Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner With Our Love Ones!

Chinese New Year Eve.... was spent in my own mum's place this year... Three reasons why I went to my mum's place for reunion dinner...

One... my parent's-in-laws are not around anymore... Bless them..
Two... my brother and family couldn't make it back this year because of some unforeseen circumstances...
Thirdly... I have not taken CNY eve dinner with my own mum for many years now...

The kids' reunited with one common goal.... guess what?
Hands' down, please!
And how our dishes...
Minced Prawn Fritters..
This is a Must.. taken with lettuce ... BEST!
Lotus soup with groundnuts...
 ahhh... This one is cooked by Yours Truly here!!
Braised mushrooms with sea cucumber
Abalone slices as toppings!
I know... it is not professional enough..
just look at the big slices of abalone..
My mum exclaimed.."Why cut into so big pieces?"
Big or Small, all walloped in no time!
Here's wishing those who celebrate...
A Merry Chinese New Year with Your Love Ones!


  1. so nice! Happy New Year Aunty! Wish you and your family a fruitful and prosperous year ahead!

  2. wow, everyone has their own BIG bowl of soup, hahahaha!! delicious dishes, and sure you had a great time with your mum (including that "acclaimed" abalone slices).. :)

  3. Happy New Year! Hope it'll be a great year ahead! :)

  4. Nce food nice family reunion.... Claire gong hey fatt dai choy.

  5. Gab: I heard u r in the middle of the ocean now? Anyway, hope you have a blessed day too!!

    sk: *patting tummy now* hahaha...

    mich: thank you very much.. same to u too!

    angelin: thanks.. hope you do too!

  6. Wishing you and your family a very happy, fulfilling, and prosperous Chinese New Year.

  7. woah everyone got a big soup bowl! awesome!

  8. Nice food! Yum!! Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon! : )

  9. abalone aaa~~ i want ler.. T.T~~
    anyways, happy chinese new year~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  10. It is so great to spend this day with your mom!! Is she alone? How far do you live, are your kids close to her? The food looks amazing!!! Both you and your mom cooked it?

  11. Yummy! Lovely dinner, is that the yew hu char to go with lettuce?. GongXiFaCai

  12. yes...i call it sar kwok..
    thanks for your comments, guys! sorry.,. no time as yet to reply individually.. once I have more time, I will!! Very busy with CNY here!! hahaha..

  13. that's quite a feast there! and such feast is extra yummeh when eaten with loved ones:D

    gong hei fatt choy.


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