Friday, August 26, 2011

First Starvation Then Satisfaction

Terrible road jams in IPOH! Ever since lunch time, the IPOH roads leading to town and the highways were like "snail crawling." Ipoh has never been into such jams, very rare scene...

My girl has tuition classes this evening and we were stuck while driving on the way to Ipoh Garden East. The driver of my car had to resort turning here and there to avoid being stuck on the roads and not moving. We "squeezed" in to smaller roads and finally we ended up taking our dinner at this coffeeshop.... not our actual planned destination... change of plans due to the jam...

we parked our car here...

and walked to the corner coffeeshop..

here it is.. Ipoh Garden East coffeeshop...

open-aired coffeeshop...

very cooling tonight... so we ordered these below..

plate of beef curry with vegetables
very cheap... so much of meat... RM4.50 ($1.50usd)

one plate of fried meehoon RM3.50 ($1.20usd)

one plate of lam mee RM3.60 ($1.20)

a plate of wanton mee RM3.50 ($1.20usd)

popiah RM1.70 ($0.60 cents)

My girl and I couldn't be eating all these, right?
Guess who's back?? hahahhaa....

He was really starving when he reached IPOH...
He just wanted to satisfy his hunger....

savoring his food....ngam ... ngam.........ngam!

next plate please.......
By looking at him, I got "extra" appetite!

please line up the dishes....

Finally... he is full... she is full... I also full..
pau pau liow...


  1. Ee? You didn't order the super thick prawn noodles woh... My mum likes the prawn noodles at Ipoh Garden East Coffee Shop very much.

  2. Yum! Yum! Back for the Raya holidays? Kesian, Aaron...sure his stomach rumbling when he sees this post...

  3. pam: i wanted to order the prawn mee but he was not there la.. the fella sells lam mee and chicken koay teow only.. cannot see prawn mee anywhere..

    stp: now i m waiting for him to see... bad of me..

    kat: peen fei por lor.. hahaha..

  4. beef curry is kind of tempting for me

    well For me I will order more XD

    add on a satay perhaps :P

  5. crazy jam today. Stucked everywhere! I think will be the same for the next 2 days!

  6. kainfai: come IPOH then!!

    lena: yeah..crazy jams everywhere.. hopefully tomorrow not so!

    wenn: i ended up taking a bit of here and there too.. enough...

  7. 'Guess it's worth all the wait!LOL!!! Looks like you guys were really full and satisfied!!!

  8. What is meehoon? Oh, the noodles look SO good, and so does Andy eating them!! Glad he is back, for how long will it be?

  9. I nearly pengsan when I saw all the food. i was tinking, since when you and Fernie makan so much. Wakaka.... rupanya got other person to help u makan. Bwhahahahaha!

  10. Aloha! I got here via Cloudia's Comfort Spiral blog. I love to post restaurants photos, too, so I do enjoy your pics. I'll be back!

  11. y got USD one? hahaha after conversion looks really cheap lor. :P

    and looking at that i think i could make 3 plates of noodles now too. *stomach growling*

  12. Claire: wish a very happy holiday ya.

  13. Andy is back for holiday, and you have a great helper in the house again. How lucky this holiday for you ya! Enjoy your holiday.

  14. senorita: yes.. it was good..

    ginny: it is made from rice... finely thin noodles...

    cleff: the main eater has come home.. hahaha..

    gigi: i will hop over now..

    medie: young people sure can eat.. hahaa..

    angeline: u too ya..

    yan: this helper also eats a lot one.. hahhaa..

  15. You just displayed all my favourites! Looks like I can eat with your son next time.

  16. drooling on all the food you have there!!

  17. twilight: u young man ma.. hahaha..

    mommymoon: come IPOH! :p

  18. are making me homesick for ipoh food now. i dare not come back this week for fear of jam on the highway :(

  19. I have always been to the coffees shop you mentioned when I was staying back then. It's been so long now and wow, the coffee shop has been refurbised.

    Ps. I really miss the kai si hor fun. :(

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