Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hollow Blog Not Hollow Man

Today is the 5th October... exactly two months since I did the "back-up" of this blog... I checked the date, it was 5th August, 2011.

Ever since I lost my "Lets Wallop" food blog, I am quite worried about this Caring blog....

Some of you asked why and what happened to my food blog.... but I think many are not aware I have one actually....

Let me tell you what happen to my food blog and why it was penalized by Mr. G.....

My food blog was actually doing quite well too, it has a page ranking of 3/10, same like this blog. Since it was doing quite well, I received an offer from a certain website which offers me $3usd to post up their articles. It may not be a lot but I can post up to 10 articles for them per day... so $30usd per day is quite a lot... earning RM100 per day is not bad....

Then the capital G for Greedy caught up with me, I posted up so many articles for this website, oblivious about the word "Penalty" by Mr. G....

One day, I woke up to find that my Lets Wallop blog has "vanished" from my dashboard.... I wrote in to blogger/google FAQ... appealing and appealing but to no avail.

Mr. G replied that the blog has become "spammy"... and they don't like it cos it is still under blogspot...

So... speaking from experience, if you want to post up lots of advertisement, make sure the blog is under own Independant domain and not under blogger.....

I guess I am the only one whose blog has vanished "overnight." aikssss....

Ok, time for me to backup my blog before I forget... so... do you backup yours?


  1. You're not the only one... neither were you the first one. My "Life without Italy" blog was terminated too, even much earlier than yours. The accusation was: Plagiarism!

  2. Gosh, do they really have the right to do so? Take away your blog? Eventhough it is using a free platform, you are the owner of the blog and you wrote all the posts. Can you ask them to give you back your old posts?

  3. not only under own domain, but must host outside, instead of pointing the domain to

  4. Okay this is scary. I wasn't aware of that although I've heard if you're under free Blogger, you're under their jurisdiction. Thanks for the warning.

  5. pam: oh.. you too?? that is surprising! gosh.. it is quite worrying then..

    barb: no..they wont give u back..

    garfield: yes..and pay for it too..

    kiddo: just do some backup now and then..

  6. There are good and bad side of paid post. Good thing, you get paid for it...bad thing, with the growing negative effects paid posting causes on search engines, Google now looks for blogs with paid posts in them and reduces PR based on the depth of paid blogging on site. You could lose your page rank by 1, 2 or 3.

    It also has to do with the 'link' thing. Too many links on post, G will interpret it as a spam which lead to penalty/banned. G being too paranoid?? maybe...hahaha

    Whatever...I still think it was unfair for bloggers.

    I hope you can get your blog back...All the best :)

  7. oh got such thing one ah?? i just experienced my adsense account being closed.. but i think my blog should be save lah, just peanut not a lot of visitor also lah.. :p

  8. sumandak: yes, while we make money with our blogs, we have to take precaution against being blocked, best thing is to own our domain and host outside.. :)

    sk: i lost adsense for a long time now.. :)

  9. are you saying that google doesnt allow too may paid post in a blog? so hard for me to understand...

  10. That remind me, time for another backup....

  11. thanks for sharing your experience Claire, now that's a scary thought. Losing a blog overnight. And mine is still under blogger too! :(

  12. Hi Claire. Do you know if WordPress bans blogs, too? That's what I use, but I don't use paid advertisements on my blog, anyway. How do you go about backing up your blog?

  13. Hi Claire... can teach me more about this? Haha I would appreciate it if you can email me a few links to read on...

    Thanks for sharing this one =)

  14. Oops that is terrible. This is also the reason I am not accepting any money for advertisement on my blog. I would hate to lose it. I have probably already invested 1.000 hours of work (fun) in it.


  15. Gosh, I don't backup my blog, only tings on my hard drive! You could start a new food blog, no spam. Have the new one for food, this one for other things!

  16. Aiyor...these money-spinning blogs are such a headache one kah? I'm having second thoughts about starting one.

  17. Oh, that is so annoying! You must have been so devastated especially after spending so much time on it. Well, Im sure this website has had better success than the last! :D

  18. i don't do backup..hopefully it stays forever.

  19. hmm.. how to actually back up posts on blogger? save the html?

  20. Claire, if you have the budget, you may want to host outside next time.

  21. I don't even know how to back up my blog! @_@

  22. how do you back-up?
    By publishing on another blogging platform?

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu;

    Comfort Spiral

    / )

    > < } } ( ° >


  23. I dont do back ups wo...... =_=

  24. lena: the ranking will go up unless lots of traffic..

    pete: u r more well versed..

    isaac: we must back up once a month, huh...

    gigi: there is a setting in blogger for saving up file..

    daniel: actually i m not good in this.. i learn from my own experience. hahaha.. sad experience..

  25. filip: that is why i dare not mess up this one too.. our efforts..

    ginny: perhaps i day.. :)

    stp: aiyah..not every blog will disappear like mine one.. i had way too many posts in my food blog!

    adam: now more cautious..

    wenn: u dont do paid posts.. so it is safe.. i did a lot in my food blog..

    ken: u serious u dont know? there is a setting in the blogger, yes..

    yeeling: yes, have u started yet?

    merryn: i also learn recently.. hahaa..

    cloudia: there is a setting in the blogger form...

    hayley: i kiasu ma.. once gone, cannot retrieve..

  26. I don't backup. If one day, I wake up and can't find Blog With Yan. I will cry, then I will forever stop blogging.

  27. that lost forever! So heart breaking for your Let's wallop blog.

    No wor...i also did not do any backup coz don't know how.

  28. I am like Yan,, but i will start afresh,,, how to back up our blogs by the way?

  29. You are certainly not alone dear. I too had a bad experience until i got so fed up, i started a new blog; losing some posts in the process. I found out later that the Canadians who did that purposedly create ruckus to increase their blog reads. My friend from Canada said it was normal there as many bloggers actually derive monthly living earnings via their blogs.

    Glad to hear you have backup plans. Stress less ya! ;)

  30. eugene: kathy taught me.. i will teach u one day.. hahaha..

    gratitude: yes.. money comes first.. blog can be started again.. haaha..


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