Tuesday, January 10, 2012

He's 21...Freedom At Last

Here's to wishing my Dearest Andy... 
Good Health And Happiness....
God's Blessings Upon him Always!
Andy who is now officially obtaining his FREEDOM at last!  Freedom... Legal age... he can get married without my approval!!  Hope he will not do that!! LOL...  He is now at a legal age to Vote too!! Hope he is going to do that!!  LOL...

Wonder what he is wishing here.... 
Thanking God for the freedom at last??  :)
"Gor...... wish you were here with us!"
One more picture before cutting the cake.. 
puffff....puffffff.... hope no saliva dripping down..
Someone is very cheeky there...
"Gohhh... want to have a piece???"
Andy's smiling at you, Gor.....
Andy's all time favourite cake ....
There is still a piece left for you, Gor.... 


  1. So cute!!! Lol I love the pictures xD It's so funny that he would choose a cake like that for his 21st birthday though

  2. wow!!nice birthday dinner..thanks so much,feel so touched
    cos remembering me always and sad cos cant make it back..nyway Blessed 21st birthday wei!!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Andy! You are blessed to have a great Mum!! I am looking forward to meet her in March.

  4. This is very sweet :-) ah, kids they grow so fast.

  5. Happy birthday to Andy! Nice cake, is is the home made butter cake from Ipoh garden??

  6. Happy bday Andy! Wow 21 already...maybe he should start to blog like you.

  7. punkchopsticks: its from his favorite baker!

    Gor: dont feel sad.. another blast in feb!! hahaha..

    veron: me too!! hahaha...

    cacho: yes, time flies and we arent getting younger!

    sweetwitch: it is from Nancy Chong! :)

  8. jessie: he started blogging at the age of 16.. in fact he encouraged me to.. hahaha...

  9. Happy Birthday Andy!

    Can bring home any wife liao.....or gurl fren also can....lol!

  10. great to be 21! All the best to Andy!

  11. A BIG happy birthday to Andy!!! Great birthday pictures!!!! You can be so proud of him!!!! A wonderful son is such a blessing!

  12. Congratulation and enjoy your increased freedom position.


  13. So bad you people, torturing the poor Gor in Singapore... Kesian. Hey! That fat boy, getting fatter and fatter each time he appears in your blog. LOL!!!

  14. Hi Claire. Been so busy, no time to drop by. Happy Birthday to Andy.

    Freedom for Andy or for you? ;

  15. Nancy Chong's butter cake, forever sweet sweet... Happy Birthday, Andy.

  16. pete: what i dont know is not worrying.. hahaa..

    wenn: how nice to be 21 again, right?

    ginny: yes! thanks!

    filip: hope he is matured!

    stp: cute hor? must post up the pics cos gor wanted to see them!

    mg: for him.. i m only the pay master! hahaa..

    sharon: thanks again!!

    pam: yes.. even my mum stole a piece or two!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday to Andy! oh ya, hope he do vote ha... I remembered those days, my mum gave me a gold key on my 21st.. LOL!

  18. Claire, is that Nancy Chong's butter cakes...Can kip for me..lol!!

  19. Happy birthday to Andy..Tai jor chai lu

  20. wow, 21-year-old birthday party!! that's so long ago for me, hahaha, kind of miss that so much!! but never mind, i will be celebrating the 2nd one soon, wakakakaka~~ :D

  21. Happy birthday Andy! That cake is so classic! Actually I prefer this type of cake too :p

    Eh, where's the "key" to freedom? Ahem, I mean the house key in case Andy comes home after midnight... hehehe

  22. A year older, a year wiser....Happy Birthday Andy!

    Oh wait, poor Mama would feel a year older too! muahahahaha

  23. Happy birthday to your boy :)

    THat is such a beautiful cake. Must be butter right? Sigh...its so hard to find one good one in big town these days. I am missing butter cake so much!

  24. happy Birthday Andy!

    did he lose weight? can eat more! LOLOLOL

  25. Andy also January baby?

    Happy Belated 21st Birthday Andy!!

    So you get Andy a "key" or not? kekekekke

  26. Happy Belated 21st Birthday to Andy! Yay! Key to freedom! But rmbr, freedom comes great responsibilities. ;)


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