Thursday, August 18, 2011


If given a choice or opportunity, my girl should take up Italian language, go to Italy for further studies, end up marrying a Italian... so on and so forth...

When she reads this post, I will get it!! hahahaa....

Fernie loves anything Italian.... spaghetti, pasta, pizza... anything cheezy and italian, she will say, "Come, lets go!"

So when she heard that there is a Pasta House in Medan Ipoh Garden, she looked forward anxiously to try out yesterday since it was a holiday...


it was quite early when we went..
only two or three tables were occupied..

I ordered a drink since I had a heavy breakfast earlier..
Fernie opted for a set lunch for herself...

It is only RM11.90 and it comes with these below..

a bowl of soup and a piece of garlic bread..

her main meal.... pasta with sausages...

getting ready to taste ....

and lastly a scoop of ice cream...

I feel for RM11.90, it was quite worth it...
but I dont think I like this type of meals...

If anyone of you likes Italian food,
here is the address:-
4, Jalan Medan Ipoh 9
Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh
31400 Ipoh


  1. wonderful pastas. And only RM11.90 for a set lunch? That's affordable!

  2. looks like another house of mirrors..

  3. pasta not ngum me. More suited for soup

  4. I like pasta but don't take it frequently.

  5. isaac: the price is reasonable.. too bad i dont like pastas..

    lena: makes the shop bigger hor?

    kathy: i dont like also...

    wenn: spaghetti and pasta.. out for me...

  6. Hi Reana, for some reason or other I have never gone overboard for pasta, or Japanese food.
    Ha your humour.
    Have fun.
    I miss Ipoh and its many eating places.

  7. I am with her on the Itlaian food, yum!!! So how did she like it?

  8. My daughter also like that - dunnolah...these young people today, want to be like ang pasta, eat pizza, eat burgers...all those.

  9. U.Lee: i think we old timers prefer asian cooking food...

    ginny: yes, she likes it a lot!

    stp: maybe when we were small, we did not have the privilege to eat all these.. now we are grown, we r not used to foreign food.. we are more attached to local.. :)

  10. if you ever come down to kota kinabalu, be sure to try Little Italy for some good italian food. the restaurant has fused italian food to suit the asian palette and whatever you order i can guarantee will definitely taste amazing :)

    but being away from malaysia for so long, i'd go back to asian food anytime!!

  11. The price is cool,but I don't quite like the name,Pasta House,,it should adopt more Italian names, like got To or Lo at the end, somethings like,, Micheal Angelo, Dany Divito, Mario Puzo, hahhaahhahaa.

    have a great weekend sis,,take care now and god bless,,,,

  12. adam: so u r from KK? I am not so much in favour.. but my girl certainly is..

    yeeling: can shake hands with her..

    eugene: what beautiful italian names.. how about Paolo?

  13. Most kids love pasta. Fernie is still a kid, sure she likes pasta.

  14. the set meal price is very affordable. My kids will rush for the ice cream!

  15. sheohyan: yes, she loves..

    mnhl: considered very reasonable!

  16. not mushroom soup? looks like ABC.

  17. Oh Claire, your wish may come true that your girl marries an Italian....haha. No worries...Italian men I think are good looking and loving :D I love to listen to the way they speak English :D There's one Italian chef on TV here called Gino and I really love his cooking. It's mainly because he is just SO funny! Having said that, I don't always go for Italian food. I still prefer rice to flour.

  18. pam: yeah, more like tomato soup.. she didnt like it..

    mary: italian reminds me of men with thick moustache! haha...

  19. I love pasta too but did not marry an italian unfortunately :(


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