Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sun Lee How Fook, IPOH

Another one of our "Chinese" gang is going to retire early next month. Our group is really getting smaller and smaller, either they get transferred out of town or going into retirement. I opt for latter, I do not want to be transferred out of town even if it is promotion. No way.... my roots are in Ipoh and here I hope I will stay till my last breath... hahhaaa...

So.... to give our colleague a good and blessed "sending-off", we took her out to lunch at Sun Lee How Fook in Kampar Road. I have not been there for a long time... and it took me nearly 25 minutes to get there... sigh... so jammed up during lunch time..
OK....Let's talk food first...

bean sprouts with the asparagus-like vegetable
with small deep-fried anchoives as toppings...

deep fried soft crabs...
(gosh, deep fried again! there goes my resolution...)

bitter gourd with salted egg...

Mini Lai Bak vegetables..
(remember, the one bitter dish that I cook recently?)

assam sweet sour stingray fish

followed by assorted chicken..
one is steamed and the other deep fried... (again!!)

deep-fried chicken sauce...

this sauce goes with the steamed chicken...

they call this chicken "woo soe kai"
Bearded Chick...

last and not least.. a picture to remember...
Elin... as usual camera-shy.. haizzzz...
Anyone can guess who is retiring in this picture?
That makes me wonder...
When will my turn come?

Hey ladies, for my retirement, I want Lobsters and African Crabs, OKAY??
(looks like no response.... )


  1. I guess the scenario in all govt dept is the same. When one C who holds a high post leaves the office, the position will very soon be filled by an M. When one I who holds a lower post leaves, another I still stands a chance of taking over it. Hoh?

  2. This does not look like the restaurant you took me to...or is it the same one? I think thefood we had looked a lot nicer. Was very very nice,in fact. Slurpssss!!!!

  3. Pam: patient.. patience will be good for us.. hahahaa...

    stp: no, it is different.. next time i will take u there if u come again.. hahaha..

  4. Looks like all had nice time and a great feast. Is it the lady in the center, purple shirt with a necklace?

  5. Hello, it's been a long time! I'm so happy to be back here. Hope all is well with you. God Bless you!

    oh and by the way, i love the bitter gourd with egg. :) haha


  6. claire, dont you worry! you are still far from retirement age. Now go sleep early and get ready to work tomorrow!

  7. i've been there before for a colleague's wedding.. and i think the food there are nice!! hey, i am eyeing on the steam chicken actually, haha!! makes me hungry now..

  8. any farewell party from the department?

  9. This first dish...the one with those tiny anchovies...I bet they were delicious. :D

  10. hahaha ho chaoi ngo sik pau jor. If not sure cham.

  11. hello! thank you very much, hope this туры в Черногорию will be useful for you. Good luck in further posts.

  12. How long is your lunch break? It is so great to love the place you live! Your food is just so different from ours, most is food I have never seen before. What makes the chicken bearded? And you eat stingray? I do like the dish with the two chickens on it. All so different and interesting...

  13. Patty: u r very right!!

    glenda: thanks for keeping in touch!

    lena: wish i could be as young as you! hahaa..

    sk: me too..i also hungry now.. early morning!

    kathy: hoe choy.. hahaa..

    wenn: no, not yet.. cos puasa month..

    tekkaus:P yes, something different..

    aha: thanks!

    ginny: my lunch break normally one hour.. so we pre-ordered the dishes before we went..

  14. Never mind,your retirement I will treat you good seafood,here in Penang,, don't tell STP ya....

    ok,I think when you retire,i can only say that, your blogging will be all fired up lol...see you are a good example i can share with my friends who are retiring to start blogging, earning,enjoying and making friends

  15. mebe they'll give u African man instead :P

  16. I know how it feels to have a really close group of friends getting thinner as time goes by for whatever reasons there might be... *hugs*

    I must say that my saliva-glands became super active the moment I saw the assam sweet sour stingray fish! *Yum*

  17. eugene: sshhh..ok.. dont tell him.. he will scream Foul later.. hahaha...

    merryn: Big Pressie!! thanks wor..

    angelin: thanks for your hug! :)

  18. Deep fried soft crab makes me really hungry. I have to wait for another 30minutes to my lunch time. Regret for looking at your post at this hour.

  19. Just had ramadan nasi kerabu, but i wouldn't mind tucking into that steamed pak kai dish! ;)

  20. yan: hope u had a good lunch and dinner..

    gratitude: hahhaa.. come to IPOH..

  21. Aiyoh, Auntie!! I shouldn't have seen these pictures while I'm feeling hungry. It makes me miss home food!

    (Time for dinner... haha).


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