Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BIG O In Wheelock Place

When I first stepped into BIG O in Wheelock Place, Singapore, the first thing that came to my mind was that the owner must be a dog lover....  Never expected a cafe restaurant to be pasted up with dogs' pictures all over the wall...
 Just look at that....
looks more like a pet shop, right? :)
even their Menu book is special...
more like a story book... :)
so... from the story menu, Fernie ordered spaghetti..
I had their special chef's suggestion..
Fish n Chips with baked potato.. $16.00sg
Not bad cos it was crispy and fresh...
Aaron ordered this.. breaded chicken..
not sure how much it cost.. forgotten liow..
I prefer roasted or grilled... 
We ordered only 3 plates because Andy was still
not feeling "normal" yet... (just look at his face)
his appetite was still "missing" unfortunately...
But mention DESSERTS,
his smile came back RIGHT ON!!  lol...


  1. Singapore food really has both quality and quantity, 3 plates should be good enough to feed 4.

  2. Dinner looks great! Hey I'm stopping by from Makobi Scribe's Google Hop! Come visit me and join if you have the chance:

  3. nikel: yes..not bad..

    pam: esp that we did not have much appetite actually..

    mckinney: that was fast! thanks for coming by..

  4. Singapore has lot of great food.

  5. and it's expensive too..anyway, just enjoy it..

  6. LOL...cant help laughing at your description of Andy

  7. Hey, the menu is in English!! And this is American food!!!! The first I have ever seen on your blog. What kind of place is this, anyway? What did you get for dessert?

  8. It was a pet shop before they turned into restaurant sure you didn't swallow any fur? hahaha juz kidding.

  9. but i like the cover of the menu, so vintage.. wow, SG$19 for that spaghetti, hmmm, must clean up every drip of sauce even finish eating the pasta.. hahahaha!! :D

  10. Food looks good but no pix of the desserts. When converted to RM, that would cost a bomb.

  11. mery: have yet to try much...

    kathy: cham hor?

    stp: hahaha.. i dont want to calculate!

    ginny: that place is in Singapore.. desserts post will be tonight..

    bananaz: u have to remind me???

    sk: u r very right!!

  12. seems u and your son also not feeling good during ur trip to down south. But ok ler, seeing all those great food.

  13. So, what was the dessert that your order for Andy? Very "ngam", I will spend my weekend in Ipoh with my sis family.


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