Monday, November 21, 2011

Remarriage... Me?

One of you asked whether I am considering remarriage... the answer is 100% a No, a NO.. and A NO..
One marriage is enough, two times will too much....... ooopsss...sorry, I am speaking for myself only... no offence to anyone...

On the serious note, once upon a time, I did think about it, when my kids were pretty and young, friends and relatives alike, they encouraged me to get into marriage again... but on the other hand, some jested about "now that you are free, why want to be tied down again?" 

I opted for the latter... after all, who would want to Buy One, Get Three Free?  hahahaa...

Ok, back to the topic, I prefer to be what I am today... just Me and my 3 Kids...
At least.....
When I travel, I do not have to ask permission, "Can I go?"
When I do shopping, I don't have to listen to "Don't spend unnecessarily!"
When I yearn for desserts, no one tells me this... "Don't eat so much PLEASE.... U R too plump already!"
And lastly and not least.....

When I want to blog, there won't be remarks like "Hey, U got none other better things to do ah?"

Sorry.. sorry.. all these are meant as jests... the above responses are just my Own Imagination....  :)


  1. Haha one of my friend bought one get four free and later add another two. big family now.

    Haha as long as you are happy and your kids are happy, remarried or not, I dont think is really an issue here :D

  2. hahaha I want one get 3 free....don't think negative..there are some men who dont mind at can blog as much as you like...but make sure he can COOK ! you blog and he cook...:pppp

    My eyes are better...Dr. Claire say no brisk walking wor :)))

    Take care for the time being...come back we celebrate OK! no kneading but baking can la

  3. I can see that you are already a contented mom with 3 great kids.. Why complicate things, right? :)

  4. Just follow your heart. If mr right comes don't think you will say no :). We also asked our mom to find a life partner, she also said no. Anyway, as kids we want her to be happy and will support her decision. am sure your kids will do the same too.

  5. Daniel: yes, "Doc" you are right! :p

    elin: take care of yourself first.. no kneading, no chopping, no brisk walking!! but can blog la! hahaha..

    inspiredmum: :) what can i say..

    kiasumom: yes, support her decision .. :)

  6. Do not ever give in to what OTHERS say. You must live your own life. Some people need somebody - they do not know how to live when one dies, they marry another. Others can manage very well on their own.

    So just live your life the way you want. If Mr Right 2 happens to come along, then you can consider. No need to jump into anything just because you fell sick and there was no one to take care of you.

    That's why - children must work in hometown and stay home, sons must marry good and caring wives who will take care of mother-in-law well... Muahahahaha!!!!!

  7. wah sai em sai so many no ah...sound like one of J's cartoon show hahaha...

    Anyway, never say never coz somethings things just develope without you realising it. Just shun kei ji yin la.

  8. Just live the way best suits you,nothing else matters,you see some are happily married,some are not,some are unhappily married,some are not,so it is the choice that we make,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. well, i think it's better not to give yourself a judgement.. you may not know what will happen, but i guess the most important thing is, just live the way you are, and when it has to come it will come one day.. :)

  10. When love comes looking for you, it is hard to reject. Wishing you happiness, single or married. :)

  11. when my papa passed away 10 years back, some ppl did asked if my mom wanted to remarry again, since they all said that she look so 'young'. but who want to buy 1, free 6? LOL ~ at that time only me and my brother is working liao, the rest still studying. But I guess, my mom is content to live on her own till now.

    I don't mind if she wants to remarry again, just as long as that guy can take good care of her and my youngest siblings (now 15 and 13) it's ok lor....

  12. my dad passed away at the age of mum manages until now. She is happy with us.

  13. Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be.

  14. super love the last one. so free ah? XD

  15. stp: when mention MIL, it sounds more like a foe than an ally... staying near with our kids is fine.. but not to stay permanently with them is wiser.. :)

    kathy: but marriage? no la..

    eugene: yeah, depending on individual...

    sk: perhaps.. but right now, no complaints..

    angelbear: buy 6? wow.. your mum is indeed Power! she needs that to bring all of you up! supermum!

    eastcoastlife: thank you!

    wenn: yes, you all make her happy and contented..

    bananaz: the future not ours to see, que sera sera... :)

  16. It sounds like you're completely happy and content. That's more important than what others want for you!

    Congrats on being a vB Featured Member!

  17. If your happy ---that's all that matters.
    I'm stopping in to say congrats on being one of the featured members at vB =)

  18. As long as you are happy with your life, just carry on.

  19. As long as you are happy with your life, just carry on.

  20. As long as you are happy with your life, just carry on.

  21. I think it's different for women in comparison to men.. When they're already single (be it divorce or death), they don't usually look for a replacement or to re-marry at all.. Most of the time I think that's what makes women great..

    Have fun being where you are sweetie!

  22. I don't know about you, but I like having a husband, especially one as good as mine. Of course, if the husband turns out to be a liar, a cheater, an alcoholic, or a gambler, FORGET IT!!!

  23. I agree, as long as you are happy and content it should be up to you. You have three lovely children and I know they can bring you all the joy and happiness you deserve. Sorry I haven't been around for some time, finally taking some time to sit down and catch up on blogs.

  24. hah, nanti all of us suddenly received invitation card......he he he

  25. you have very good imagination. Not all men will tell you that lah. Anyway, be happy and enjoy your life, whatever will come, will come.

  26. Claire, I always salute and look upon you because you are such a tough and independent woman to raise 3 kids. I never encouraged women to rush into new relationship, just to fill in the emptiness after previous relationship ended. Slow and steady for better and wiser choices of Mr Right, ahem.

    No matter what path you choose, I'm giving full support~

  27. Submit to God. God will decide if you hv a mate =p

  28. If your children agree, then it doesn't matter. Ha :D

  29. Dun listen to what other ppl say. U know what's best for u.

  30. You seem to be so happy and busy with family & chores! When the good fate comes, GRAB IT!!!!!!!!!!!11 Hear me?


  31. We will never know, we just will never know........ ;)

  32. Gina: thank you!!

    pamela: thanks for the support!

    mery: yes, it is all that matters!

    bella: but there are men who persevere without a lady too.. salute!

    gigi: any more clones of your husband? hahahaa..

    cheryl: hope you are doing great!

    pete: hehehe... funny!

    lena: yes, yes!!

    yvonne: thank you for the kind words! :)

    rache: and I wish you the same too!

    tekkaus: i wonder... hahaa..

    twilight: ok, must make my hands bigger to GRAB!!! hahahaa..

    cleff: yes, as long as we are happy, do what we desire..

    gratitude: wahhh.. sounds like a mystery! hahaha..

  33. Wat if u found someone who loves going travelling with u, buy u anything that u desire, loves food/dessert as much as u do AND is a kaki blogger like u? :)

  34. an interesting issue, but it's all depends on individual..good partner is hard to could turn out to be a burden for you..get a companion rather than get into a marriage..this is just a suggestion!!

  35. slavemom: wahhh.. got ah? hahaha...

    agnes: can keep that in mind.. hahaha...

  36. When my first late husband passed away and for 6 years I told myself I want to stay alone and raise my son. I don't trust another man will treat him like his own son and I don't want to caught in between. Then suddenly, my Quay Lo came into my life and my NO, NO, NO become YES YES YES!! hahaha. Remember my post? Man plan God decides my dear:D I am very glad you are happy with your life now so enjoy it to the fullest!


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