Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Universiti Teknologi Petronas Graduation Day Roundup...

I can still remember very clearly the very first day I drove Aaron to UTP... It was in 2004 when he received letter to go for the three days edu-camp and from there, he was shortlisted and accepted .... On that very morning, he was so excited that I had to stop half way by a coffeeshop for him to "release tension" in the loo.... LOL... We still laughed about it until today....

Well, that was more than five years ago..... time flies..... for the first few years, I used to drive to UTP to pick him up every or alternate weekend... the roads are so familiar to me that it was like "auto cruise" in my head already....

Then during his 3rd year onwards, he drove an old junk car ... and during his final year, he drove his Viva.... and on the 16th October 2011, he finally received his honours.... after 5 years of "biting fingers" in his studies.... (check his fingernails, they do not grow!) LOL....

Guess I will not be going into UTP anymore... hence more pictures for sweet memoirs....

behind me is the former PM's car...

family members waiting for the ceremony to end...

waiting anxiously....

guess what this is....

its their amazing library....
my girl was fascinated...

me with SIL...

Tay... he is very jovial!

Thank you Gabriel... for being with us...
Really appreciate you coming all the way....

Pity Andy.... waking up early but never get to sit....
but to wait for few hours walking here and there...

thank goodness your sister is around to "jerk" you up!

some pictures to behold...
and most importantly...

....Thank God for His blessings and Grace upon us....


  1. Congratulations to Aaron and to his Mom!! Your smile was so huge, it was almost became a grinning glee! hehe

  2. What great family pictures! You look so pretty holding the flowers. What kind of job does he want now? Is he at home? The library is amazing, have never seen anything like it. I tried to make it bigger to get a better look. Just caught up on your post from yesterday, a happy party!!! I would have loved those fired noodles, and the dragon fruit pudding looks SO pretty!

  3. Congratulations to Aaron and to you too :)

  4. Ant: i have to take a second look at the pics.. hahaa... i do grin wide hor?

    ginny: my son is working already yes.. i like the pudding in that restaurant.. something sweet and nice..

    yummylittlecooks: thanks!

  5. congrats to Aaron!

    looking at the pictures, UTP seems to be a structurally impressive institution. if only the govt would spend wisely for the rakyat's benefit.

  6. Banyak canggih... no wonder my students always tell me private institution is more attractive than govt's. In terms of infrastructure, USM is so backward...

  7. what a smart boy you have there.. oops man already! :) So I'll be expecting him to start working in Petronas soon? :)

  8. Nice pictures, the library looks great.


  9. Ooooo....so nice the place, such fond memories. Don't think I'll have any of that dump that my daughter goes to in Sungai Petani. Could have been a decently-nice place but poor management and bad administration.

  10. Congrats to your son and to you. You sure look like a proud mama - every reason to be.

  11. doc: yes, it was very impressive in fact.. formerly it was UPM...

    pam: USM is not bad! I heard UM is more "rundown?"

    isaac: Lots of graduates nowadays.. but not during my days.. guess everyone is smarter now.. hahaha..

    loi: can see from my face, right? hahaa..

    filip: yes, i m impressed too..

    stp: that is not surprising to hear from the local U-s.. if only they are maintained properly.. i m sure funds are enough but see who is in charge of them..

    kiddothings: my teeth shows all, right? hahaha..

  12. Congratz! Seems like 'square hat' *sei fong moh* is in fashion.

  13. Congrats! I can see the joy shine through your big smile! You have captured the precious moment nicely. Thanks for sharing your joy with us!

  14. What handsome men in your life right now, Claire! Again, my warmest congratulations to your son. I am glad he has a job already. Many graduates in the US do not.

  15. Oh My goodness... the library, I wish I was studying there too, lol! Your boy makes everyone proud of him!

  16. OMG...the library. Awesome! Loving the family pic with big smile carved on each faces.

  17. Congrats!!!.. Proud mum. Can see happiness through everybody's big smiles. Nice pix to treasure.

  18. Lovely photos! Nice baju kebaya you have!

  19. bananaz: i dont have a chance to wear this fashion also! :)

    quaypocooks: thanks.. sharing my joys and at times sorrow.. :)

    gigi: yeah, i heard jobs are scarce in US...

    alice: indeed I am.. :) all parents do...

    daniel: thanks!!!

    yeeling: my girl also amazed by it.. so many books!

    irene: yes..yes..

    Thank you, Hayley!

  20. what a huge library seeing from this shot!! and this part of the building looks so modern! Congrats again, Claire!!

  21. Wow..the librabry look so nice and grand!

    Congrats Aaron!!

    Nice family picture!

  22. The last picture of your family is really lovely, and you turn out to be the smallest among your kids.

  23. Congrats to Aaron!

    The library is indeed impressive! :)

  24. wow! i'm truly impressed. a great big applause for the graduation. ;)

  25. Wow... Aaron's got so many bouquets of flowers. His 2 hands not enuf to hold them. ;)


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