Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SPM Trial Exam Is On Tomorrow!

The way my son studied during his SPM few years ago, I was very worried... he watched TV and slept very early oblivious of his exams.... very steady and cool... but when the results were going to be announced the next day, he panicked....

Now I see the way my girl studies, I lagi worry... not because she watched TV and sleeps early, but because she holds the books all the time and goes to bed at midnight...

I had to laugh when Andy posted this in his FB... " I see my sister enjoying her holidays.. Spending her time 24/7 in front of books.. LOL"

He said he should have snapped her pictures and put them in his FB..... her style of studying... very acrobatic one, he told me... with one hand holding her book, she can do stretching on the bed, leaning on the wall, standing on one leg, turning round and round with the hoola hoop .. and goodness knows what other styles she can do...

Well, lets wait and see... her acrobatic way of studying can achieve good results or not... if no good, I will send her to Shaolin for gymnastic instead! LOL...

Just kidding... actually I worry that she studies too much.... too seriously... so much so I have to pacify her to put down the books.... it is not healthy to "over-use" one's brain....

Anyway, for those sitting for SPM Trial exam tomorrow, all the best to you all... pray to stay healthy and have a clear mind for a better memory! Don't study too much... hahahaha....


  1. Good luck to Fernie...all the best and God bless. Never mind, take it easy...it's just a trial - no good...see where the weaknesses are and can polish up before the real thing!

  2. Time of anguish for the candidates as well as their parents. My very best wishes to your daughter, Claire ;)

  3. All the best to your daughter in the trials!

  4. Free your mind from worries - Most never happen...remember what I posted earlier on? hahaha. All the best to Fernie.

  5. ken: thanks!

    stp: worry about her studying too much.. hahaha..

    gratitude: thanks!

    olive: thanks!

    bananaz: yeah, i worry she takes it too seriously..

  6. Best of Luck to your daughter...

  7. Hmm, reminds me of my study time, burning the midnight oil...

    Anyway, good luck to your daughter!

  8. pam : thanks..

    hayley: u too? ahaha...

  9. hahaha, why don't you take photos of your daughter studying and show us?? that would be a very interesting post definitely, haha!! i want to learn that too~~

  10. Sounds like me when I was in high school and college-- always studying! Where did it get me?

  11. Best of luck to her! I'm sure she will do extremely well! :)

  12. I hope they both get a good report on the exams!! School has just started here. You are cute below, pulling weeds. I think you are one of those who can eat all you want and stay thin, you have a good metabolism, or maybe it is just pulling weeds that keeps you fit!

  13. All the best of luck to your daughter! She definitely can do well in the trials & final exams...don't worry..:-)

  14. Send her to shaolin? Hahaha, yeah, maybe one day she'll enter entertainment industry and then to Hollywood like Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh.

    Anyway, good luck to your girl!

  15. i think she'll b alright, still know how to enjoy herself while studying..all the best to her!!

  16. sk: she forbids me!!

    gigi: next..she goes hawaii? hahaa..

    kathy: she listens to her teacher only.. :(

    isaac: hahhaa.no need to be extreme..

    ginny: now i better be a weeder!

    angelin: i worry over her seriousness only..

    richard: thanks!

    yvonne: the way she studies is like shaolin kungfu..

    lena: thanks!!!

  17. Good luck to Fernie!! and mom dont stress out too...aaahaha

  18. Claire, you remind me of my late father, he called me out from my room to watch TV when I was busying munching the books.

  19. yeeling: i stress cos she might overdo it..

    yan: yah..eat books! hahaa...

  20. I remembered my SPM days! I started studying like a couple of weeks before it! and studying AFTER midnite really helps as it is the most quiet then :D

  21. Wishing your daughter all the best for SPM. Sure can score wan lah...dun worry...

  22. Why Ken wished your son good luck and not daughter? Bloggers are blurr at times and even called you Sheila! LOL
    You are such a lucky mummy that she studies on her own. No need to yell like other parents. No wonder you have no wrinkles and still cantik....

  23. merryn: that is why they say burn midnite oil.. nowadays no oil.. burn electricity!

    pete: sure? :)

    Twilight: lol to your comments.. my son needs the blessing too.. hahaha..
    but i m scratching my head why the other one called me Shiela..he must be thinking of some girl by that name..
    I melt at your compliment.. though not so true, but it brightens up my day.. hahaha..

  24. Good Luck & All the Best to your daughter.

  25. All the best to Fernie! Gosh... so fast 2 yrs hv passed? I rmbr not too long ago she jes got her PMR results. o.O
    Haih... so difficult to pls us parents hor. Study relaxingly we worry. Study too hard, we oso worry. hehehe

  26. good luck and all the best for the real SPM!


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