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Car Theft In Tesco Compound

My friends and I went for dinner at a shop just opposite the Tesco in Ipoh Garden South. We parked the car at the Tesco compound and practically we could see our car from the place where we sat actually...

After dinner we walked back to the parking lot and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this.. I had to take a second look before I exclaimed to my friends.... "HEY, is that a broken window??"
And my friend's car was just parked next to this Kancil....
Feeling curious, I went nearer to see what was inside the car.... I saw a backpack left untouched... and quickly I took some pictures...

When we were reversing our car, the car owner (one man and a lady) came back... the lady exclaimed quite loudly and for a moment, she glanced in all directions including us...

I guess parking our car in shopping outlets are not as safe as we expected.... but I am surprised that we couldn't hear any "breaking sound" even when we were sitting just opposite the parking lot.... the car thieves are really daring, aren't they?


  1. wah, lucky u ... I never had chance to see this ..LIVE summore..can blog and share with us summore..haha..yea, thieves are daring. Park at your own risk.

  2. Yup nowadays.. Thief r really daring....
    They even rob u in daylight....
    Can't believe tat Ipoh also turn out so bad....
    Btw do not leave ur notebook in d car...
    Even though u hide it under d seat they could b able to trace happened to my boss b4....

  3. Wah.. So daring.. Omg.. Hope everything is ok.. Careful ya..

  4. eunice: pulak! scared if we see the fella there smashing up..

    simpleperson: yeah..i heard they can detect laptops in cars..

    june: yeah.. have to be careful.. but then cannot say also..

  5. This is really horrible...
    parking at shopping centre carpark not really safe.
    Here(JB) also got many cases happened in Carpark...rob case!!!

  6. luckily it wasn't your car!!!

  7. wonder why the thieves naver take the backpack along or some fellas just simply want to damage people's cars.

  8. seowchi: yes, over here in Ipoh too..

    gigi: thank God...

    lena: maybe they found out it is not a laptop.

  9. Scary... Ipoh is so notorious now.

  10. I think the theives when they saw the backpack, they thought it was a laptop inside it.

    That's why they smashed the window.

    Thank God, your car was ok.

  11. Did you really have to take those puctures??? If i were the victim, id be pissing mad that you take pictures without my permission, and at the expense of my misfortune so that you have things to blog about?! Its like seeing ppl fall and quickly take a picture so you can share with your friends. Insensitive..

  12. Do not leave any valuables in the car and don't park at dimly light places. I also saw one SG mpv in tesco jb , where the window glass also shattered. I think they lost a camera.

  13. it's never safe anywhere now, how sad.. and the thieves are getting smarter.. oh, we are really in a huge threat don't you think??

  14. Gosh, how bold!! So glad it wasn't your car!! And I have heard the instrument you mention below, it is also quite something to see. I won't dare try to spell it!

  15. pam: yes.. it is just as bad..

    jessie: it is unfortunate..

    anonymous: putting up this post is not for laughs.. it is to highlight to others that we should be careful with our belongings in the car no matter where we park.

    chris: i think they are everywhere lurking around.. sigh...

    sk: no wonder the sign.. park at our own risk..

    ginny: a new word to me too! :)

  16. Thieves nowadays are so "geng lah" some are even very IT savvy one leh,, now I rather not be too flashy with what I have and be careful to shun my valuables from the attention of the "unwanted guests"

  17. That is horrible......before CNY my car was almost stolen while we watching CNY performance at Civic Centre.

  18. Gosh!...thieves are smart these days. They can do anything to your car without trigger the alarm. Lucky, it wasn't your friend's car.

  19. Yes, this is getting very very scary. This happens almost every where and every day.

  20. Yes, this is getting very very scary. This happens almost every where and every day.

  21. Thank goodness it's not your car. Actually sometimes I do leave backpack in my car but it's not to put a laptop. Now when I see your post, I will think twice next time whether to leave the backpack or not.

  22. They asked for it. Never leave bags in cars. If there's nothing of value inside - open it so any potential robber would see there's nothing worth the trouble.

  23. You said the lady glanced in all directions including at you... I thought she was going to accuse you of the crime! Caught in the act of getting away. :)

  24. Thief are getting very daring....all the crime fighting effort is not effective...

  25. You saw the backpack left untouched? Would it be, the thieves have already taken their loots? Er, come to think again, it's easier to grab the bag than empty it :p

    Agree with STP, never leave any item in the car visible to others. You might attract trouble later.

  26. Our Tesco here, car was stolen. Scary rite?

  27. Yes...cant hear the sound. Hou keng ar. like what had happened to hub's car before.

  28. Gosh sad to say that no place is safe nowadays. :(

  29. That's horrible! I feel so unsafe...

  30. eugene: it is so different nowadays..

    mery: really? gosh...

    irene: i heard if break window, no alarm one..

    yan: yes, in fact anywhere.. public places or lonely places..

    carolyn: me too, i tend to leave bags in my car too.. not careful...

    stp: oh, might as well, hide it.. not open..

    stacy: any natural human will do that.. look around..

    pete: endless thefts everywhere..

    yvonne: sometimes we tend to forget what we put in the car..

    mnhl: i think it happens everywhere..

    yeeling: yeah, they are experts..

    gratitude: unless go police station..hahaa.

    yuinting: have to pray for protection..

  31. Thanks for sharing this, Claire. Next time people can be more careful when they park their cars at these kind of places.

  32. I think that is why those shopping complex put disclaimer say wont be responsible for car parked there. Lucky u reminded me...I have to be careful too. Cannot simple leave bags in the car.

  33. wow scary. Sometimes I parked my car here and there and even once or twice forgot to lock. Thanks for the timely reminder to be careful.


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