Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lin Dan's Semi-Nakedness In Court

Well..... what can I say.... the excitement of the three games have taken over all my strength and energy but of course, I still have a little to post these pictures up... hahahahaa.... after which, I will be depleted like Lee Chong Wei....

Ok, call me a sour grape... here I am posting up the semi-naked Lin Dan, in his moment of victory after winning in the 3rd rubber set against Lee Chong Wei....

Lin Dan and his salute to us... semi-naked pose...

ok, here is his back... smooth V-shape...

Lin Dan doing his jingle jingle while the linesman looked on...

a dejected Lee Chong Wei...

he must be wondering why...and what...went wrong...

Lin Dan maintains his title "Super Dan"

The top world badminton players....

Well, at least Malaysia Flag is still flying
though a bit lower than China...
never mind... the best man has won...

As for us, we better sleep early tonight..
tomorrow is NOT an off-day!


  1. I need a shoulder to cry on... guess everyone who supports Chong Wei needs one too.

  2. Well done.... he done his best...
    What i said.. he missed a lot chance n opportunity.. @@

  3. jahat u, disappointed just becoz tomolo no holiday :P nvm, wednesday is a holiday! :D

  4. Very exciting game but I'm disappointed Lin Dan won. Even so, can see Chong Wei tried his best.

  5. pam: *lets hug*..sobbbbb...

    june: yes, but cannot help feeling sorry for him...

    merryn: that is secondary.. sigh..

    yuinting: guess whole malaysia is .. sigh..

    chris: cannot see chong wei do that so showed lin dan la! aiyoh...

  6. aiyoh, not again, looks like Dato Lee always can't beat Lin Dan huh?? but this time is really close, he did a nice job!!

  7. lol i think even if he won, there will not be a public hol :(

  8. LOL @ jingle jingle..

    Am disappointed as well tomorrow's not an off day.. :'(

  9. Very close? A miss is as good as a mile. Every time the same old story, win at first, then lose...and rubber...and in the end, lose. Cold feet! As predictable as P Ramlee's reruns...everybody knows how to story ends.

    But ooooo....Lin Dan! Nice sexy body! Handsome some more. That's why you post his photos, right? Muahahahaha!!!!

  10. Have to say it was a close match. Both are equally matched. Only mistakes and luck that separate them. However, I think Lin Dan played much better in the Olympic 2008.

  11. Glad you are having fun watching, we watch tennis here, wish they would show the badminton, we like it!!

  12. Claire: My hubby and i fully support Lee Cheong Wei...Fight till the end...just so close and yet too far...welldone to him...guess another year to achieve better in the Olympics before he retired.

  13. almost got heart attack last night. Claire, hope the next round lcw will win, pull his shirt off, you better get your camera standby !

  14. You know who i think the real hero is,,,,, to me it should be Peter Gade, he is 35 already,and he fought like a hero,,,,,when against Lindan the semi,,,man,, i respect him lah...

    for Chong Wei, i think he should be more aggresive that being passive leh.

  15. I didnt like LD's action where he took off his shirt and shake his body.... so not professional. of course he cant deny his victory...but shameful lo...let the whole world see his body/actions.

  16. Feel kind of sad for Chong Wei though.. i heard he is very disciplined in his training, time to workout and time to sleep.. no party fun... well, i guess the best man wins.. we must accept that..
    this Lin Dan and the Cai Yun.. same.. have to strip when won...

  17. Ya la! Otherwise, I am still in bed now.

  18. Great set of photos, Claire. Sorry Chong Wei didn't win... I used to play Badminton when I was young... Loved it..

  19. Sigh, so sad that he lost at the very last moment.. such a CLOSE game, even though I didn't watch it but I read the updates. Oh well, next time better luck!

  20. after this, it will have to be the olympics... just too bad.. my mood also gone today... sigh..

  21. LOL. His small nipples so cute. Muahahaha!
    I was so sad too. I live near his sports complex you know.

  22. Everyone knew Lee Chong Wei did his best already. :)


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