Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maysin By The Road Side

Since Andy had a week holiday from his college, I took him out for dinner, eating here and there until I really don't know where to go already. No doubt Ipoh is famous for Food, I still find it difficult to look for some new place to go.... until my bestie mentioned Ipoh old town area...

She told me that this open air restaurant serves not-too-bad food... but after tasting, I find it not-to0-good either... maybe the price is a bit expensive.....

Let's scroll the pictures and see for yourself
whether the price is reasonable or not...
the shop along Tun Sambanthan Road
along the RHB old town
and just opposite the CIMB....

along the road side in the evening...
looks familiar now?

didn't know that the HSBC looks so nice at night...

but on the left side, a bit eye sore...
old town buildings...

for us... first time sitting here by the road side...
and now the dishes...

fish in assam sauce...

their signature dish - stir fry chicken cubes...

as usual.... clams in ginger...

followed by a dish of greens... mini sprouts..

4 dishes came to RM73 with 4 bowls of rice
plus lemon juice drinks...
Is it expensive?
I feel it is a bit over-priced...


  1. gosh the chicken cubes... look good.

  2. Must be the sunset and the nostalgic hsbc building...the pixs look great, sis! the food also looks good , been awhile since I makan in old town. I come back in dec...we go then , ok?

  3. No lah!!! The plates were huge, got fish some more... Not expensive lah. And from your photos, they all look sooooo delicious.

    Aiyor!!! The city council should do something to restore the buildings lah...or the YBs in the city must push for some things to be done. Look so terrible, will give a bad impression to visitors. Come, come and see Sibu... So very nice. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  4. 60 would've been nice lor. maybe cuz the fish is expensive kot...

  5. jfook: frankly, the sauce is a bit unique la..

    chris: i go singapore in dec wor!

    hayley: they were actually.. :)

    stp: yeah, while one side look so nice, the other side is sore to the eyes..

    medie: that one cheapest.. talaphia fish only..

  6. hey, did they sell snow beer?

    from the first photo they wrote it so big there, and i heard my fren saying snow beer in ipoh is nice.
    I wonder is it this shop? =O

  7. As for me, if it's not too good then it will be the first n the last.

  8. I think expensive lah,,,,, actually i wanted to say "you take me there when i go Ipoh" after looking at the price, i malu nak tanya lah

  9. I agree with you. The price is a bit steep for roadside dining...

  10. I may want to try to cook the ginger clam myself :)

  11. henry: hey, i dont know what is snow beer! hahahaa... if u didnt mention it, i didnt observe that too..

    wenn: not too bad, but pricey hor?

    eugene: i take u to better ones.. go gourmet square enough la! hahaha..

    pam: maybe of the fish.. if the price is around 60 then ok lar..

    ken: do try and post it up!

  12. oh yeah, i was actually being attracted by that nice building, the HSBC hor?? so nicely lit at night, cool..

    and the food also nice woh, makes me want to makan also..

  13. ah, well, at least you enjoyed each other's company!

  14. It really does look good, but then it's my lunch time. LOL

  15. I think the price is just ok. :D Not too expensive when you have fish. :)

  16. Wah the view is nice... sunset like that... cool.

    No comment about the foods... have to let you take me there one day and personally try it first. haha


  17. The food looks kind of good, but I love your night pictures of the street, very pretty. I bet it was fun to sit outside and looks at all that while you ate. The weather was good? But as usual, I don't know what your money is!!

  18. The plc near a lot of shops selling TTC ahem ahem ka?

    rm73 kira ok la...each dish i guess around rm20.

  19. Fish in assam sauce, yums! Funny how when I went back home during college time all i wanted was my mother's cooking and not going out to eat as i have had enough of outside food then :D

    i dunno expensive or not as william always pay for our meals :P

  20. sk: yes, for me first time seeing it also..

    gigi: as long as he likes to eat..

    patty: otherwise no good, right? hahaha..

    tekkaus: even after minusing the fish, it is still a bit overpriced..

    daniel: that is a great suggestion!

    ginny: it is around $25usd..

    kathy: what is TTC ahem ahem?? :)

    Merryn: this mum is different cos not good cook.. he prefers outside about that!! sigh..

  21. I think the bill came out expensive. But I guess it is what to expect in a city

  22. yummy!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  23. Hmm... I think the price quite okay la considering the dishes... they seem so delicious. Less than RM100 for 4 people eat, plus drinks, okay la for me hehee.

    Where is this place actually (Sorry, first time in your blog:P)

    btw, nice to meet ya.

  24. BF: if RM60, then reasonable...

    cloudia: thanks!

    armstrong: depending on where you live..if big cities, then the price is reasonable..if small towns, then considered expensive..

  25. With such a huge plate of fish dish, I think it consider reasonable liao, here cin cai they will charge more thn RM100. The spread of food looks delicious too!

  26. The dishes look appealing, especially assam fish and stir fry chicken. But got to agree it was over-priced, for the ambience you get there :p

  27. Er, is the fish fried first before pouring the sauce? Or is it steamed?

  28. The food looks delicious and I think the price is reasonable. I seldom go to town. I try to avoid the jam. Parking is also difficult in town so mostly eat around PJ only but your photos of the food makes me want to make a trip there.

  29. Very cheap i can say.

    Just now, i eat one plate of chicken salad, one paste and 1 cup of tea.

    Cost me - RM85.

    Somemore, i am VERY sure that meal cannot compare with de meal you took. It is 100 times better than here.

  30. gosh, isn't it dangerous to eat by the roadside? this is the main road in old town right?

  31. Haha! Totally agree...even though there are a lot of good food in Ipoh, I also find it difficult to look for place for makan sometimes. Well, the price is a bit too much but I'm getting used to it now that I'm in KL...inflation I guess...haha!!


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