now for next year!!

    sk: that was my intention.. dont want to dirty the fingers.. hahaha..

    irene: the durian is very big so it sticks to the chopsticks!

    cleff: at least dont have to wash hands ma.. hahaha..

    mandy: HORRIFIED LOOK!! dont say that.,. actually i paiseh to meet u all cos i m staying in crazy town!! so jam!

    cleff: phew..thanks for explaining for me.. hahahaa..

  10. You are probably the most die-hard durian fan I've ever met... Bon appetit!

  11. we all very ' see mun' next time use fork and knife, try that..

  12. Salute you! Really sifu . Can "kiap" durian using chopstick kakaka...must teach me next time la. I saw ppl use spoon eat durian but this is 1st time see ppl eat durian using chopsticks

  13. I ate durians with spoon before but never though of using chopsticks

  14. pam: got award or not? hahaha...

    lena: western culinary eating durian? hahha..

    kathy: really? hahaha.. i didnt realize that actually.. used to it.. hahaha..

  15. Lukilly didn't laugh until durians splatter on the camera lens...ha ha ha!

  16. Wah eat durian with chopstick! Amazing! :P

  17. omg, are you still in KL? Didnt call me :( i wana meet up with u. sigh :( sadded

  18. You are really so adorable in these pictures! No fair to cover your mouth when you are one of the pretty ones!!!

  19. alang alang dah datang kl...singgah la kat klang...boleh saya bawak makan bah kut teh...hehehe..

  20. pete: that is the reason!!

    bella: nicer this way... hahaha..

    isaac: i was staying in the crazy jam streets! so i didnt want to call for meeting! but these few fellas came jugak!

    ginny: have to close.. otherwise can see my fillings!! hahaha...

  21. wenn: cos my fingers dirty ma.. so no choice..

    angelin: ok, i will go again!!

  22. Wa..can see that you had a great time in KL :)

  23. Wa..can see that you had a great time in KL :)

  24. Haha so funny eat durian with chopsticks! It's really the first time I see it! :P

  25. Malaysian Book of record for eating durians with chopsticks,, even mat salleh don't do that..

    so Cleff and kuching were there ka?

  26. elin: ok lar.. a short getaway...

    eugene: yeah yeah.. both were there..

    sweetwitch: i didnt know it was something out of the world.. that was why i laughed..

  27. oh... nvr say also... I worked in Bukit Bintang area only ma.. can come see you for lunch or dinner also... is ok.. next time ya...

  28. durian madness!

    I know one of them is Cleffairy! :p

  29. Eating with chopstick taste better or not?

  30. cyn: yeah, some other time la.. cos this time too rush.. i have some stuff to do there.. :)

    LV: mad and crazy! hahaha..

    jap: well, the durian was fantastic and my fingers ain't sticky too.. :p

  31. should have informed me ma. My number 0194728078 I can fly anywhere in kl one, no matter what condition. :( still sad

  32. Isaac, you want to meet her...or you want to eat the durians? LOL!!!

  33. I can't wait to know who they are. I still like to use hand to eat durian, then only I can lick the fingers after finishing the durian.

  34. isaac: wahhh... u r announcing to the whole world about your handphone number... sorry ah.. ok, next time we arrange for a bloggers' meet in KL, how about that...

    stp: jangan bocor rahsia la.. hahaha... think he is red faced now..

    yan: i never thought of using the hand that time... my hands were dirty ma.. so anything will do.. :)

  35. Lolz... so cute of you. I couldn't help to laugh it out LOUD!! This is fun... What type of during you're eating? =D

  36. Sob sob durian... want to cry already... no one wanna go eat durian with me... sob sob!

  37. ahhhhh... u are the one that hold the durian with chopstick in small kuching's blog. lol!!! Aloha from Brunei :D

  38. june, I dont know what type but they were of good type!! yummylicious!

    cheeyee: did i hear that right? no one?? IPOH ada!

    venie: thanks for coming by!

  39. ahhhhh!!!!! disregard my question today in the other post... i went back and read up... i thought they were durian!!!! :)


Thank you, readers!

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