Thursday, December 15, 2011

MY DREAM Is Not My Kind Of Dream

Now that Andy is back, I can relax a bit... he is now the home maintenance manager.. hahaha... when the contractor came to fix up my roof, he was there to supervise, he polished my car till it is gleaming red now... he replaced few of my fused light bulbs... well, that is enough to make me happy... all these are men's work, right? :))

So... I think it is only fair that I treat him to something nice and good for his efforts.. and here we are... at MY DREAM...
When we entered to MY DREAM,
it looks like we booked the whole hall....
the menu looked like a photo album...
I wanted this...... 
 and here it is.... the real Durian Crepe...
RM16.00 ... tasted not bad actually
but I think it is a bit too pricey?
Or am I backdated?
Andy took their set lunch .... 
one carrot/apple drink plus 2 pieces garlic bread
and the main dish is above....
so which is cheaper..
the Durian Crepe RM16.00
or the set lunch RM18.00?


  1. the durian crepe looks tempting enough, where is this place located?

  2. tak mau..i want real durian....pastry all those cannot compete with the real durian

  3. My dream... looks like a nice place..

    The durian crepe looks yummy! (Though I'm not a durian lover)

  4. RM16 for a slice of crepe sure sounds expensive but with good company, it's still worth the money spent! :D

  5. the durian crepe is so overpriced!! and i don't think it's very well made also.. errr, what do you think?? i won't pay for more than RM8 for that.. rather pay RM2 extra for the set meal right??

  6. Looks good... that durian crepes is a bit pricey...;) but that pasta looks delicious . For me I rather buy the durian....rm16 for one buah and get the satisfaction of real durian in the!

  7. lena: opposite Syuen Hotel.. u go and try.. tell me your feedback when u do.. :)

    kathy: you r very right!!

    hayley: it looks good.. taste not bad.. but then of course, real durians are nicer la.. :)

    kitty: drooling for desserts?

    inspiredmum: if RM12 also can be justified.. 16 is a bit expensive..

    sk: i agree with u! :)

  8. elin, jom...lets go buy a real durian one of these lunch period! but before we go back to office, we must eat mint leaves! hahaha...

  9. Bananaz eat rice dunno rice price one but RM16 not parting the RM for that thorny crepe, it pricks..haha.

  10. lots of starch, no matter the price!

  11. I don't know the money, but they both look so very good!!!! You are blessed to have such a good son to help out with things. There are many who live at home and will not even lift a finger...

  12. No thanks to the durian... I'll have that set meal anytime. LOL.

  13. RM16!!!! so rich kah? Here, RM6.50, I already thought it was pricey...and our layers are all so nicely arranged. This durian one macam quite a mess! Hmmm...with that kind of money, I would rather have fish and chips or chicken chop here - can get already.

    Ya...a house always needs a man around! Hehehehe!!!!

  14. Gulp! Really expensive but it looks huge lar.

    The set lunch definitely seems more worth it.

  15. Both are expensive! The price of food in Ipoh has gone crazily steep lately. I chanced along that row of shops when I picked up my parents at the Excelsior Hotel. That time was around 9.30 which is supposed to be the best time for dessert or tong sui but there was not even a soul in that shop. I was so hesitant to go in. Then I flipped the menu and I knew I had made the right choice for not stepping into the shop. So So So 'kwai' ah!

  16. Wah Ipoh also got crepe cake dy! Love it! The durian looks very generous wor.. I guess considered reasonable price? Hehe as long as it tastes good!

  17. Durian stuff always very expensive, because it's the king of fruit..must match its standard..hahaha..

  18. agnes: maybe so.. but nice to try for the first time..

    sweetwitch: over here, it is rare to find something like this..

    chris: hehe..u r from ipoh ma..

    pam: my son said the same thing.. how to survive in IPOH like this?

    carolyn: yeah, right! if hungry then take set lunch...

    stp: u and i.. same era.. everything must be reasonable and nice too! hahaha...

    ginny: sometimes have to use the "carrot" hahaha...

  19. I think that's pretty much the average price for crepes.. But crepes are not really my thing.. I think it's overrated.. Haha.. Why is the place empty anyways?

  20. If they use Musang King, then the crepe is cheaper loh. hehehe

  21. Looks delicious. That dessert is worth every cent!

    Happy holidays and thanks for linking this up at Rub Some Dirt On It!


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