Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinese New Year And Firecrackers!

Let the pictures tell the CNY happenings.... 
After the great dinner...
and the preparation of drinks...
by the two boys in yellow...
we adjourned to the garden...
and joined in the young adults' fun...
the Young Adults...
Over 21 years of age...
except for this one lady in yellow of course.. 
and also excluding a "Supervisor In Red"..
everyone joined in the "Hanging"of the Crackers..
and then ...
Our first picture with the Firecrackers...

The Hero of the Night...
and then it started...
It was over even before I could pressed the "record button"
and now ... time to "destroy the evidence!"


  1. eih?? I heard somebody said we can burn the firecrackers for 3 days without the need for license woh, is that true?? maybe you also don't know cos you were trying to destroy the evidence, hahaha

  2. for me i just leave the fire cracker .. pray hard that there is no police...
    Happy CNY..

  3. how come daughter didnt wear coordinated color??ehehhehe

  4. sk: that was on 3rd day.. so ngam ngam hoe..

    simpleperson: yeah.. this is first time for us too..

    rachel: I must ask her.. hahaha.. actually we didnt have intention to wear..

  5. I only cleaned the aftermath of the fire crackers on the 3rd day. I don't think the police will summon you as it is CNY.

  6. I don't think the police would take action against those who burn firecrackers especially on the ninth day of CNY (bai tin gong)...

  7. irene: hahaha.. pure evidence...

    pam: this year is exempted, right? :)

  8. the lighting of firecrackers at my area here not as much as during deepavali...tell you, my dog will be hiding away and sleep underneath the car and behind the flowerpot..i think she thought dog shooters are coming!

  9. So fast destroy d "evidence"?
    Let it stay there 4 days to Ong Ong u n ur family wah,hehe.

    Gong xi fatt cai ya.

  10. So fast destroy d "evidence"?
    Let it stay there 4 days to Ong Ong u n ur family wah,hehe.

    Gong xi fatt cai ya.

  11. lena: yes, mine too.. she was in distress...

    sarah's parents: we just played them for fun...

  12. It looks like a lot of fun, enjoy life.


  13. I can see the happiness on your face - wah!!! Your smile so panjang nice to have your children and everybody around hor!

    CNY, cannot sweep lah! Next time use vacuum cleaner...and keep everything till after Chap Goh Meh, then throw away. LOL!!!

  14. You all 'pakat' wear kuning hah... hehe..


  15. mery: yeah..once a year affair..

    stp: like that ah, house become rubbish dump already! smelly too! hahaha..

    bean: yes.. Clean UP!

    hayley: never thought of it.. hahaa..

  16. happy chinese new year! firecracker!! nice! but dangerous also! =S


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