Monday, December 5, 2011

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan In Tanjung Tualang

In less than two weeks, I stepped foot again to Tanjung Tualang!  This time I didn't drive but I only led the way...  As I said in my post last Saturday here, I would lead the way if you bring me along... hahahaha.... and I really did cos my three friends, they have not been there for a long-long time....
 Reaching the town... it was easy to get a parking place..
Empat Sekawan.. as someone commented...
it was not so crowded as the previous week.... 
Walking towards the restaurant... 
there were three in one row...
and we finally went into this one...  
we ordered a kilo of prawns... dry-fried.. 
(Kon Cheen Har)
stir fried ginger and spring onions teen-kai (croak-croak!)
salted steamed crabs..(yim kook hai)
wrong choice.. should have ordered either steamed..
or fried salted eggs instead... 
another round, perhaps... hahaha...
this is a MUST... 
paku pakis with sambal belacan..
followed by sang mee (noodles)
and mihoon (rice noodles)
The bill came to RM130 for 5 persons...
I guess it is not so cheap...
But as long as we had fun as a group...
It is all that matters...
After all, it is a Jalan-Jalan Makan Trip..
(Walk and Eat Trip)


  1. the yim kook hai is one of my faves <33 love it so much!


  2. ooo torture betul ni....heart the prawns and crabs

  3. fish: but it was not what we expected...

    kathy: wanna go one day? :)

  4. Rm130 for crabs and big prawns is indeed reasonable! I simply love the tualang tai-tou-har! I hope to be able to visit Tualang someday soon too. ^^

  5. Yummy food! Especially prawns and crabs! : )

  6. gratitude: I think KL also have a lot of these shops.. those near coastal...

    foong: cholesterol food.. hahaha..

  7. me the prawns and crabs..

  8. Thin this!

  9. errr, quite OK lah like that RM130 for 5 people, got crabs prawns and frogs woh.. but i think the fried noodles are more attractive to me, hahahahaha.. i very cheap one lah, only like those cheapo things~~ :D

  10. Love the prawn and the paku pakis. thanks!!.. You have been busy jalan jalan cari makan these few days....hahaha!!!!...enjoy yourself.

  11. Sometimes, price doesnt really matter, as long as you had a great companion and had fun! ;)

  12. Empat sekawan..hehhe.Better as 4 kam fa @ 4 golden flowers..

  13. You ladies 4 sekawan sure know how to enjoy life and appreciate food.

  14. wenn: no cholesterol hor? :p

    pete: yeah..croaking!!

    sk: me too.. but once awhile i get treats!

    pam: ahemmmm... sure or not??

    irene: yeah,.. got outstation guests ma.. this week.. er.. hopefully can sit quietly in the house..

    hayley: yes.. u r right!

    yeeling: hope to stay that way.. hahaa..

    sheohyan: getting old.. so must enjoy.. hahaa..

  15. Good to have an all-ladies outing sometimes. You really enjoy hor? Makan and jalan here and there. When you coming to Kuching, give me a buzz, i bring you makan makan and jalan jalan here!!

  16. hey Rose, thanks for your beautiful offer!!

  17. wahai empat sekawan,
    jalan jalan cari makan
    pergi tg tualang cari udang
    makan sampai perut kenyang!

  18. Mmm...looks yummy. was it yummy apart from the crabs?

  19. Yummmmm!!!! Food looks soooo good! And so cheap...with crabs and prawns. Crabs!!! Drool! Drool! Hmmm...wonder when I will get the chance to eat there...

  20. lena: i nak cakap you sangat pandai,
    macam ini pun sajak telah dicapai...

    hahahaa.... must put your poem in my blog la!

    carolyn: actually, the crabs look good only but the taste was not what we expected...

    stp: cheap ah? hahaha..ok then come over and i take you there!!

  21. AH! We just talk about crabs, now seeing crabs here. :(

    Tanjung Tualang, been there once 3 or 4 years ago, i know they are famous for the big prawn? We went to Luen Fong, food good, yum yum!!


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