Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Canon In Casuarina Hotel

After a "sponsored" healthy breakfast from Elin, I went to Casuarina Hotel to attend a seminar on Canon latest products. Not really an event... just a half day talk and demonstration...
hotel lobby leading to the conference room
Just on time... 9.30am...

Mr. Tony from Canon KL explaining the technology part of the printer

He worked in France before.. if I didn't hear wrongly...
and now he is with Canon for 5 years now..
gosh... his biography I can remember a bit
but not the technology part about Canon..
door gift... some Canon souvenirs

and then...the buffet lunch at 12pm...
so much food at the cafe ...
I took a bit of this and that.

2nd round... a bit of this and that too..

my desserts... some ice cream too..
gosh.. thanks to Canon for the buffet..
taken so much that I had to forgo my dinner...


  1. Thought they found a canon from WWII in Casuarina lolz. So you blog the food but not the event? Canon would be blasting mad haha.

  2. Was the lunch buffet provided by the organiser as well? How do you find the buffet spread? Thinking of celebrating a friend's birthday there.

  3. nice... what inside the green bag??? ;-p

  4. bananaz: cannon..or canon? :) no la., dont think they will be mad .. i m promoting them for free here! :)

    pam: yes, lunch was provided.. the spread was not bad.. there is one aluminium foil wrapped up outside the cafe, nyonya seafood.. quite nice..

    cath: a red and beautiful Canon T.. hahaa..

  5. a lot of food meh?? very little only woh, haha.. BTW where is Simon Yam?? haha..

  6. so you only remember the speaker's biography?? haha! btw , he looks like a local actor, dont know what's his name. Btw, what printer is that? so huge? can remember or not??

  7. sk: come u know he is canon ambassador? clever!

    lena: yeah.. quite handsome! hahaha... i cannot remember the actor's name but this guy name is Tony... printer for those plans..

  8. My only question is: How do you stay so slim, eating as much as you do?

  9. wa...ho chiak wor...

    That day simon yap go Midvalley punya Canon shop mah...u go FB and see

  10. Was this required of your job or did you go because you have Canon products? We have a Canon printer and it's the best one we have ever had, they only one that has lasted this long. Did you go by yourself?

  11. Got free buffet? nice! Yum! Yum!

  12. why was I not invited when the plotter is for architect concern.... strange...???? haha count your calories!;)

  13. Free buffet food and can get away from routine work in the office, very good.

  14. What's inside the door gift pack? Got Canon camera or not? LOL

  15. arghhh food so nice!! bring me and caroline go next time..hahaha XD

  16. Cannon! lol.. bummer it's CANON.. i prefer HP! shhh... haha....

    but the food is so gooooood!

  17. You know when we attend those big big company seminars,they will sure give goodie bags and some are real good one too.........

    hey what happened to your handphone,tried calling you last evening,,no couldn't i...just thought of saying hi that's all, take care now

  18. The buffet at this event not bad! I saw fresh oyster!

  19. Roar! I saw prawn! I like... what do a guy need to do in order to be invited to such event or demo? haha tho I'm really just going to be there for the free foods :D

  20. wah! oyster!!!!!

    and ooooh la la... Mr. Tooony. hahahaha. i wouldn't be surprised many ladies came out from the event remembering only the guy explaining about the technology but not the technology.

  21. on closer look, that's clam?

    makes me wanna go for seafood steamboat buffet again. mana lagi. Yuen la. hahahha

  22. medie: i think oyster la.. u r very right about the technology thingy.. haha..

    daniel: the invite came to the office..

    mnhl: took two only.. hahaa..

    eugene: mana ada??? whole night no one rang me also!

    merryn: HP, Canon, Ricoh.. all same to me! hahaha..

    eric: where there is E, C also must be there.. vice versa!

    hayley: good meh..

    sheohyan: this event, seldom got one! too bad..

    elin: letter came to my boss.. dont know why leh.. nv go to yr dept.. all about photostat machines and printers!

    stp: everyone eyeing for buffet only actually.. so bad of us!

    ginny: not required actually but since my boss cannot go, i grab the opportunity! hahaa..

    kathy: aiyah..ipoh no have mid valleny.. but got other valleys only!!!

    gigi: Fitline?

  23. I thought you are getting a new camera or DSLR!


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