Monday, September 12, 2011

A Solitary Mooncake Night

Mooncake Monday evening... I am here sitting at the "office home" table, basking in solitude... wondering what others are doing now on this moonlight night.... sigh....

My mum sent me some food this evening and inside were all the left over food from last night, the mushrooms, the sengkuang and the steamed yam... all tasted better than yesterday... WHY? As chinese says, "More absorption overnight" (yap mei)

When I browsed through the pictures in my folder a moment ago, I wanted to share something special about my mum's layout....

Guess what this is for............
hahahaha.... so colourful... so healthy....

My Mum's table-cloth!!
Actually not cloth but plastic layout...
She likes colourful stuff...
So colourful that at times she cannot see her stuff on the table!!

Anyway... enjoy your Mooncakes!!
they are terribly sweet... I really cannot eat much...

but seems someone is enjoying his "Piggy" mooncake!
He posed this for me... real cheeky boy!!


  1. Beautiful pictures! The mooncakes look delicious! Your mother's table layout looks great. Take care and have a good week.

  2. hahaha, that's a nice table mat yeah.. sure can improve appetite looking at those colorful fruits.. but urrgghh, not durians for me lor~~

  3. have a good week too!

    sk: where got durians? hahaha...

  4. the table cloth is really so colourful! me ngan fafa already!! this is my first time seeing the word durin imprints on the mooncake..

  5. Your mum knows you too well. That's why she bought u a durian mooncake. :)

  6. lena: u r right.. my eyes also flowery liow..

    pam: too sweet for my liking.. just took a bite and that is it.. :)

  7. Nice table design....can't find durian picture in it!

  8. Hahaha... I remember your mum used to buy lanterns for me when I was kid and not forgetting that piggy cake!

  9. mooncake -- I haven't eaten one in years! Have to go to Chinatown for that.

  10. Yes, that kind of tablecloth, sometimes can;t see something you've placed on it... nice - had mooncakes to eat. Sobssss!!!!

  11. Moon cakes here too!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  12. Oh the mooncakes look so very yummy...and I think your mother's tablecloth is one of the cutest ones I have ever seen, so colorful and even yummy!

  13. Wah the table cloth really colorful, I think by looking at it will gives you more appetite to eat.. haha :D

  14. Initially I thought it was your wallpaper, nice and colorful. But really it takes time to spot that mooncake on the table, lol!

  15. The table cloth is really very colourful. Hehehehe! I hope it improves everyone appetite when eating on the table.

  16. Was about to comment on your post yesterday about the table 'cloth'. By any chance anyone picked the 'wrong' food from the cloth? *old flower mah*..haha

  17. Wow!...the table cloth so colourful...and sometimes it just makes your eyes go blurrrrrr.........hehehe. Guess last night you have a great time with the mooncake.

  18. "So colourful that at times she cannot see her stuff on the table!!" u make me smile hehe..


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