Monday, December 12, 2011

BR1M Application Form

My colleague gave me this BR1M (Borang Permohonan Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) last week and I have forgotten all about it till now.  This is a sort of "bonus" from our present government and when I read through the criteria behind the form, this is what I understand....

From what I understand.. those who are eligible for this "rainfall" are....
1) Malaysian citizens  -  (passed)
2) Male/female who is the bread winner of the house with take home monthly gross pay of RM3000 and below.
3) Golden citizen (60 years and above) single and with gross salary of RM3,000 and below. 

I think gross salary means basic pay plus allowances, right?  I must call up and ask...

For your information, this is the website whereby you can download the form and their details...
Talian Hotline : 1-800-222-500
Untuk Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) RM500
9.00am hingga 5.00pm (Hari Bekerja)

Don't play play with the details.. any wrong information can lead to 3 years jail and fine... ooppss.. 

I am worried about my country now... will there be enough funds to pay for all the "eligibles?"


  1. it's actually a good way to help those families income who's below average. If only i'm the bread winner, i'm sure i'll be eligible to get the money! :(

    Peace Out!
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  2. For my opinion, is not the way giving cash like that.. everyone take the money too easy.. maybe some of them spending on some other unnecessary thing.. No point lur..

  3. I think they will check if you voting before or not baru dapat... Sape tak mengundi... Reject.. :p. :p. (ok pls dont jail me.. )

  4. clevermonkey: not married, disqualified.. :)

    nikel: what to do.. how to know genuine cases or not..

    kathy: yeah lo.. me not qualified..

    cath: hahaha... like that ah?

  5. i only can get rm200 book voucher as a student ><

  6. Haha. You should read the news in Sabah. Even the foreigners tried to apply. :D

  7. We dont mind to help the needy one, but if the needy one does not work hard and only rely on this contribution, i think we are making our people lazier and only resort to such quick cash way. I know I am not eligible lah but I am poor boh! *wink*

  8. i think it's really not a good move from the government.. they are encouraging people to play devious games to get the money..

  9. Trust Malaysia. Wouldn't be surprised that if a final audit is done, the actual amount of money disbursed would not be supported by the necessary documents. Sad.

  10. Good luck with this, Claire!

  11. Nothing said about the household income being less than 3K? Then both my missus and I are individually eligible...

  12. My dad is applying for it..LOL!! And thanks for the link you gave me and I found the form.

  13. thank you so much for sharing

  14. isaac: anytime!

    fish: at least something.. 20% discount on 100rm books..

    chua: wow..

    rose: i dread to think of that..

    hayley: ok, financier! hahaha..

    sk: they need to check thoroughly..

    daddy: when i think of it, i also feel sad..

    gigi: hahaha.. i m not eligible.

    stp: the man or lady of the house.. i think u both are not eligible..add up both gaji more 3K definitely!

    yeeling: hope yr dad can get!

    nana: welcome!

  15. RM500 goes a long way to help some families. Poor chinese families will find it wonderful to use that extra monies for CNY.

  16. i think a lot of people expecting price increase in many goods and services next year..after getting all these bonuses..

  17. Gratitude: if the money goes to the rightful party, then it is worth giving..

    lena: lets wait and see...

  18. This is one the new benefits after the 2008 GE from the UMNO control government . It is always better for the Rakyat if we can break the TWO-THIRD MAJORITY in Parliment.I hope this current government is not doing all this new goodies( never happened over the last 5 decades before the 2008 GE)with a genuine heart.If it is not sincere and genuine we the Rakyat will punish them more severely.Let us together keep our citizen power to use it when necessary.Hidup Rakyat Malaysia.


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