Monday, September 19, 2011

Sweet Words Melt My Heart...

First day of the week... it was not boring at all... in fact it was fun... thank God for the office I am in... love my colleagues.. love the bosses (at times... sometimes.. certain times....)

Talking about my colleagues, I love this sweet young girl... she calls me Kak... beginning she called me Mak cos I am as old as her mother... whenever I pass by her table, we will smile, we will grin... I will tease her, praise her, joke with her.... she is really a sweetie... she loves to say "I miss you, I love you...." and after all her "influencing" of words, today I learn how to say, "I miss you too.... " then we both will heheheheeeeeeee..... (am I giving you goose pimples now?) hahahaa......

Then... there is one more colleague who just joined in too... he is very cute.. cute in a way that he always smile whenever I talk to him or he talks to me.... not only me la.. I think to anyone also..... he always replies with a wide smile on his face.  Whenever we see or pass by each other, he will call me "Hello, Kak Tham... or good morning Kak Tham... "  so much so that I also love to wish him, "Hello H......., how are you? taken your breakfast.. lunch... etc etc.... "  He's another one who brightens up my day.... only thing, he hasn't say "I Miss You or I Love You" as yet.. but even if he says them, I will accept them graciously... hahahaa....

Of course, other than these two young, sweet, cheery and hardworking staff, the others are equally nice as well... no complaints as for now... so I guess my retirement and my application for promotion will have to be put on hold......


  1. That's really sweet of them. ^^ Hope I will have colleagues like that too when I start working, hehe~~

  2. Giving people a personalised greeting unlocks their happiness and ours too... right? Have a nice day, Claire.

  3. It's wonderful to get along with your colleagues, they sound sweet and so do you.

  4. Laura: it is good to experience the good, the bad and the ugly.. hahaha.. just kidding!

    pam: of course.. it never fails to bring a smile upon someone if we say some cheerful words..

    terri: they are sweet and I am sure u are too..

  5. hello..i miss you:-)


  6. I have always believed that the workplace should be a happy one. Great colleagues will make all the difference, and I'm glad you have the 2 of them to make life a lil' sweeter ;)

  7. I say out la...makcik!

  8. lena: muakss...

    veta: smooochh.. hahhaa..

    anthony: yes, office is like our 2nd home.. right?

  9. I guess you have recovered from the flu enough to appreciate your cheery comrades! Good for you! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  10. hey, it's really a bliss to have nice colleagues that you can mingle well with.. at least the working environment won't be that boring..

  11. Wow! Your colleagues all so nice ah? You must be enjoying your work - yeah no need to retire yet! : )

  12. It is always nice to be nice and always sweet to say sweet things to others. Life is too short to waste on being unhappy - keep the peace and spread the love.

  13. I would love to work with these kind, sweet people! Sounds as if you have a great place to work with great co-workers.

  14. it's true that office environment did affect our staying put at that company for so's like a 2nd family beside our own family, right?
    btw, you are still young to think about retirement, claire...hehehe..

  15. How sweet of them. Working in a place with nice and friendly environment is the most important thing. I guess you are as sweet as them, hehehe.

  16. May they all be happy days!

    Well, I'm in a NEW place & NEW lifestyle!
    Do YOU know WHO I am? WHERE I live?
    I'm not quite sure.
    but boat Kitty is happy and so are we.
    Stop by to see the view-

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  17. gigi: u too!! thanks...

    sk: more enlightening...

    foong: but after some time, some will come and go...

    stp: u r right! office is our 2nd home so we have to be happy and merry working!

    cheryl: so far, it is good.. hopefully it stays that way..

    angelin: hehehe..what a nice thing to say!

    irene: smile can be contagious.. so keep on smiling..

    cloudia: ok, will stop by! :)

  18. Smiley faces are contagious. Keep smilling and keep saying "i love you, i am sorry, please forgive me and thank you.", 4 powerful and magical words that none of us can deny.

  19. Sure these sweet words enlighten your day!

  20. Hello kak,nampaknya you ceria lah and no Monday blue for you,syioknya see,don't think of retirement but to think of enjoyment even at work,,i am trying to figure out mine too......

    take care ya

  21. sheohyan: yea, yes..u r very right!!

    hayley: hope they enlighten you too!

    eugene: no work also boring.. got work boring and stress.. hahaha..

  22. aww.. so sweet of them :) It's nice to have good colleagues around u. it makes working so much nicer :D

    i lap u too :)

  23. it is always nice to go to work where there are nice sweet people like this :).

    they always make your day worthwhile and you will think "i got out of bed for this. really nice and sweet :)"

  24. seems your days have been brighten up compared when you were in AB mode..hahaha..

    Glad you have recovered now. Tk care.

  25. Wa then everyday I shall say..I love you lo like that :! hahaha she is sweet...whenever I see her smile, my day is brighter too :)

  26. I've always call my dear and even to guys. Even to some I said, "I love u".

    Calling them this way certainly make their day.

  27. merryn: my heart melts some more now.. :)

    bananaz: i like yak chew too! hahaa..

    LV: yes, it makes going to work with a cheery mood..

    elin: she is a sweet girl... reminds me of my younger days.. hahahahaa....

    jessie: maybe younger generation is like that.. hahaa..


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