Friday, December 30, 2011

Labbie's Spaying Expenses

The first thing that caught my girl's eye in IKEA Singapore, was the image of our pet, Labbie... She quickly grabbed her up and asked me to take a picture of her with "Labbie"
Even the colour is almost the same.... at that time when the picture was taken, Labbie was being "spayed" in a vet here in IPOH... and she has been recuperating during the time we were in Singapore.

By the time we came back, she is now all up and active again... even the cut was not noticeable... the vet had done a good job.... but my pocket once again is lightened by RM520.00!!!!  *faint & revived*


  1. cost u a bomb,Claire. Nevermind, go for a makan therapy...ehhehehe

  2. That's a big stuffed dog! I am glad that Labbie came through the surgery alright!

  3. how sweet!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  4. Oh a big hole in the pocket~

    Have a nice day and Happy new year!

  5. Did u go eat the chicken wings and meat ball at Ikea?

  6. Didn't know that keeping a pet is so costly. Don't cut down the cost of your meal but your daughter's pocket money. Btw, does she have any part-time job now?

  7. ling: what a good idea!! hahaha...

    ginny: yes, she is alright and active!

    cloudia: indeed!

    hayley: Happy New Year to you too!

    sharon: yes, we did!! and the desserts too!

    pam: she wants one.. do u know anyone in kumon?

  8. so mahal friend sent her cat to spay at government punya is less tha rm100 leh

  9. Labbie male or female? Can matchmake...share the pups, sell and make lots of money. Dogs are soooo expensive these days - how many K for one.

  10. Oppsss, burnt a big hole in your pocket. Glad to hear that Labbie is back to active again.

  11. kathy: labbie..u know la.. overweight some more!

    stp: female.. i worry she gets "raped" outside.. so better spay first..

    irene: she wagged her tail until i worry it might come off.. hahaha..

  12. You brain not fully switched yet still in Spore mode so its OK mah S$208 only haha.

  13. Sincerely thank you for everything in 2011 and here wishing you another great 2012,, more makan, more jalan, more, "chi long yap shui" ,hahahhahahaha

  14. bananaz: thanks for your consolation!!

    eugene: water inside pig's cage? hahaha... ok ok.. i wish you will achieve in whatever u hope for... Happy New Year!

  15. Boxer is never spayed n she's already 11 years..


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