Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gopeng Food Court

I have never been to Gopeng food court, heard of it but haven't tried the food there until yesterday morning. The whole bus group was taken to that food court to have our breakfast, that was around 8.30am when we reached there.

It was already crowded then...

the man in red is the tour guide...
he recommended this stall.. famous for their
best wanton mee with homemade BBQ pork...

drooling or not???
the char siew was not red in colour..
that was what I like.. no colouring...
and it only cost RM2.50 per plate!


  1. So long I have never eat a plate of wanton mee for rm2.50, this is so cheap !

  2. missed that place. I had been there only once.

  3. Wonton mee is still sold at RM2.40 in Bercham but with lots of colouring la... I don't eat char siew so it doesn't make any difference to me.

  4. Only RM2.50 you get that plate of wanton mee with BBQ pork. Looks nice but sometime looks can be deceiving. How the taste?

  5. is the food there very famous?

  6. I from Gopeng... There still other nice wantan mee stall... RM3.00 with 10 wantan...

    But one thing must eat at Gopeng is "Lai Fun"

  7. waaahhh i sooo miss the wantan mees in Ipoh right like there are so many good ones around unlike the ones here

  8. Ok, looks not bad...but the best part - so cheap! Btw, why are you going around Perak in a tour bus? Can't drive to these places yourself kah? Peninsula highways all so nice, so good one...not like here.

  9. wah, only RM2.50 a plate!! not nice also never mind lor, haha.. :D

  10. RM2.50?!!!!!! I CAN EAT TWO OF THAT WITH WHAT I PAY HERE!!! hahaha

    sooooo cheap!


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