Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guess-Who Post

HURRAY!!! Tomorrow is another lazy day for me! Another public holiday! But only for certain states if I am not mistaken.... anywayss... it is a time to laze around at home again... I better not wear my specs tomorrow .... why? Otherwise if I do, I can see dust here, dust there... and eventually it will not be a lazy day but a "grumbling" and hectic day for me...

So tomorrow must act blind.....
Everything will be Fine..
See No Dirt........Feel No Dirt

Having nothing much to do, I "played" around with some websites again....

cartoon like images..
Can you recognise this picture? Who are they?
Can guess correctly, I belanja you makan in Ipoh Garden Gourmet Square...
(Order what you like!)
Offer valids till end of this weekend! hahahaaa....

Just kidding on the treat for correct guesses..
No need to guess, as long as come Ipoh, it is my treat!


  1. I can only recognise Arthur and you. The rest dunno. Happy public holiday tomorrow!

  2. i think you better wear your specs all the time, what you tried the other day was angkoo not loh mai chi!Hohoho!

  3. mom2kiddos: hehee.. that is for sure! Same to u! enjoy!

    lena: yea, i know... I didnt want to say angkoo ma.. u know i know la.. wei, very nice wor, serious! better than outside cos less oily.. can order ah?

  4. Not a rest day for me. Running errands in the morning, students coming in the afternoon, majlis buka puasa is held in the evening... another hustle bustle busy and roar DAY! Merry Nuzul Al-Quran...

  5. Pam, go and relax... dont work so hard.. a day to work, a day to rest..

  6. Haha no need to guess so obvious..easy! muahaha

  7. Your treat is only for one day only 'tommorrow?' haha.

  8. I recognize them. Applicable for my bday makan or not? *HINT HINT HINT*

    First pic, ur two sons, Aaron, Andy and ur girl Fernie.

    Second pic: It is STP, Jessie, Eugene, Bananaz, Claire, Elin. =D

  9. he he he, Ipoh got lots of nice food....., ok 2moro go there look for you...lol!

  10. bananaz: can make it ah?? hahaha...

    cleff: wrong la! so no present liow! hahaha...

    pete: serious ah??

  11. the first pic ma u and all ur children lor...

    the second pic ma u and ur blogger friends lor... :P

    okie. treat me ipoh garden gourmet square when i go to ipoh ya! hahahahaha

  12. I'm not guessing since can get free meal anyway haha!! But only till this weekend? : )

  13. Wow, you made a computer drawing of you and your family? Very cool! You are all so beautiful!!

  14. Muahahahahahaha!!!! Cleff got the answer wrong. ROTFLMAO!!! Hahahahaha!!! Haiyar...I win also cannot go to eat, how leh? Don;t want to answer lah... Sulk! Sulk!

  15. i wish i knew! i miss ipoh hor fun. i hvnt been back to ipoh in 3 years now. i am hoping to visit on a day trip sometime in december

  16. Happy Holidays! No holidays for us. :(

  17. Ok, see you there, I will tell you the answer at Ipoh Garden Gourmet Square. I can recognize them even they have become 'debu'. lol!

  18. I recognize Mango only lah,,kekekkekek,,, who know who Mango is or not?

  19. lovely faces!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  20. my dear ..kak tham..support me...please2 promote my blog....

  21. mmm, enjoy good food in ipoh with fellow friends. ahh that's what we call living XD

  22. kathy: why thursday geh? i dont mind one more day! hehee..

    foong: yeah.. when coming?

    ginny: i dint do it..the software did!

    stp: haiz... no patience! i can send food over ma..

    adam: ok, do drop by IPOH.. very nice place for food!

    mg: KL has different holidays then! sure wont rugi one..

    yan: coming when??

    eugene: cleff said elin wor...

    merryn: only the men u know?? sigh...

    cloudia: thanks!

    leda: boleh!!!

    isaac: and a movie or two? too bad nuffnang no come to IPOH...

  23. ooo...we both having holiday too...wee!!

  24. Hi Reanaclaire, I wonder if you get my email.

  25. yeeling: so u are under Selangor!

    jac: oh, i didnt as yet!

  26. Hope u really had a good break and din hv 'itchy' hands to clean the hse. :D

  27. you will have 31 August and then 16 Sept for public holidays. What do they call it? The first national day, and the second Malaysia day? or the other day round.

    To the Sarawakian and Sabahan, it is about time, we knew we joined Malaysia on Sept 16.

  28. slavemom: very lazy yesterday.. hands not itchy! :)

    ann: we welcome that holiday anytime! actually i didnt know about this too..

  29. hahaha like this sure can recognise ler! :D


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