Thursday, August 4, 2011

Snowflake In Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Yours Truly, (Ah Lian) wants to tell a story again.... It is about Snowflakes....

I haven't heard of Snowflakes before... till I went to Pavilion, my friend said we must try the Snowflakes... I was curious then... anything to do with food or dessert, I am all Game!!

Snowflakes in Pavilion!
So crowded, we had to stand behind people's back
to wait for a place/table....
we must really be real fast too...
it reminded me of Musical Chair...

then my friends queued up for the desserts...
after ordering, they were given this Beeping UFO..
when it beeps, we have to go and get our order...
canggih hor?
another eye-opener for Ipoh Ah Lian...

ta..da... our four bowls of desserts..
one for each... no sharing, please..
I took the one with jelly and lime...
soothing and quenching...

this one is different.. very nice too..
taiwan pearls with some jelly stuff...

but I love this...
the grass jelly like and the yammy sweetie stuff..
nice to bite .... "nyek, nyek, nyek"

creamer lovers, you can add to make it creamier...
either hot or cold.... up to one's choice..
hey, how come like promoting for Snowflakes?
Ok, never mind.. free advertisement here..
At least Now I know what Snowflakes is all about...

Maybe I should open one Snowflakes in IPOH!


  1. Not a fan of the desserts but I want to go so I can try out the UFO... Me worse than Ah Lian! Muahahahaha!

  2. I tasted all the snowflakes desserts that you posted!! Yum.. I but love jelly n lime. It's my favourite!! =D

  3. stp: hehehe... at least both of us can shake hands.. ah lian and ah beng!

    june: gosh..gosh.. i wanna try all too!

  4. *blush* First time I hear about Snowflakes... how come I lagi kuno wan? But den again... I'm not really a fan of dessert... so can excuse me lah, hor? Wakakaka!

  5. dont say you a lian...gua in KL also never been to that LOL...but then again gua not really gila thong sui and stuffs like that

  6. I am also an Ah Lian from Ipoh, never tasted those desserts before.

  7. you're not the only ah lian. i'm worse than you, never even been to not surprised i dont know about snowflakes. Those desserts do look very tempting indeed!!

  8. kathy: now i know u r like our cleff here.. no gila sweeties.. hehe..

    pam: welcome to the world of ah lians..

    lena: cos u go overseas only ma.. hahaha... never mind, we are ipoh ah lians then..

  9. I am regular to snowflakes near my home. Every night it is packed till closing, so you should open one in Ipoh. Guaranteed you will be kaya....!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Why do they call it snowflakes? At first I thought you had eaten a dish called snowflakes! We have those UFO beepers in lots of our restaurants, one has to be a very popular place to use them! What are the black pearls? We have a dessert here called snoballs, it is shaved ice in a cup, mounded like a cone, and has flavoring added, like grape or lime.

  11. I want this !!! that jelly is my favorite :) take me there next time we are in KL together :)

  12. i will surely support u if u open one in Ipoh :)

  13. I thought not even Christmas already got snowflakes in Pavilion. Mana tau is dessert shops. The UFO very canggih... my son will love it! haha

  14. twilight: ok, i start planning now.. hahaha...

  15. ginny: yes, this shop is popular.. that is why the UFOs.. hahaa...

    elin: ok, ok, ok!! we go!!

    wenn: thanks in advance first!

    mnhl: must be expensive too.. wonder anyone slip that into their bags.. hahaa...

  16. Its a good choice in our current weather now..but like STP, I like the UFO button the most hahaa

  17. Heard about this snowflakes so much, but but but i never try before! Everytime when i want to go in, see the long queue, i just give up. I try the other one "honeymoon" also a dessert place. Maybe i should try this snowflakes next round, and should order your jelly and lime, must be really refreshing.

  18. venie: me too...

    alv: wonder how much it cost..

    annie: yeah, long queue turns me off too.. but what to do.. never try before ma.. so wait for a short while..

  19. Oo I JUST only visited Snowflake for the first time! I work next to Pavilion hehe. :) But I didn't really like the monthly special one with peanut ice - only the chewy balls were good. Maybe should try the grass jelly one. Err but not cheap at rm6.90!

  20. At the least Ah Lian been to Pavilion Bananaz have not dropped a peel in there yet..hahaha. Great else they fine me for littering.

  21. Oh, good if you open one in Ipoh...jakun like me will sure get the benefits, kekeke... Yalor, I'm also Ah Lian, don't know much about the latest tech a.k.a UFO beeper and snowflakes that's actually edible.

  22. When I saw the title of your post, I thought it was "snowing" in Pavillion. Fake snowflakes. :P

    Now eating tong sui, also so canggih already!

  23. I love the jelly with lime. But the Snowflakes is pretty sweet eh?

  24. stacy: the jelly lime is quenching...

    bananaz: leave some mango peels too! hehee..

    angelin: yep!!

    yvonne: i call it hotflakes.. or coldflakes.. hahahaa..

    shireen: not really.. not too sweet cos there is ice underneath...

  25. day u in penang then now in KL.... so tarn!

  26. My fav is da Soya Ice series... Yums!

  27. snowflake so laku now in Pavilion . . . me set foot once nearby pavilion only T_T!

    anyways snowflake is my favorite too!

    I like taro ball and I hate UFO vibration hahaha :P

  28. chris: just think of my age.. bro..

    merryn: must try that one day!

    kainfai: why hate? that shows the order is ready and the taro balls are to be eaten... yummmy!!!

  29. Alamak come at the wrong timing! I'm hungry now. :(

  30. this is my favourite!!! At any point when I am in the midst of bad weather mood, I will pop over to Pavilion to buy one for myself..

  31. Heard so much abt Snowflakes but nvr tried b4. The desserts sure look yummy.


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