Sunday, January 15, 2012

Malaysia Open Finals 2012 Victory Goes To Lee Chong Wei

Oh dear... my spring cleaning on my house is put on hold again.. blame it on the Malaysia Open finals that started at 1pm this afternoon.  I was glued to the TV till 4.30pm... even my clothes were caught in the rain cos I have forgotten all about them and the rain started to pour all of a sudden!!

Gosh... double work for me... house not cleaned.. clothes not dried... what else?? :p

Managed to capture some pictures... the men doubles from Taipei won against the Koreans...

Fang Chieh Min and Lee Sheng Mu... 
I like to watch the fairer one...
he has a very pleasant look while 
the other was always on the "dark side"
See what I meant?
One pleasant and one gloomy look...
$31,600.00USD mock cheque...
crowd cheering on the entrance of the men's singles..
cool look... 
 the underdog from Japan.. 
cute Tago Kenichi
the crowd celebrating the victory 
after Lee Chong Wei won in straight sets...
presentation of prizes by the beauties...
Big Brother with Younger Chap...
A Big Smile... $30,000USD richer today!
Congratulations to Lee Chong Wei on the 8th title in Malaysia Open 2012!


  1. Thank goodness he beat Kanachi - otherwise he memang Kanasai! LOL!!!

  2. Watched the game jz nw, it was an easy win. I can see that Chong Wei is at his peak form now. No doubt, Tago is young but has the potential to go further.

  3. BTW Claire, did you forget to eat your lunch? Anyway, congratulations to your super duper hero.

  4. congratz!!! i love chong wei too! =DD

  5. stp: gosh!!

    pam: the semi was more interesting, right?

    irene: didnt take lunch cos took brunch.. hahaa..

    xueren: love Malaysia to win!

    WK: gam beh? lets kan pei!

  6. I watch the game live from Stadium Putra. Great game

  7. Looks like it very popular.


  8. Looks like you've been enjoying the games. Happy New Year a little late.

  9. how nice if he can share his winnings with his fans.. hor?

  10. I can never watch a badminton match or a football match without falling asleep. Dono why each time watch feels sleepy. :( Every time wanna kno and kaypo the result, have to go and see the news punya. LOL! I tell u la, Claire... if you dun blog about it... I wun kno the result wan!

  11. Those beauties sure hope that Datuk Lee could spot any one of them, USD 30,000 and more could be theirs. Just kidding.

  12. Claire, next time i no need to tune on the tv. Open your blog can get the latest infor..ehhehehh

  13. hahahah... you very geng lor.. I saw your fb status, but coz I was also busy preparing for CNY, I didn't catch the match.. but later I try to check on FB.. nobody say anything, my heart skipped a second quickly asking my brother to check, and he told me WON la...:p


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