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The Prize Goes To....

Prior to the giveaway yesterday, the correct and accurate answers are from.....
Congratulations, SK!
Now I wonder how he knows all of them..especially those Chinese premiers! By the way, SK, how did you find out? So geng one!
I have to use Mr. Google to get their names.. thanks to Andy who gave me some tips.. like for instance, the #3 picture, most of you do not know him, I myself do not know him but he is the first Chinese astronut so from there, just click Mr. G......
So... SK... the next thing you do is to email me at the red prize will be send to you soonest!!
As for those of you who commented, thanks once again for coming by to have fun,
Daniel, when you wrote "no idea" on the #3, 4, 5 & 8, it really tickles me off...... hahaha..
Loo, except for the #3, you got them all correct... not bad.... *clap, clap*
Another round of applause goes to Superweightkoalabear, you got them all correct too but unfortunately short of one "s" in Tiger Woods... anyway, good try! *clap... clap....*
As for the others, I thank you for commenting "disconnecting now"... hahahaa... that is hilarious too!

Actually it is really fun to put up a guessing game... not necessary to give a pricey gift, right? But just to join and making wild guesses is good enough.... make blogging interesting!

So.... who's next to hold a giveaway? Do let me know!! I love guessing... lol...


  1. Congrats, [SK]!!! Pandainya... LOL!!!

  2. hahhaha! Great guessing. I knew that Chinese guy must be something to do with the moon, but dont bother to google cos I am not so sure of the other Chinese guys. Lol!

  3. Congratulation to SK, such a lucky win!

    Thx again Claire for a wonderful Ipoh makan trip!;D

  4. have more guessing game yeah!

  5. Congrats, SK.
    Claire, you're so funny and cute!
    BTW, is Malaysia as hot and humid as Bangkok, Thailand? I was thinking that since you are south of Thailand, maybe not as hot and humid. I lived in Bangkok for a year back in 1969.

  6. stp: yes, he is pandai!

    rose: me too.. i have to google them then my son told me the answers..

    alice: u pandai cari!! hahaha...

    gigi: yes, the weather is almost as in Bangkok.. tropical..

    kathy: hahaha.. sure u got the correct spelling? heheee..

  7. ooopss, i got the prize!! hurray!! my heart was bumping when the page was loading just now, hehe!! thanks for the readers before me who helped to find the answers too, and i just slightly google the first China man to the moon and then bingo!! i am curious to know what's in the red envelope, thanks claire!! :)

  8. oh like dat ah... i thought u did your own homework! hahahaa... anyway, hope you like it...

  9. Hi Claire! Different Taste not pricey at all, the price is reasonable and the food so good, I feel like going back some more, only ths time will bring my extended family!;-)

    P/s: we hv got GPS mar!XD

  10. Sorry I missed this one, you posted it on my computer day off. But I would not have known any of these! Congratulations to the person who won, he is very smart! It is always so much fun to have giveaways and contests!!

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  12. Congratulations to the winner SK!

  13. Bananaz always confused with China's President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao and don't know Hu or Who or What? hahaha.

  14. Most don't recognise the handsome Taikonaut. Just remembered a joke, in US they are called Astronaut, Russia is Cosmonaut and in China got Taikonaut and some country Can-or-naut.

  15. sk: so excited ah... hahahaa.. your heart wont beat fast when u see prize the next day.. hahaha..

    bananaz: sin lian lai liow?? u know or not, after that, i only went to do some googling to get the answers! u ask me again, i cannot remember liow!

    isaac: he said he copied from atas one.. hahaha..

    cloudia: yeah.. great fun!

    ginny: yes, u did that a couple of times, right?

    wenn: he is excited!

    caths: thanks on behalf of sk!

  16. Congrats SK! But wait... i dnt even know what contest is dat.. :(( now only start to to blog hop! PHAILED la me!! >.<

  17. Congrats SK!!! I was thaaaaaat close to win huh?! hahahaha Cant wait for the next one :D

  18. congratulations to the winner!

    i wanted to participate that time also but, maybe daniel's anwers and mine maybe the same. i googled madam trussad esp those people in number 3, 4, 5 and 8 but can't find them correct name hehhee


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